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How to manually partition your SD card for Android Apps2SD

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  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    You know, you could just use a GUI program, such as GParted. It’s always a good thing to know how to do it via command line though! Thanks for the guide!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, there are easier options but I think more people should become familiar with the command line. I think it helps in the long run if you have a rooted phone.

      • Jeremiah Hoyet

        I agree completely! Considering some people get confused when they have to pop open a terminal — it’s a great thing to have a basic idea of what you’re up against if the situation ever arises.

      • Demi

        I also agree. Knowledge of ADB commands helps in a lot with a rooted phone, especially when you need to install APKs in emails or in links or whatnot. a simple “adb install file.apk” with the phone connected via USBis much easier than any of the alternatives

  • Raghu

    Thank you very much for the guide.

    For anyone who needs to know how to run ADB, go to this thread over at XDA:

    This thread is explained much better than the other one. Especially at the step if Windows doesn’t ask you to install new drivers. Also, it links you to 1.5 SDK version.

    Thanks again Taylor for this post and last weeks 1-click root.

  • branon

    For whatever reason it is not deleting my single partition (the only one i have). I type rm1, a lot of gobbledygook follows, then i type print, and again the only partition shows up

    • branon

      Found the solution. Type rm instead of rm1. Then it asks for partition no. Enter 1.

      • Andres

        the syntax is supposed to have a space in it “rm #”

        adb is nice because it actually kicks out all the commands when you mess one up. “rm NUMBER” is there.

  • Quentyn

    Thanks. Can this be done in Linux as well? Or is there a Linux equivalent?

  • Jeremy Logan

    “These instructions apply to both the Windows command prompt and the Mac terminal.”

    Um… works in Linux too.

    • Quentyn

      I’m having some problems getting ADB set up in Ubuntu 9.04

      I’ve used the guide here:

      after following all instructions, i just get “command not found” when trying to run “adb shell”.

    • Quentyn

      Sorry, nevermind I didn’t use the same paths for my Android SDK as the tutorial I followed, so I had to edit the .bashrc file to reflect it. Thanks anyway

  • Raghu

    One Request.

    “The linux-swap partition is used for a swap file on some builds. Not all builds use linux-swap, but I create one just in case I ever need it.”

    Not really sure if CM ROM has built-in linux-swap enabled. I tried everywhere.. couldn’t find it. Does anyone know?

    If not, can you please tell how to enable linux-swap? The above steps help us create it.. but not sure how to enable it. I tried many forums.. couldn’t find any info.

    Please Help.

    • Tydiz

      It uses something else, where it is able to swap within the internal memory…I can’t remember what its called because I’ve never fully tried to use it, but you shouldn’t have to worry about linux-swap in the CM ROMs

    • Colin Dean

      Traditionally, Linux uses the swapon and swapoff commands, passing the name of the file or device.

      A partition isn’t even really required, it’s just common practice.

    • Shaterv2

      well if you dont have it already dont use cyanogens mod, use amons recoveery OR cyanogens pimped out recovery.

    • http://Website nethopp3r

      You can use an app called swapper 2 which creates a swap file on your sd and that can function basically as a swap partition

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  • Thedeadwalk

    So im guessing its not recommended for the stock 1gb sd?

  • Raghu

    Why not? I used the stock 1gb sd card with no probs. Ofcourse, you are not left with much space for data though

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  • steve

    Can you do this on the phone itself by dropping to the shell from recovery mode?

    • Raghu

      Yes, you can

  • Halfsight

    Nice guide. I ended up doing it with Gparted in Ubuntu about 5 hours before this article came out. I have 6.5 gb FAT32, 997 mb EXT2, and a 32 mb linux-swap. Moved my apps over to sd on Cyanogenmod 4.0.1 automatically.

  • luffy

    just quick question if u partitioned to ext3 and then decided to later go through ext4 does that erase the whole memory? or u can just go do the upgrade thing and nothing happens??

    • Tydiz

      It should upgrade, but backup first, just incase. As you can expect, those things can go to the deep end quite quickly.

  • Stefan

    Hey Taylor,

    Thanks for throwing together this tutorial. Eeesh, it was a pain getting my myTouch interfaced with Windows 7 x64 but after a couple of hours I got things working smoothly.

    Thanks again!

  • toot

    do you have to partition the sd card first, then flash cyogenmod 4.0.1 in order to automatically install apps to sd or can i just mount a new partition sd the the installed rom and use it ??

    • Dharmabhum

      ^this. In each of the articles about rooting your android phone, there’s often a note about formatting the microSD card then backing up and then flashing a new ROM. In the 6-minute video though, you say you already downloaded the flash recovery pack and the ROM. Does that mean that you already formatted the microSD to include the ext2 and linus-swap partitions, or is the partitioning process built into the automation in the video? Is it necessary to copy the microSD contents to a PC (for conservation purposes), then format, then back up the recovery image, then flash the new recovery image and finally unzip the ROM?

  • ian

    Thanks, very helpful!!! My G1 runs much faster with Cyanogen rom and apps2sd.

    Anybody know why my internal memory still decreased with Apps2SD (from 67MB to 55MB) after I installed about 20 more apps. My used space on ext3 stayed the same before and after those installs. Did several reboots, no changes. I was expecting them to fill up the ext3 instead of internal mem.

  • hakerzden1990

    5 Stars to u guyz!!!! *****!!!

  • luffy

    yeah i do have the same problem after a few apps it keeps decreasing and i havent checked into like the browser cache but i wasnt online at the time and ie keeps not a lot but i still wanna save as much space as possible to make the phone run faster lol

  • cosmos

    Please could you put a tutorial for just doing it directly from your phone? I realise this would be very similar but Im a noob and I wanna be 100% sure about every step I make!
    The day somebody creates a simple app specifically designed for doing this (much like recovery flasher did for rooting) the better imho!


  • eroc

    I have rooted and use Cyanogen 4.02. I am using stock SD card and will get a class 6 SD card. What is the easiest way to get apps2sd working?
    I presume:
    1. partition new card
    2. copy old card contents to new card
    2a. place old contents whewre?
    3. insert new card…
    Let me know if I am correct

    • Stefan

      Same here. Just ordered a new card and was wondering the same.

  • hakerzden1990

    Aite!!! i got a prob here, i entered the parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 command at the # prompt in my phone, it was ok. now as instructed, when i enter print, i get error: /dev/block/mmcblk0: unrecognized disk label…..

    i did rebooting for three times, ejected my sd card from fone n re entered it, still same prob. HELP!!!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Sounds like your SD card has a problem. The original guide I used has the commands to create a new disk label. This might help your problem. I would also suggest trying another SD card if all else fails.

      • hakerzden1990

        i tried what u said doing the mklabel, then i got this error: input/output error during write on /dev/block/mmcblk

        i did cancel, then quit, then i got this”Information: you may need to update /etc/fstab.”

        • Taylor Wimberly

          I found this on the site linked above. You should be able to ignore the warning.

          after quitting you may receive a message containing:

          Information: You may need to update /etc/fstab.

          no need to worry. fyi, fstab is a file that keeps track of disks & partitions in *nix. more info on fstab can be found here.

          • hakerzden1990

            WOW… i did nothing n its working again this morning. lol. but under the flags, it is only boot. not lba. thanks a lot man, i appreciate that.

  • rik

    i’ve done the partitioning but do i have to install apps2sd? im on cyanogen 4.02 on a HTC magic. I just dont know if i have to delete or move the apps from the phone to the sd card. Also if i upgrade to a new sd card is there anyway of transferring all the information on the SD card? e.g the apps

  • Dharmabhum

    I successfully flashed Cyanogen’s new ROM using your 6-minute video… thanks for that first ;) I used my stock G1 card to do it, and I see that as I install a new application, the internal memory available decreases, as it should since I haven’t yet partitioned my SD card.

    I’m getting a new microSD today (8GB class 6 from Transcend on Amazon) and I’d like to switch that over to use as my daily card with all the apps and everything on there, holding the stock G1 card as a standby, or to use to reflash a ROM if needed.

    My question then is how to easily partition the new SD card. This walkthrough requires pieces of the Android SDK (and Eclipse to run it) but is there a simple way to do it using the phone alone? Could I run these same commands through the Android Command Prompt (not sure what its technically called sorry) and accomplish the same thing? I always have my current card with everything still on it if I mess it up.

    • Stefan

      It’s really easy. Once you unzip the Android SDK, there’s a tool that you can use in the command prompt called adb.exe. The above tutorial steps through every step you need to go through to repartition in.

      There are, of course, more simple methods to re-partition it, but as Taylor mentioned, the method described above is a great introduction to ADB.

      So, yeah. All you have to do is load up cmd.exe, navigate to the Android SDK\tools folder and use the same commands.

      If you have trouble connecting your G1, let me know and I can walk you through some of the steps in getting it properly connected. (It was kind of a bitch to do on Windows 7 x64.)

      • Dharmabhum

        Thanks Stefan! I was just hesitant on a few pieces of this. After downloading the 1.5 SDK from Google, I had trouble getting the new driver installed. Vista32 on my computer has some access protection (click OK to acknowledge you opened this program etc) and ultimately I had to open up the Device Manager and find the device there, double click to open it up, and manually search for the new drivers within the SDK. (For whatever reason, trying to manually update drivers after double-clicking on the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the taskbar would only yield the “Windows thinks the drivers installed are best suited for Mass Storage Device” message… this was remedied by using Device Manager, if that helps anyone). From there, I opened up the Command Prompt, directed it to the location of my SDK (which was different from Users->Taylor above because I downloaded it to a different location) and used the exact sequence of commands that Taylor laid out above.

        On that note, thanks so much for taking the time to very explicitly lay these instructions out. This is one of my first forays into Command besides IPconfig lawl so my hesitance made it go slowly. In the end though, totally worth, and @Jeremiah et al from the start, I agree that using Command to do this brings a good level of familiarity for the user that is invaluable if you really expect to mess around with the best parts of Android. Thanks, grazie, obrigado!

  • Raghu

    Thanks again for the guide. I used the stockk sd card with my g1 and got the apps installed on the partitioned ext3 on the sd card successfully. Now, I’m starting to realize that 1gb card is simply not enough and planning to get a 8gb card. Now, I reallize that I’ll need to reinstall all the apps after going throu the same above steps. However, doesn’t the ROM already has the knowledge of apps installed (apps shortcuts)? Would this be a problem?

    Also, is there a simple way to to have the apps when switching sd cards?

  • Doug

    Great article and love your Blog – many thanks! With your help I made it thru, successfully making 1024MB ext2/3/finally ext4 partition on a 16GB class 6 SD (otherwise “print” shows results same as your example). Cyanogen’s 4.0.2 ROM FAQs show at

    “4. How do I set up apps-to-sd? You need to create a second partition on your SD card in the ext2/ext3/ext4 format. Search the forums if you don’t know how to do this. Once created, the ROM will move your apps automatically and new apps will be installed to the SD by default.”

    However, I have a problem …. none of my apps moved to the SD !! Am I missing a step or is something wrong? Using the Cyanogen 1.4 recovery image I performed a wipe (of same Cyanogen 4.0.2 working prior to SD partition) then re-flashed same ROM. I was surprised old programs still installed, uninstalled them using “manage applications” then reinstalled from Market – result was no programs on the SD. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • AndiTails

    Great tutorial – thank you.

    My only feedback is to do with ext4.
    I’m using MoDaCo’s custom Hero ROM v1.1 – and after partitioning and using ext4, then flashing that ROM, it would go into an endless reboot.

    Redid the SD card, leaving it as ext3 – and it works fine.
    So I’m guessing the initial boot isn’t compatible with ext4.

    I would like to use ext4 though – but I’m too scared to convert it now the ROM is up and running, in case I have to scratch it all and start again… :)

    But just a pointer to any Hero / MoDaCo ROM testers out there – DON’T GO TO EXT4!! It’ll have to be EXT3 for now.

    • Tom Gatten

      I second this, using ext 3 as the maximum worked for me too. Ext 4 just causes endless rebooting.

  • Will

    I’m wondering if any one can tell me “if all my apps were to be transfered to my SD card how much internal memory should I have”…512MB I’m guessing. I rooted mytouch and I’m running CM-4.0.4 still using the stock 4 GB SD. I partition my SD up ext4 at 512MB to ext2. My internal memory started at 291MB, now its at 288MB and still droping.

    Where am I going wrong?

    Am I suppose to raise the linux-swap higher then the 32MB when I partition the SD

    HELP ME!!! – answer here or email me PLEASE…[email protected]

  • k0nef

    hmmm.. I must be doing something wrong? Brand new card, (bricked the other one) and got to the step of parted but failed to get past that. Here’s what happened to me:

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.qbert>adb shell
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    # ls
    cache init.goldfish.rc root
    data init.rc sbin
    default.prop init.sapphire.rc sdcard
    dev init.trout.rc sqlite_stmt_journals
    etc lib sys
    init proc system
    # adb shell reboot recovery
    adb shell reboot recovery
    adb: not found
    # reboot recovery
    reboot recovery

    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.qbert>adb shell
    error: device not found

    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.qbert>adb shell
    error: device not found

    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.qbert>adb shell
    / # parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
    parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
    /sbin/sh: parted: not found
    / # parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
    parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
    /sbin/sh: parted: not found
    / #

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Do you have CyanogenMod recovery image v1.4? If the command parted is not found, I don’t think you do.

      • Antonio

        Thank you for the post! I completely agree with you, I think command line usage should be encouraged. I am trying to execute the parted command in my rooted phone (Galaxy S 2 running CyanogenMod 10.1.3, but I cant find it. How can I get it to work? How can I get the CyanogenMod recovery image? I thought I had a full CyanogenMod installation!
        Thank you again

  • k0nef

    you’re right! I have cyangenmod-4.0.4. :( Is there no other way to partition the sd card? The release notes say app2sd would be automatic if I just partitioned the sd card.

    • Ad

      partition your sd-card from the recovery image, not from windows, that’s much easier (try google)

      • k0nef

        Wow thanks! You’re right, way easier from the recovery image than from Windows… Thank you. AWESOME tutorial btw.. Many thanks and props to all the peeps that make it easy for me to pimp out and hack my Handheld..

  • livitikye

    I did everything as instructed and when i print to check all the partitions are there. After rebooting phone does not see the sd card.

  • Ed

    Taylor Wimberly: And the rest of your crew thank you all for this most helpful site!!!
    I am looking for a “total” backup solution. I am rooted running Cyanogen 4.0.4. (thanks to this site) I have searched everywhere and always come back here. You have the best tutorials as they are made for noobs like me. I need to have a backup in the event my phone is destroyed, lost and or stolen. I believe Nandroid v2.2 will do the trick. However, I’m having a hard time loading adb on my PC and I their are SO many questions that other sites don’t answer. Your step by steps are the best. I’m sure other people need a “Ghost” type back up as well. When we load other programs and they mess up our phones we all would like to get back to working. I just redid my phone from scratch so I will wait on your tutorial before i load anything else. Thank you and your mates

  • dave

    cant get past part 2 i type parted/dev/block/mmcblk0 then get “not found” wont let me relabel either as it says the same thing stuck ..

  • dave

    figured it out i dindt put a space between parted and /dev haha

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  • Kevin

    Cant find the answer anywhere. I am running Cyanogen 4.0.4, and i have my sd card partitioned into the three parts, fat32, ext3, and linux-swap. What i am curious about is using 4.0.4, do i need the linux-swap, or do i need something eles. It says that Cyanogen Rom comes with compchace .6, but how to i set that up, and how do i tell that its running, becasue my phone seems to be most of the time unless i use taskiller to kill all running apps.

    • Kevin

      sorry meant that becuase my phone seems to be Laggy most of the time, unless i use taskiller to kill all running apps. Even if i am only running one or two apps.

  • Joseph

    So i can do ALL this on the Console of my phone?

    • Chris

      * Joseph on September 5th, 2009 “So i can do ALL this on the Console of my phone”

      Did anyone answer you? Answer is no you can’t do this from your phone terminal.

      You need phone USD drivers on your PC, installed and running. Have drivers downloaded and ready for ‘have disk’ before you connect the phone via USB.
      You need Cyanogen recovery image 1.4 installed and booted to the recovery screen (after installing, hold home while powering on phone)
      Run commands above a command link opened up to the c:\ drive you installed either the adb tools to.

      (hint search for Proxoid adb if you don’t want whole SDK)

  • luffy

    hey is there a way to unpartition ur sd card to make it the full 8 gigs? i have an 8gb card and my ext3 is 512 so no matter what i do its still missing that chunk reason i asked is becuz i think it may be corrupted and i would like to format back to the full 8gb and partition again..

  • Chinmay Herwadkar

    Hey thanks…
    Did not work at first as I had not updated my recovery to1.4.

    Later it worked in one go…

    Thanks a lot

  • francisbacon

    i managed to partition my 8GB SD Card and i guess everything is fine because i checked my App2SD and my 3rd party apps are on the card

    However what i dont understand is why my card is showing a total memory of 8169 MB before & after formatting and partitioning

    accordingly my card is partitioned as follows:

    Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 8169 mb

    Number Start End Size File System

    1 32.3 kb 7625 mb 7625 mb Fat 32
    2 7625 mb 8137 mb 512 mb ext 3
    3 8137 mb 8169 mb 31.9 mb linux-swap(v1)

  • tony

    great guide, used it today and work perfectly!

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  • Christina

    Hey It worked great! Thanx!!!!

  • Robert B

    What would be the settings for a 16gb card. Im having a hard time figuring the numbers out for that. Someone also said you have to put GB after the numbers. True? Thanks.

  • jeux xbox

    I can’t remember what its called because I’ve never fully tried to use it, but you shouldn’t have to worry about linux-swap in the CM ROMs.

  • Topper Harley

    Hello. This tutorial is really great, thanks a lot.
    However, for my phone it doesn’t work…
    I have CyanogenMod + the recovery image 1.4. This is what I do:
    - I boot my phone in fastboot, then hit back to be in fastboot+usb
    - on the computer, I launch “fastboot boot “, which loads up and boot the recovery image
    - then on the computer, adb shell puts “error: device not found”
    - I tried to launch the console on the phone (last menu item in the recovery image), but as I have an HTC Magic I don’t have a hardware keyboard so I can’t type anything…

    I tried a trick : install a terminal application, su and telnetd, and then connect to it via wifi. It works fine, I can cd everywhere and I am root. However, I coulnd’t find the parted executable, I looked in /system/bin, /system/xbin, tried with toolbox and busybox, nothing is working.

    Any clue?

  • Topper Harley

    The previous post was unexpectedly interpreted as HTML so my inferior and superior symbols were interpreted as HTML tags.

    I actually meant that I launched on the computer “fastboot boot d:\android\firmwares\cyanogen\cm-recovery-1.4.img” to boot on the recovery image.

  • JenniX

    I’m having trouble finding the device with ADB after rebooting… I’m using the 1.4 image… any help will be appreciated. (ADB is running from a Mac, so drivers shouldn’t be a problem, right?)

    binkley:tools jennix$ adb devices
    List of devices attached
    HT94GLDXXXXX device

    binkley:tools jennix$ adb shell reboot recovery
    binkley:tools jennix$ adb devices
    List of devices attached

    binkley:tools jennix$ adb shell
    error: device not found


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  • Arno

    Really easy to follow directions. Thank you, God bless!

  • zhect

    I just got my g1 not so long ago and decided to start rooting. I’ve gone so far as installing cyanogens newest rom. and i just finished partitioning my sd card to ext2/3 successfully. but when i flashed the rom again all my apps were gone. on the market it says i have them but i cant uninstall or open them because they’re not installed on the phone. any help on how to get my apps working again?

    • Terry Pearson

      I am running into the exact same problem. All existing apps cannot be used, but new apps are installed on SD Card and are usable.

  • ceas

    thanks for this great how to… this helped so much i was clueless before i came across this.. thank you again!!

  • kepicona

    Not for me. All this sdk and downloading drivers to my computer and whatnot is just over my head. At least I read the post through and I understand what goes into it now.

  • http://Website manox

    Hi I have done everything here phone is faster it shows second SD car but I can’t download and install anything from market PLS help

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  • Craig Misak


    Is there a way to check if I did this correctly using Terminal???

    I used a different method I know its prolly not the most appropriate place to post this on but i’m at a lost.

    Please help

  • http://Website Chris

    I don’t have parted for some reason. I have every other proc one could want in the sbin directory. How odd huh? Maybe it is a Droid thing. Time to use gpartd! For reference, why wouldn’t it be there in your guess?

  • http://Website Roydell

    So the first time I did this everything worked great, so I know it works. I even did the upgrade. Then I goofed loading a new ROM and reformatted my SD, again. So this time when I try to partition, it’s not working. The beginning is fine. I have a 4GB card. It’s showing I have 3965.

    I can print then remove the 1st partition. Then when I go to enter command:

    mkpartfs primary fat32 0 3389

    I get:
    parted: invalid token primary

    File system type? [ext2]?

    Can anyone help??? Please!

  • http://Website b00sted415

    upgrade_fs: not found Anyone?

  • http://Website guy

    upgrading from ext2 to ext3 didn’t seem to work using the adb command line, so i did this using the recovery mode partitions
    ty again, useful

  • http://Website Rajeev

    I’m not able to create partition, it threw a error error: /dev/block/mmcblk0: unrecognized disk label. I tried to use mklabel msdos.

    But it didnt work. Any ideas ?

  • http://Website Shanjaq

    Silly question: If your SD card has multiple partitions, how does the phone know which partition to mount when the “USB Connected” notification?

    I have been struggling to get this to work but apparently there are multiple notifications overlapping the same button in the top bar, and you can only mount one before the whole stack toggles to “Turn off USB storage”. You’ve got a 1 in X chance of the FAT32 partition showing up on top, X being the number of partitions you’ve set up…

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  • Noonski

    I ran into an issue where a 16G Sandisc card got stuck at only being recognised as 31 MB in size.

    With the tool below i was able to get it back to the original 14.9 GB and after that format for A2SD

    Thought this might be a good place to share this if anyone bumps into the same issue.

  • fksuperstar

    bro i need some help , i’ve create this many time already but still did not work for my hero GSM , i was fail on step7 ..

    need help bro ???

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  • Piero Toffanin

    Thank you!! Very useful!

  • Zeke

    upgrade_fs not found for me too!

  • http://Website Ader

    I did it all and i have a SD Card Secondary and Internal memory that shoudnt be toghether in one thing? Help ;(

  • http://Website bikej

    upgrade_fs not found:((

  • David

    do you have to use those sizes? or can you make them bigger?

  • http://Website koko

    if you have the error “upgrade_fs not found” then do this in recovery menu and NOT over windows

  • http://PLEASEHELP!!!!!can'tfinddevice abc

    when it enter the recovery mode,it shows device not found, and the usb light is not open.
    mine is moto milestone. android 2.1.Thank you.

    # reboot recovery
    reboot recovery

    E:\game\android-sdk-windows\tools>adb shell
    error: device not found


  • http://Website edvin

    When I try to upgrade my ext 2 to ext3 I get a “/sbin/sh: upgrade_fs: not found”

  • http://Website allo

    Why not using a sd-card reader and gparted?

  • http://Website buzmay

    Hi please help when I write the parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 i get parted not found am I doing something wrong?

  • http://Website macrules

    same here, no parted command on my phone

  • http://Website Jan

    What about partition alignment? Usually the first partition starts on sector 63 which is bad for flash-based media. Any recommendations regarding the alignment?

  • http://Website ADB

    Does if we use sd-ext for storing aoos, does it mean we only have 512MB space available for that? Thank you!

  • Greg

    Thank decent guide.

  • http://Website Mitesh

    Thank u very much…….its gr8 just one qns.
    is it necessery to format my fat 32 before using megatron?

  • http://Website João

    I also had the error the error “upgrade_fs not found”. I used ‘sdparted –upgradefs ext3′ and it worked…

  • http://Website Velo

    Thank you Joao, I had the same problem with upgrade_fs not found, but your command ‘sdparted –upgradefs ext3′ saved my day!

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    I’m having problems with this,it says that I can’t delete the partition while is mounted :(

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  • _Diego

    Thank you! Will try this in a week or so; getting frustrated by the lack of free internal storage… It’s a shame I’ll have to root my phone though… Would have loved it if I could partition my phone and keep the stock ROM.

    As for the method: I like to use the command line as well for these delicate things. It’s a really useful and powerful tool once you know how to work with it.

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  • vatsy

    Were we should all that command…????

    Plz give me link fro?m were to download

    N in parenthesis i have to write or normally tell me that

    Thanking u plz reply soon sir

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  • ReneG

    Trying on my Samsung GT-i9000

    with external sdcard and corrupted internal sd ( …can´t mount /sdcard ), adb shell shows in /dev/block:


    why mmcblk0 AND mmcblk1 ??

    parted / find shows that mmcblk1 is the external sdcard 16.0 GB

    parted / find mmcblk0 shows just only this:

    How can I make mmcblk0 my external sdcard?

    A vold.fstab problem?

  • Carlos

    Hi! im trying to install JB on milestone 1. i put parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 and the answer is bas: parted: command not found. What should i do to fix it?? thank you very much

  • Aleksandr Motsjonov

    It looks like mmcblk0 was internal SD card, and now I have nothing /system, /cache etc. I spend whole day trying to recover, but no success. =((

  • Ahmed Aziz

    Does this works with nexus 5 as there is no SD card and I want to partition the internal memory