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How to root a T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G Android phone

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Uqbar

    Four words: finally something that works.

    • Matt

      I have never rooted a phone before. The write up was writen nicely and I rooted my Mytouch 3g in less than an hour most of this time was trying to find a rom that hadnt been taken off the net. Thanks alot guys for making it so easy.

    • angel

      hey i got a question why when am trying to root mytouch it say backup failed

      • http://Website Ryan

        yeah, I’m getting this same message on my G1. Can anyone help me out with this?

        • http://Website bob

          Downgrade to 1.5 I think this is a old guide written b4 1.6 came out

          • http://Website Cameron

            I downgraded my G1 RC29 and it will not let me install the recovery flasher.

  • Telemaniaka

    if its that simple to flash a new rom I’m not so worried about the supposed end of official updates for us G1 users

  • William

    hey i would just like to add something, if you are partitioning your card, you probably won’t need any more than 500MB for apps.

  • AndrewKam

    This worked very well, thanks.

    But how do I install apps on the SD card? Everywhere I’ve checked says to use Apps2SD but I’m using cyanogen’s latest rom and it specifically says not use Apps2SD or it will break the system.

    • William

      i am on Cyanogen’s latest “most stalbe experimental” ROM (3.9.10) and i already had my SD card partitioned, and it just automatically installed them to the SD.

      • William

        here it is

      • William

        dang, HTML code doesnt work here, sorry linky:

      • Rafael

        Will, I am new at this I did the flash on my phone and I am now stuck and cannot go past the email setup on the initial G1 screen, I cannot setup a new account or sign into my current account it tells me that I am not able to connect to the servers can you please help….

        • Sg

          If you cannot connect otherwise you will need to connect using wifi for completing the activation.
          Google to find complete information.

    • Max

      I just followed Taylor’s previous tutorial on rooting the G1, and that worked great. The flow and organization of this one is superb! Great Job!

      @William I actually have a 16GB MicroSD installed, so I gave my ext3 partition 1GB. I also created a linux swap partition. everything is super smooth w/ this config.

      @AndrewKam All you need to do is create a EXT3/4 partition on your SD card, APPS2SD is automatically in cyanogen’s ROM (check out the original XDA thread – You should read that thread in full. It provides a lot of answers to a lot of common questions.

      My fav thing about this cyanogen’s build is I can rapidly get to my home screen, When my phone rings it doesn’t take ages to show whos calling (pops right up), and Wifi-Tether is the BOMB! Works great w/ my Ubuntu 9.04 install. Only weird (unrelated to the ROM itself) thing is that the wireless signal on ubuntu states its @ 0% when connected to my G1. But, if I disconnect it shoots back up to 100%. As long as it works I could care less. It works, and it works great!

    • bob dole

      it does it automaticly

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  • Tomasz Adamski

    So i don’t have to install HardSPL if I’m going to install CyanogenMOD with “RecoveryFlasher”?

    • Clark Wimberly

      G1 owners might want to flash the sapphire-port SPL that Haykuro released. Make sure you have the updated radio image before doing that. The new sapphire SPL frees up an extra 20 MB in the system partition by shrinking the cache partition. Owners of the myTouch will not have to do this because they already come with a newer SPL.

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  • AndrewKam

    @william and @max, I figured out that I need to partition my SD card but am unable to find somewhere that explains how to do that in simple terms. i’m new to all of this and the instructions are either tied to Windows Mobile or start off assuming readers have a working knowledge of things i’ve never dealt with.

    • Clark Wimberly

      We will post an easy method for partitioning the SD card using the Cyanogen recovery image.

      • PthePro


      • mapin

        Thank you! (for this entire blog, it’s priceless!)

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  • jasonlee

    im with andrew on this one, i did the aboved one click root method and that worked fine. but i just dont know how to do the partition. i am very new to this and also need the easy version to do this.

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  • Jon

    Thanks for a great guide, I tried it for the first time last night and it worked a dream! Hardly took any time at all!

    I would appreciate an easy to use guide to for partitioning the SD card too. The lingo on those forums are difficult to get your head around.

    I’ve got my new SD card on its way, so I hope you guys can get it up on the site soon :)

    Thanks again, great work guys.

  • Tim

    I have a question. If you are updating between versions of a same build, do you have to wipe and do all the process of setting up your account ? Cuz I don’t have internet connection on my data plan.

    • Yog

      I’m in the same boat… wondering if you’ve found the answer to this yet?

  • luckybob343

    Those users with the CRC1 build (latest official T-Mobile update):

    If you’re stuck at step B1, unable to get your phone to recognize DREAIMG.nbh on your sd card, and it’s saying “No image found!” when you Camera+Power on:

    1. Place microSD card into card reader connected to computer. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE HERE.
    2. Format to FAT32 with an allocation size of 4096 bytes.
    3. Move DREAIMG.nbh back to card.
    4. Place card back in phone.
    5. Power on holding the camera button.

    This should solve the problem.

    • http://Website Poxie

      Life saver! Thank you :D

  • Androidawg

    WOW!!! My first root/ROM flash took me 2 1/2 hours and my stomach was turning the whole time. I just performed this entire flash in 15 minutes and now I have the latest Cyanogen ROM.

    Taylor, you are providing an invaluable service to your readers. I give this web address to anyone I meet with a new Android phone.

    Mucho Grassy A$$

  • JokeyRhyme

    Any love for those of us with whacky 32A Magics? I’ve been unable to install the latest Google Maps from the market on this completely factory and non-rooted model, and am getting more and more interested in Cyanogen’s work. :)

  • MommyGeekology

    What a great guide! Well done, and can’t wait to see further updates. This really does make it easy for any n00b to development — like myself — to root and customize their Android. Thank you!

  • Marcus

    Ok ive got this done on my phone with the partitions successful. So why am i still getting “insufficient storage space” errors when installing?

  • Hoseathemun

    Thanks for the great guide! I was able to succesfully root my phone less than 6 min. Btw, I was wondering if you can put out an simple instruction of how to partition SD card with Mytouch 3G or with different options….I am not sure how to partition my 4 GB SD card…

  • AndrewKam

    Thanks again for the help.

    After consulting with some people who have done this before, I was able to partition my SD card based on this tutorial: It looks a little overwhelming, but it’s doable if you map out the time and calmly read it..

    • Raghu

      @AndrewKam or anyone…

      When do you partition the SD card? Is that after the custom ROM install or prior to that?

  • Edward

    I have a question. When im entering everything into telnet i get this error that says

    “error opening flash_image recovery cm-recovery-1.4.img: No such file or directory

    did i do something wrong?

    • Edward

      Ok i got it to go thru =D but now i have a new problem.

      When i type the 1st step in the B2 section

      “mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system”

      It doesnt start like in its own column. What i mean is that, that command is still next to the other symbols (the question marks)

      Is that the reason why when i restart my phone nothing happens?
      How do i get it to look like the one thats in the picture?

    • fastgill

      I am having the same issues did you get past that part, if so can you help me

  • Edward

    I NEED HELP =(

    Sorry but i’m new to all of this!

    I did everything, took me an hour or so to finish and i did it so thats the good news.
    I went to the link above to download ROM’ss and all that good stuff and i got the one that says “FULL V3″ the one that looks like the Hero.

    The problem is that when i go to “apply any zip from SD” and select “FULL V3″ It says that the operation was aborted because. It says:

    E: Symlink /system/xbin/[
    E: Failure at line 58:
    symlink /sstem/xbin/bb/busybox
    Installation aborted

    Im super new to all this…..i hope theres a way to fix it and make it work.

    Please help..

    • Tydiz

      That rom takes some additional playing around…I think it requires the “Danger SPL” which if you are new, you don’t want it. I recommend downloading Cyanogen or JF for now and then as you feel more comfortable with rooted phones, mess around with more advanced Roms like SuperHero V3

  • Dave H.

    Great instructions, worked like a charm – just updated my phone with a custom ROM!

  • mumbles

    Thanx guys I rooted my phone with no problems.

  • Alex

    What is the benefit of this..I just got the mytouch..This sounds intriguing but should I really consider this? Does this make the interface more streamlined?

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  • chahk

    Error in the instructions. When flashing ROMs, you must perform a wipe (Alt W) BEFORE applying a new image, NOT after. This is because ROM authors often include useful programs that will be deleted if you wipe after installing the image.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thank you for the suggestion. That part of the guide has been updated.

  • ad

    Does 1 click root work witht crc37 update too?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It might work. Which country and carrier are you with? Some overseas Magic phones are model 32A which requires a different recovery image. This guide was intended for US phones.

      • ad

        I’m from Germany and my carrier is O2. My Phone is a HTC Dream (G1). I recieved the crc37 update today. My question is if the security hole for the 1 click rooting is still open or if this update fixes it. It is possible to 1 click root german phones at all?

        • Taylor Wimberly

          It looks like the CRC37 update is only for UK and overseas. People are saying it blocks the 1-click method, but I have no way to confirm this.

          All the hack does is backup and replace your recovery image. Try the 1-click and see if it works or not.

          • ad


          • cesco

            i follow the procedure in my g1 crc37, i see cynogen 1.4, but i don’t connect with telnet client (connection refused) and other app that require root don’t work… any suggestion?

  • branon

    Thanks for the user friendly guide. I am still waiting for info about the whole SD partitioning stuff. It seems to be central to the rooting process. Relatedly, three questions
    a) What do you do with the spare microsd?
    b) What happens if down the road, i decide that I want a higher capacity microsd card ? Do I have to root everything all over again or can one simply copy stuff from one microsd to another?
    c) Given that so many apps are stored on the sd card, does it make sense to have a class 6 sd card rather than a class 2 or 4?
    I currently have a 16gb class 2 sd card.

    • mapin

      SD partitioning is needed only to have apps install onto the sd card.
      a) Spare sd is for replacing the recovery image and installing the ROM without having to use your ‘daily’ sd card that has all your music and documents etc. Just optional, feel free to use whatever sd card you have.
      b)Nothing happens. Just re-install your apps onto the new microsd card. Rooting has nothing to do with the sd card. The sd card is just for your media files and apps.
      c)Yes class 6 if you are running apps from the sd card. That’s what I keep reading and that’s what i have. I’m about to get a 16gb class 2 and try it out to see if it even works, but class 6 is your safe bet.

      • branon

        Thanks for such clear answers! Let me know if you see a difference between class 2 and class 6. I read somewhere that G1 maxes out class 4. Though I have not seen a class 4 card for 16gb anywhere.

  • Ikhbal

    i try all n works fine until (B). After i type all d stated thru “telnet” & reboot. It juz hang at the G1 logo….never start up. i waited till >20min, yet it still at the logo state. what should i do.

  • Kainoah

    I need help! I tried this but after I try to install a theme it says install aborted and then when I tried to go to back the old system it just keeps giving me the system recovery page!

    • http://Recovery Paul

      You probably tried to install a rom that requires the radio and spl updates mentioned above. You need to update the radio first, and then the spl. Once you’ve done this it should boot up no problem but if not you will have to install the rom update again. Let me know if this helps.

  • SlugMcBug

    This is how to partition your card using Cyanogen’s build. Very simple. Can be done from within the phone alone:

    • branon

      THanks for the link. But a very amateur question- what does flashing again with rom mean? Do I have to redo the whole rooting process?

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  • Tookule4skool

    I think this is pointed @ tim, you dont have to wipe if you’re going updating builds from cyanogen to lets say 4.0.1 you just update, but if you’re changing builds completely like from cyanogen to haykuro’s buil than you would have to wipe, also to every one else to me it just seemed alot easier to create a partition in ubuntu

  • JackFoley

    I may just be really tired:

    Step A1….”Copy the app to your SD card and install it using your favorite file manager like Astro or AppManger.”

    I can’t even get past this! I downloaded both Astro and Appmanager, copied the zip file to my SD card and have no idea what to do from here. Astro allows me to look at the contents of the zip file and unzip it if I want and the Appmanager installer just has a black screen that shows me available memory.

    I must be retarded, please help!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The file format for Android apps is APK. If you downloaded a zip file, unzip it on your PC and look for the APK file to copy to your SD card.

    • Noob15

      download eoeAppInstaller in the market after you have found and copied the APK file to your sd card. this app will search your sd card and show you all the APK files that can be installed, and allow you to install from there.

  • Mookie

    Anyone have any luck using this method to load any Hero based roms?

  • gilbert orbea

    So I have the Drizzy Personal Hero ROM, but it is seperated into 4 different things. Do I drop all 4 into the root directory of my SD card?

    • gilbert orbea

      Forget that, actually. I now have it on my SD card but I also have other things on there such as “amazonmp3″ and “DREAIMG”.. will that mess it up?

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  • B Shaw

    hey guys quick question,

    I’ve followed the steps and put Cyanogen 4.01 on my SD card, but when I boot it up to select the .zip, there are none listed.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for the help.

    • Tydiz

      Make sure its on the very top level of your SD Card, otherwise it won’t be found on your card at all.

  • Hugh Merme

    I followed the instructions on the video and realized too late that I hadn’t done a nandroid backup. Is there an alternate way to unroot and get back to the original OS??

    Will unrooting using a goldcard work: ??


    I completed the process. The directions were very detailed and easy to follow. I only have one kinda big problem i cant log in. i currently dont have tmo g2 plan but was working before the update. any help????? greatly appreciated.

  • Housecat

    Hey guys, sorry if this was answered already
    I heard that if you reboot after the 1 click, recovery image reverts back to the stock one which doesnt let you install custom ROMs
    If I flash a new SPL, will the Original stock recovery image, where I cant install costom ROMs, come back.
    Or will Cyanogen stay so I can install a rom?

  • John

    So how do you unroot your phone?

  • earnest

    This procedure not intended for hero time, they need 3 partitions so stick to cyanogens latest mod for now until u partition sdcard and install new radio/all.

  • earnest

    It’s hero Rom in previous post not time . Anyway hero madatoryly requires 3 partitions.

  • earnest

    @rollchard I think u can skip the login process and later do it using WiFi.

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  • Paul Simpson

    I just got my G1 yesterday and was following your instructions to root it. I got stuck trying to get my phone to go into the update process. Can somone give me an idea of what I am doing wrong.

    I have formated Fat32 copied the image file then when I come to press the camera and power button it goes flying past the grey screen into the red screen without stopping so I cant activate the update.

    How long should I hold the keys down for?

    • Tydiz

      The camera button? Are you trying to revert back to RC29…pretty much the old way to root?

      All you need to do to install a new OS is hold Power+Home, and it should send you to the Recovery screen and if you have Cyanogen Recovery, you should be able to easy update from the main screen.

  • LOST

    Step A1….”Copy the app to your SD card and install it using your favorite file manager like Astro or AppManger.”

    I can’t even get past this! I downloaded both Astro and Appmanager, copied the zip file to my SD card and have no idea what to do from here. Astro allows me to look at the contents of the zip file and unzip it if I want and the Appmanager installer just has a black screen that shows me available memory.

    The file format for Android apps is APK. If you downloaded a zip file, unzip it on your PC and look for the APK file to copy to your SD card.

    I have been tring this for hours…… I have no idea whats going on. Maybe my head is still stuck on iphone….. Who knows the android system is quite different.
    Im sure I will be fine after this step but Im lost.
    BTW android forums are way nicer than iphone forums. Im never going back. Not to mention I have replaced to many glass screens on those for people.

    • Tydiz

      So there is no .apk whatsoever?
      If there is, just make sure that is what is on your SD Card, because that’s all these apps recognize as apps. In AppManager, make sure you put the apk in /sdcard/appmanager, and it should find it.

      • lost

        I see it on my sd card. The file is correct. I have tried it in linda, app manager and in astro to intall but it wont. I have download the file from three diffferent sources, all on 2 different pcs and I have loaded on my sd on both an adapter and threw the data cable.
        The closest i got was threw linda-package installer but it gave me some sort of error,,,,,,,, pardon error Sorry it was like 330 am so i forgot the error messsage.
        Does anybody have any tips?

        • LOST

          Parse error…….. sorry

  • Pin

    I followed the instruction up to the SPL update and then accidentally rebooted. Now, I can’t get into recovery mode. HELP.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      To enter recovery mode, you have to hold down the Home button and then hit power. Keep holding down Home until you see the recovery mode.

      • Pin

        @Taylor how long should I keep holding? Been doing that and nothing. Will rest for awhile and try again later.

        • Tydiz

          Sounds like you are in a nasty mess :S If it’s a G1, you should be able to follow the old rooting steps to recover everything back to its original state. Also, root through the xda forums to see if you can find any similar problems. There is always a way to save the system, but finding instructions on how to do it can be a little tedious

  • Earnest


    did u reboot after updating spl or during updating spl?

    just hold home button 1 sec and then click power button hold home button till it vibrates and then leave the buttons.

  • Luffy

    hey guys i needed so much help..ok so i did the 1click one flashed and even partioned my 8gb class 2 card so that way it installs apps2sd by following the new it boots up fine and everything but once i installed apps on there..and tried to power off the phone..its just stuck at the android screeen everytime or just goes blank..and after i do a recovery boot and flash the CM 4.01 it works fine again..i have no idea what it cuz my card is class 2? and also its alreadi auto swappable rite i dont need to follow any other ways to do auto swap card?? please help

    • Tydiz

      I doubt it was your card that got it locked on the homescreen. That usually has something to do with the system’s unready status(the system couldn’t boot properly so it consistently tried to restart itself), but I recommend finding a class 6 8gb card, nonetheless, because you will get a ton of force close prompts otherwise. The phone can’t access the apps fast enough on class 2 or 4. There are some great deals on Amazon for microSDHC cards, I got a 8gb one last week for under $20.

      As for the swapping, CM does that internally, and actually doesn’t use a linux swap unless you tell it to. I’m assuming its faster that way, so don’t worry about setting that up at all, unless you really really want it.

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  • jay smith

    Any suggesting for rooting the HTC Dream on the rogers network in Canada..

  • jeremy

    hello i just found out about this and am very happy to hear have not tryed yet just wanted to know what the best root file is would like to try the hero root as long as it has the wifi tether with it. also does the tether work with internet explorer or firefox all help is thanked in at advance

    • Tydiz

      I recommend not messing with any of the Hero Roms yet…none have really progressed to real time use yet. Instead, go with Cyanogen, JF, or The Dude’s latest builds because of the high success rate between users…If you are interested, I am currently using JACxHero 1.3 right now and love it, but I still have a lot of gripes with it, and its not Hero, just contains the HTC Framework and some of the Hero apps. Do your research on the Roms I mentioned and see if you can find a rom that fits your liking :)

  • jeremy

    hello i just found out about this and am very happy to hear have not tryed yet just wanted to know what the best root file is would like to try the hero root as long as it has the wifi tether with it. also does the tether work with internet explorer or firefox all help is thanked in at advance. p.s. I have a G1

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  • KB

    Worked flawlessly!

  • tony

    just rooted my phone with this guide, everything went smoothly


  • Sunil

    Hi, I am stuck on Part 1 Method A. In the video, it is exactly at “Finding update package…” at 3:54. My phone gets stuck on “Finding update pacakge…” and just doesn’t continue from here.

    Please help. I am not sure how to use my phone again. Is there anyway I can start to use my phone again while I see if someone can help me figure this root issue out?


  • Raghu

    Perfecto…. Did the permanent Root last night… although got little scare at the radio and spl upgrade.

    The main thing was that the recovery manager gets stuck at “Formatting CACHE… “. Had no clue what to do at that time. Thought it was doing some process.. dug into XDA forums and found out wait for few mins and reboot the phone.

    Anyway, it’s better if the guide is updated with this step.. would be greatly useful for many

    Thanks again for the guide

    • Sunil

      Did you get stuck on “Finding update package” like I did in my previous comment above? Any idea on what to do if I’m stuck there? Thanks.

  • Sunil

    Nevermind….i got it. We’re suppose to have the ROM file downloaded before continuing to Part 2. Have fun guys. This is GREAT!

  • LOST

    I see the file on my sd card. The file is correct. I have tried it in linda, app manager and in astro to intall but it wont. I have download the file from three diffferent sources, all on 2 different pcs and I have loaded on my sd on both an adapter and threw the data cable.
    The closest i get is threw linda-package installer but it gave me an error,,,,,,,, parse error
    Does anybody have any tips?

  • LOST

    also whats the best ROM to download and install?

  • Bennito

    Thanks! This was fantastic and easy to follow!
    A few irritants:
    1. When a call comes in, if the phone is locked, I cannot see the caller ID.
    2. The speed with which the notification bar and menu bar opens did not improve (in fact it seems to be lagging!)

    Thanks in advance for your response!

    • branon

      1. Happened with me too. After I was all done and settled, I went back to the recovery screen and flashed with the rom once again. Took care of that problem.
      2. There are some speed adjustments in the spare parts but overall I found that some things are zippier and other things are not. For example, if i click on an icon, it will open fast but then keep you hanging with a blank page for a few seconds before you see anything.

  • hakerzden1990

    MAMMA MIA!!!! Awesome thing. perfect for noobs. I am so glad i did it!!!!

  • hakerzden1990

    I have a question regarding the SD partitioning. when v boot into cyanogen’s recovery mode, there is an option in the list called console. can v use that to partition the SD card without connecting to computer and ADB shell??

    • branon

      Yes that is what i did. For a noobies(??) like us the whole ADB shell thing completely negates the concept of easy rooting.

  • Juan

    hey everyone, I need some help quickly please, I’m on the last step and trying to load the cyanogen rom but after I do the wipe and then try to load via “apply sd it responds with E: can’t open / sd card / (no such file or direction)

    • Raghu

      Do you have the ROM renamed as If not, then use the option “apply any zip”. that will list all the .zip files in the root of your SD card and you select the file that you want to flash.

  • Erick

    i have rooted my phone my phone before more than once but i always end up returning them back to normal and right now i did everything right for the one click root but when i am booting up my phone for the first time after flashing the new rom my phone stays stuck on the android logo and dose not start up, i left my phone on before an entire night and nothing, i wiped my phone before i flashed the new rom and it seems like it still freezes any help?

  • current_sniperx3

    How can i find-out what version i got my G1 has a blue androide logo after g1 start logo ? i used another t-mobile sim card with no internet package and got passed the setup screen’ the next day the phone seem’s to have reset it self? does t-mobile find out your using other sim cards….The man at the t-mobile store said t-mobile know’s your using sim cards? anyone know if this is true?…

  • Will

    Just did wife’s MyTouch with the 1 click method.

    1) Installed RecoveryFlasher, booted into Cyanogen Recovery
    2) Flashed a new SPL (she was running 1006 ship/secure, moved her to 1005 Eng) from xda-dev
    3) Factory wiped device
    4) Flashed Cyanogen 4.0.2

    NOTE: DO NOT LET the phone boot normally until you’re done. Each boot should be accompanied by the Home button to get into recovery console.

    The wife has a slow class2 SD card so we didn’t make her a partition for APPS to SD. I myself rooted my G1 following “the long method” because I wanted the new SPL. Knowing what I know now, I would have done the steps I did to her MyTouch.

  • john

    No luck with the flasher. First of all it says backup failed. I have an 8GB card with 7GB free so it definitely has space. No problem, I have the balls to try the bypass method. So I flash it anyway.

    Restart the phone in recovery mode and get the colored screen with DREA100 PVT 32B at the top. Does nothing. Have to remove the battery and then boot normally where it goes to it’s normal state. So phone is fine but I don’t get the Cyanogen recovery :-(

    Phone says I have CRC1 so I think it’s ok…. ideas?

    • http://Website mike

      help me man i got the same problem

  • sregister

    I was wanting to know if someone could find me a link to the latest cyanogen rom for a mytouch/magic 32b. All i could find was a cyanogen port for a 32a, and the original for the dream. Will the dream version work with the mytouch?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The latest stable CyanogenMod 4.0.2 supports both the myTouch and the G1. There are quite a few links on this site to his latest roms, but he also has his own domain now.

  • Dave R

    Thanks a million for this tutorial!

    Using this I was able to quickly and easily load cyanogen 4.0.2 ROM.

    I was really apprehensive to screw with my brand new MyTouch given that I paid so much for it, and I am pretty skilled with things of this sort. But this gave me a little confidence boost to give it a shot.

    Anyone out there who is still hesitant. I urge you to try it, you will be amazed at how easy it is, and extremely satisfied with the results.

  • sregister

    @taylorwimberly tthanks, just rooted and flashed cm4.0.2, no problems at all

  • Ranwanimator

    Great guide, but you may want to put a few more warnings on the SPL update section. This was not my first rooting, but I prefer to have a walkthrough just to make sure that I don’t miss any steps. So I followed the directions to a T and my phone still bricked after the SPL update. Apparently I had an incompatible board (the only thing to which they can attribute the bricking, other than doing SPL before radio, which I didn’t because I followed your directions). Also the “Let’s fix the SPL” link does not help with bricked phones. It was merely a thread to find out why the bricking was happening.

    This was a hard brick. There is no getting past the G1 logo screen. No access to recovery or bootloader.

    So I have a new phone coming from T-mobile in about a week.

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  • lbreen9819

    been sitting on the fence for a while but decided to do it. Ran into my 1st problem. instructions for opening telnet are very simple but not responsive on my phone. Enter, pause a sec, enter again does nothing. Any idea why?

  • lbreen9819

    nevermind. opened telnet but but 3rd command prompt states “no such file or directory”. phone is not mounted and i moved the recovery image to the card (not that it told me to). any help or suggestions would be great!

  • lbreen9819

    okay. next problem. Flashed the spl but don’t have the new rom yet on my sd card. my old sd card works fine but the new one reads an error with my adapter. is there any way to still mount my phone to the pc to add the rom?

  • Doug

    Works amazingly! Thanks for the tip. I have root now and much more.

  • lbreen9819

    finished it all in a record 2 1/2 hours! just a noob but did it. would recommend to anyone trying this for the 1st time to first put all needed files on your sd card before you begin. also, the sd mini adapter is a must!

    thanks for the great blog!!!!

  • jsp254

    Someone asked how to unroot. I saw no answer. If you want to return to the original factory tmobile setup, how do you?

  • hebrewdude

    does anybody know if doing this will help me get Hebrew fonts and keyboard? and if it will how? …. thanks

  • Stephen

    Hello, another noob question. A lot of people here are talking about how to partition your SD card and to what sizes. In the above there is no mention of the need to do this if you use 1 A. So why do this?

  • proxemics

    so, after doing this. i am frozen on the t-mobile g1 logo screen. i am tryign to get back to the boot screen to do a wipe but cannot turn the phone off?? any help greatly appreciated

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Pull the battery to restart your phone. What was the last thing you did before the phone froze on the G1 screen? You can start a thread in our forums for more help.

  • Munir

    Please i need assistance on how to hard reset my G1 phone

  • Vladimir Kelman

    So, what method (if any) should I use with my Android DevPhone 1? seems to say that upgrades work differently on T-Mobile G1 and DevPhone 1.
    Should I bother to go from an official HTC’s version of Android 1.5 to some custom build?
    My Android phone was configured to work with [email protected] Would it be necessary to re-configure those settings again after an upgrade (it wasn’t easy to find information for enabling DevPhone 1 to work on [email protected])

    • Pradeep

      Hi Vladimir,
      Did you get your Dev Phone 1 upgraded to 2.x?
      Can you please share any info you have in this regard.


  • Michael Angeles

    Hey I just tried the 1-click root. and my G1 is showing the recovery image screen and when i click reboot its like nothing happened, the cyanogen icon doesn’t show on my G1 like it showed in the video any help?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It sounds like you did not flash the CyanogenMod rom. You can find the latest stable release at

  • Adumb

    During the setup, I didn’t know that every time you rebooted the phone the recovery was flashed back to the default one.

    1. I used the recovery flasher tool to apply the l8est stable CyanogenMod on a CRC1 G1.
    2. After rebooting, the battery was knocked out of the phone before the new rom loaded past the T-Mobile screen.
    3. I had the bright idea to reboot in recovery mode and wipe the data to make sure nothing would be messed up (which was, as I know now, the default recovery because it was showing a phone with an exclamation point)
    4. The phone was then rebooted and sat overnight on the T-Mobile screen. I realized something was very wrong.
    5. I tried to install every zip I could find (including RC29, Cyanogen, JF, etc) by changing the name to and applying, but to no avail. It kept on saying that there was no signature.
    6. Tried putting the Dreaimg.nbh (rc29) into the sd card and booting to the rainbow boot loader with no results.
    7. After much web crawling, I followed the second link for the recovery flasher app (didn’t during setup because I found what I wanted with the first link) and found out from that page that it is a very bad thing to wipe the data if there is a phone and an exclamation point.
    8. Realized I had done exactly what I shouldn’t have done last night.

    Anyone have any advice for what I should do now? The phone will not boot past the T-Mobile screen. I can get into the default recovery screen, it just keeps telling me I can’t update with zips because they have no signatures. I can also boot into the rainbow boot loader. I do have the backup recovery image that was made with the recovery updater, is there anything I can do with that?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Adumb


      Thank you luckybob343 with comment #10. I missed it earlier. Formatting to Fat32 and putting the Dreaimg.nbh worked!!

      Hopefully this will help others. Read the second link (RyeBlog) before trying it. It includes some good tips and warnings.

  • Surge

    I was reading a bit on different roms and I’m looking at drizzy’s hero rom (full V3) . It says it needs spl and radio (some haykuro version), is that necessary via this route ? it does say something about leaving spl and radio in tact…

    • Surge

      Realized this was a little vague, more specifically can i use method A then splice in B3/B4 ?

  • sunny20874

    My MT3g’s build number is C0C10, will the 1 click method work for this build???

  • surfereddie

    Thank you!!!
    Ok, I’m on 4.0.4 Partitioned SD Ext4, and swapper. Everything was great and then I downloaded and loaded every app I though I could ever want. Well, bad idea. I have 8GB of storage but some of the programs did not agree.
    If someone could (hopefully this excellent site) provide the best software to back your system up in the event something goes wrong or you lose your phone. You can be taken back to square one pretty easily. Kinda like a “Ghost Image”.

    Lastly, is their a list some where of all the button options home+power camera+power etc?

    I’m like a baby learning to walk and need a walker. Otherwise i’m going to crash into something with my head.

  • ph

    I was following this guide, which is great, but forgets to mention the nandroid backup. I’m not planning on unrooting any time soon but would also like to know how to accomplish this if I forgot the nandroid backup.

  • Ali S

    works like a charm
    1st time around i missed Alt+W step.
    and it almost bricked it.
    dont miss that step! hahahah

  • popoffsun

    yo i just brick my phone. it went from the tmo sign to recovery box and cut off and keep repeating them actions. i found out how to get it back. YOU HAVE TO TAKE BATTERY OUT FOR LIKE 2-5 min because it wont pop on it will be completly off. THEN HOLD DOWN ALT AND POWER THEN IT WILL HAVE YOU LOG IN AGAIN> HOPE IT HELP. the funny shit about it i still couldnt get 1 click on my phone saying i dont have nothing in my files the cyanogen back ground comes up in recovery but it still wont download any help their anybody?

  • Mike

    My build says COC10 will this method of Rooting work for this mytouch phone?

  • dylan

    wtf my g1 wond go past the tmobile g1 screen!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive factory reset it like 5 times shit aint workin!!!

  • jamal

    I tried to root my first g1 with the second method but i messed it up. I was nervous trying it again but I did anyway and the first method worked great… THANKS

  • Yoshi

    Honestly, the instructions were phenomenal and I was scared to do this to my g1 but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to do, if one has the time.

    Thanks again and again for this tutorial!

  • Bob

    hey guys i just got a mytouch 3g last friday and im afraid to root it but i also want all that access to other stuff. im only 13 and i have no idea what all this technical stuff means. help?

  • Javier

    If im on the latest Cyanogen on the my touch 3g and i want to put hero do i just put it on my sdcard and update it?.

  • Juan

    So I took the plunge on rooting my G1. It’s stuck on “finding update package”. What do I do from here? Someone please help.

  • Joe

    My phone build says COC10….do I need to use the manual install or can I use the automatic install?

  • Darkwingduck20

    Does this affect the warrenty? say if i had a problem with the phone and had to send it back .. will i still be able to get the exchange?

  • Checho

    Muy buen post, los felicito…Gracias

  • bob

    Will this work with the google g1.

  • bob

    will this work on the google g1?

  • Rafael

    I am stuck, I have flashed using option b and now I am at the setting up your Tmobile G1 screen and cannot go past that screen my SIM card has no internet access, how do I skip through this??

  • selim

    please help!!!! i tried to apply any zip from sd but it didn’t work i says ” couldn’t find the directory” so i pull off the battery and turned my phone back, and every time i try to turn it on i get to the recovery mode please help ..

  • Android App Critic

    Very nice post.

    Ranwanimator above could not be more right. While these instructions are great, flashing the Danger SPL is not something beginners should be doing. It should be a separate tutorial with specific warnings. Particularly, you MUST tell them to check their board and that it’s PVT and not DVT. This one step can save someone a couple of hundred bucks.

    Also, in Method B for rooting, the recovery flashing section does not explicitly tell users to download Cyan’s recovery and place it on the root of their SD card. I root without the benefit of instructions since I’ve done it so many time but this can definitely throw off a beginner as it would have if this was my first time.

    • Fritz

      If the board is wrong, would it hang up on the Tmo G1 splash screen? Please say no!

  • hellcaeser

    how do you get past of the google account setup after rooting and wipe without a data plan on g1?? please help!!!

    • Android App Critic

      Use a ROM that allows you to skip the setup. Cyanogen’s ROMs allow for this. There is another way but it requires editing a sqlite script. If you are comfortable with that, search the XDA forums for complete instructions.

    • eric

      The solution is to launch wifi settings activity while stuck in the registration screen by exploiting the RC29 vulnerability (execute blindly what you’re typing as root)

  • Dotnose

    yah im stuck on the G1 Screen..i followed the instructions to the T and im confused even more now..hmmm why o why..this always happens to me and no one else..haha omfg

  • Tony

    Does FlashRec work with donut, or have they patched the exploit?

  • Samuel

    I’m getting and error when im on telnet app.
    mount -o rw, remount….. (is good)

    cd sdcard (is good )

    flash_image …. (is good)

    error opening cm-recovery-1.4.img: No suck file or directory
    ## cat cm-recovery-1.4.img> ?system?recovery.img

    cm-recovery-1.4.img: No suck file or directory

    What should i do… I did everything like supose to. The file is already on the SD card soo i dont know what to do please help.

    • Samuel


      No such file or directory*

      • Fritz

        Make sure that the cm-recover-1.4.img file is on the root of the SD card.

  • Fritz

    Ok, so I installed this step for step. But now when I boot up my G1 it sits on the T-Mobile G1 splash screen. I’m scared that I bricked my phone! Can anyone help?

    • Fritz

      I got it back!! All I had to do it step 1 again. (I’m doing manual mode because I’m a geek… and I want to know what all is going into it.)

  • Troy

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! I tried so many times to get the cyanogenmod on donut, once I had the official update, and failed every time!! I then downgraded to 1.5, but then shock and horror, I could not get the recovery file from cyan to work! Thanks to your excellent guide and telnet I was able to exploit the security hole in 1.5 and get it patched with cyan’s recovery. Woot! Thank you so much! Anyone who is having trouble, please TRY TELNET!!!!!!!

  • kepicona

    Ahhhh. I thought I had it. I followed the steps very closely and got everything going until the very end, but on the final reboot, I’m stuck on the G1 screen.

    • kepicona

      Got it! IMPORTANT: Different custom ROMs sometimes need extra files flashed instead of just what is listed in these steps. Read the developers install instructions!

  • xingou

    I am suck at step B2. I followed all directions and my screen was identical to the ’4 commands typed correctly’ image. When I tried to verify this step by rebooting, my phone loaded straight through to the home screen. I have run the telnet commands twice with the same results. Does anyone know why the commands are not taking?

    • xingou

      Third time’s a charm. I completed the instructions, using Cyanogen, and am now waiting for the phone to boot, but it has been stuck on the G1 screen for a good 20 minutes now. How long should I wait before I worry about it being bricked?

  • Colin

    mines been stuck on the Mytouch3G screen for 20 minutes now, advice?

  • Alex

    I’m stuck at B2, number 1. The file system does not mount

  • alexm

    when i try to backup recovery image it says backup failed. any ideas??

    • http://Website Dack Paris

      Same problem here.
      T-Moble G1 V 1.6.

  • Andrew

    How will i go about doing this on my Droid with verizon?? Not possible??

  • melaku

    i get error on telnet that reads
    mtd: erase failure at 0×00280000 (I/O error)
    mtd: erase failure at 0×00280000 (I/O error)
    mtd: skping write block at 0×00280000

    when i hold home and end key on boot it goes to the rainbow screen with script0.

    Please help i have a g1

  • vingert

    Is there any thing out yet to get root access for Android 2.0 on Motorola Droid?

  • mac

    the radio image keeps saying installation aborted when I try to install it on my phone please help.

  • http://Website Name (required) Trumpy

    im trien to flash a rom but every time i try its says
    E:cant symlink
    E:failure at line 58
    please help!

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  • http://Website Nikhil

    Hey guys after I had put in the desired rom and wiped my data and then tried to apply any zio from sd. Everytime it says the session was aborted and now my phone is pretty much stuck. It won’t move forward to anything, not even into the home screen. Any help quick would be much appreciated.

    [email protected]

  • adlock

    How do I change the google account linked to my g1 after I have rooted and installed cyangeon with out doing factory reset. Do I have to reflash the rom or is their a easy way to do it. Not that flashing is too bad.


  • http://Website henry

    ok so im deciding to root my tmobile g1 from version 1.7 i believe. Naturally i had to perform the downgrade and now i am having trouble with the telnet application. im following all the instructions but when i get to step that asks me to enter the whole flash_imag recovery cm stuff i get a message that reads no such file or directory. im at a loss as to what to do here. someone please help!!!

  • http://Website kris

    when i finished it would stay on the g1 screen… but then i installed the htc dream image and now its working.. did you guys forget to mention that or did i misread?

  • http://Website Dr. Long Balls

    I’ve got a mytouch 3G. just downloaded flashrec-20090815.apk and installed it onto my SD card. But when I try and click “backup recovery image” it says, “backup failed”

    Any ideas? Did T-Mobile block this shit for all the new mytouches? Or do I need a newer version of the recovery flasher?

  • http://Website some dude

    Well, I followed every step to a T.

    I read the entire thing 3 times through before starting.

    I did everything in order.

    And now I have a nice plastic paperweight.

    All it does it show the “G1″ screen.

    I waited over an hour; nothing changed.

    I pulled the battery, waited 5 minutes, and put it back it, and it instantly buzzed and returned to the “G1″ screen.

    I can’t even do a safe mode boot.

    Forgive me if I sound a bit peeved; I’ve just spent the last 3 hours searching high and low for a solution, with no luck.

    I would not recommend this process.

    • gordo99

      hey ok i basically did the same thing all u have 2 do is put the dream file back on ur sd card n boot it in the rainbow screen so u can reset ur phone

    • http://Website moha

      I have exactly the same problem, please helps me if you have solved

  • http://Website slackergeek

    Bummer, I tried flashing my G1 to build RC29 with Dreaming.nbh. Everything looked great, update in progress.. when the progress bar got to the end though, got a message saying update failed. Now I can only get G1 to boot to rainbow screen, which I guess is the recovery boot menu and won’t power off unless I pull battery or menu + camera + power, which reboots to rainbow, then a quick one second flash of the light blue update screen, and then stuck on the rainbow screen again.

  • JARone

    Is method A the only way to root MyTouch? I cant get past step A2 because the Recovery Flasher keeps saying “backup failed”. I tried uninstalling and installing again, using other provided sources for the apk. file, but everything gives me the same results. Can anyone help or know whats going on? I have the Tmo MyTouch 3g, 1.6, DRC92 if any of this information can be what is making the difference

  • http://Website Makrel

    After downgrading from 1.6, backing up, wiping and installing, the phone hangs on the MyTouch green screen and won’t do anything else.

    I’ve re-wiped and re-flashed but can’t boot the phone… suggestions?

  • http://Website Makrel

    Got it… forgot to apply the first…

  • http://Website win

    The instruction needs update about installing Otherwise, it is making people panicked stucking at boot loop.

  • http://Website Produce

    I’ve done everthing this guide says, and yet still my G1 wont get past the “T-mobile g1″ screen after I try to update, what’s the matter?

    • http://Website Jimmy

      i have the same problem!! first time rooting. HELP. thanks in advance.

  • http://Website jbrew

    Definitely need to update this for mytouch phones with DRC92.

    • http://Website dnick

      i second tht

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  • http://Website Ellygeh

    I am a late android user and I gotta say this was the most helpful tutorial I could find out there! y rooting went smooth and well! Great job guys!

  • http://Website Patrick

    I did everything what they said to root mytouch 3g but why do I get a backup failed? how can I correct that? Thanks

  • http://Website Brianna

    Once you root your phone and got to update it, do you lose all the infomation again?

  • http://Website Kevin

    I follow all the instructions, but after flash the cyanogenmod, the first boot stucks at myTouch screen for long long time. What could I do wrong. Please help.

  • http://Website ChrisK

    I’ve been trying all night to install a Cyanogen Rom. I can get everything installed correctly but when I install the ROM after upgrading the radio file the phone hangs at the G1 boot screen. What am I doing wrong? Now I’m stuck with 1.5 as my phone has no option to upgrade to 1.6, I’d be happy with just getting back there at this point. Help me. :/

    • http://Website ChrisK

      So after screwing with it for awhile, I figured out I need to install the after upgrading the radio file. You then need to install the ROM and then the Radio file again and reboot.

  • http://Website FARHAN


    i am farhan from pk.
    i waz trying to update a hard-spl i think so the memory waz 872kb , after putting folder on my sd card.

    i restart my mobile into cm-recovery-1.4.img and i was using build number jf1.5adp after doing a update my mobile is bricked now i m trying to flash my mobile by pressing (camera+power) key but my mobile is not flashing my g1 and after g1 t-mobile screen its not showing anything.

    plz help me some one i m very tens about it plz.

  • http://Website Ron DuPlain

    Thanks for the definitive guide. I finally got around to rooting my T-Mobile G1.

    After loading DREAIMG.nbh and booting into the downgraded version, I found that I needed to insert a data-ready SIM card in order to move beyond the initial screen.

    I didn’t want to bother with getting an Android telnet client, so I used telnet from my laptop. Pro tip: once you have telnetd running on your G1, with adb from the Android SDK on your full computer, run these two commands (on your computer, connected to the device by USB):

    adb forward tcp:9000 tcp:23
    telnet localhost 9000

    This will give you a root # prompt from your computer, where you can type the commands in this article much more quickly. Connect your device with a USB cable and see that it shows up when you run `adb devices` on your computer. You may need to change a setting on the device before it will show up in adb:

    Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging (check)


    PS – If there’s a way to see your device in `adb devices` before you log in, you wouldn’t even need a SIM card or a Google account to root a T-Mobile G1. Just type ‘ telnetd ‘ on the device, then telnet in using the adb forward recipe above.

  • http://Website Astarrk

    Hey guys, I’m kinda new to this, but i gotta question. I want to root my G1, but i don’t have T-Mobile, i have it unlocked to Cinti bell (AT & T/Rogers.) will Rooting “re-lock” my phone? in other words, will I still be able to use my Cincinnati Bell Sim card?

    Thanx In Advance

  • http://Website Vladens

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial; everything works great so far. I’ve rooted myTouch 3g, flashed Android 1.6, and installed latest update v4.2.14.1.

    Now, I have a question – is this the only software I can use until a newer update comes out? Can I use some of the softwares from here (?) :

    If so, what is considered to be my Base OS?

    P.S. If someone can answer I would appreciate if you don’t get too technical on me…. afterall this is the first time I’m doing this. :)

  • http://Website Darkenedfyre

    This guide is excellent for guiding you through rooting your phone, the only problem is you left out a VERY critical, important step. BEFORE you flash the Cyanogen ROM onto your phone, you MUST reinstall the current Android Base…which wasn’t listed on the walk through. I spent nearly an hour trying to figure this out (lucky for me a friend of mine all ready flashed/rooted his MyTouch and knew where the problem was.) I think you should definitely upgrade the walk through to support this left out step…otherwise, a lot of people are going to end up where I was, and may or may not have the luck I did to getting it resolved.

  • http://Website Kard

    I did all of the instructions but my phone is now stuck on the black screen that says t mobile G1. Please help. ASAP

    • http://Website Kard

      For anyone with this same problem repeat step B1 (rainbow screen Dream thing)

  • http://Website Dude

    I did the steps (included the drc83 step) and am now running the mod version but when I download apps my internal memory goes down opposed to my SD card. Why is this? The whole reason I did this root thing was to download apps to my SD card.

  • http://Website Quinton


    My G1 is a 32B, will this method work on my South African version of the G1? It’s a HTC Dream.

    hboot 1.33.0010 drea20000


  • http://Website Lando

    i understand all that yu have written in the instructions but wat version of the radio do i flash for this to work?

    the one for android 1.0,1.1,1.5 or 1.6

    kinda lost on this one…..the website has many different ones

  • http://Website AndroidJR

    I followed the instructions on “Method B” and made it all the way to Flashing the Radio and The SPL. When i flashed the CyanogenMod it wouldn’t load and my phone is stuck at the G1 screen.

    Help me out please.

    Email: [email protected] DOT COM

  • http://Website adrian


  • http://Website Paul

    I am thinking about using the method B to root and install a custom rom on my g1. I do have one major concern and that is flashing the spl once you’ve updated the radio. It says that you must install a new rom after flashing the spl or your phone will not boot, but does not explain how to do that! If I put the spl file on my sd card and flash it, do I have to use a memory card reader to take the spl file off of the card and than place the new rom on the card and proceed with flashing the rom? It says that some custom roms require you to update the spl before flashing the rom, how do I know what roms require this? At any rate I feel updating the spl file is needed to future proof my phone with custom roms but I’m not sure how to do this. Any help would be much appriciated!

  • http://Website bronagh

    im not the greatest with phones.. i got the new g1 phone wen it first came out.. iv had no problems with it untill today..
    wen i tries to turn it on it flashed up…

    power reason 1
    bootup_w_pwr_ key_ pressed

    then the screen goes blank and it vibrates ever few seconds…
    i would b very gratefull if any1 could help me

    • http://Website bronagh

      by the way my email address is [email protected] … please reply to that if any1 has any answers for me.. as i wouldnt have a clue how to find this webssite again…
      and thanxs again

  • http://Website Shane

    I tried to follow the steps and made it all the way until step #A2 where you click backup recovery image and it says backup failed and thats as far as I get with it. I noticed others having the same problem as me but no real solutions or replies can anyone help with this issue?

  • http://Website Ruben

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Worked perfectly and now my phone is the envy of all my non technical friends.

  • http://Website Gage

    well i did everything and my phone was working but now all it is doing is staying on the tmobile g1 load screen and it wont go pass it

  • http://Website derrick

    how much memory is needed on your memory card i lost my 4gb im using the 256mb is that enough it reads not enough space on disk when i try to copy to memory card

  • http://Website Bob

    Thanks..have a new G1 and am thinking about rooting it..



  • http://Website Luany

    i got my mytouch in February of 2010 and i installed the flash rec but when i click on back up it says back up failed. where did i go wrong

    help please

  • http://Website John Carr

    Hi all,

    Just went through the guide and did everything to the letter, it all seemed to work until I got to the part where I flash my own rom (part 2) I was hoping to use Cyanogens latest stable build for the MT3G, I booted in recovery mode, wiped, and then selected the install zip from SD option or whatever. After having it successfully installed I reboot. When i re-boot it just sits at the My Touch 3g splash screen forever, i left it for an hour before i pulled the battery and tried again, I can get back into recovery mode but it always gets stuck on the splash screen, was wondering if anyone could help.

    I started with build COC10 not CRC1, if that helps.

    • Gummywrms200

      Never mind, got it fixed =D

    • http://Website Jesse

      Did you find a solution to this ? It’s driving me crazy, tried several times now making sure to follow the steps accurately, and it never gets past the T-mobile G1 start screen after applying
      They sent me replacement phone after usb port broke, and I am just trying to transfer everything to new phone.
      thanks a ton whoever can help …

  • http://Website Parse


  • http://Website Harold

    Ok so as with some other people this is not working for me. My phone came with 1.6 already installed. The flashrec won’t do a backup and fails. Any ideas? It seems the flashrec program has not been updated since August of 2009. ALso I can’t even uninstall the flashrec program. It just sits at Computing for everything and pressing the uninstall button does nothing. Please help.

  • http://Website Mark R

    Enter, pause, enter, “telnetd,” enter has not worked for me. Where am I supposed to go from here?

  • http://Website sonny

    hey im trying to do the root and im at the recovery flasher part and i hit backup recovery image it flashes dont interrupt then backup failed

  • http://Website Wullace

    I downloaded the flash_rec file from the cyanogen mod wiki, but it comes as a .zip file. When I put them on my SD card, the installer wont recognize it. When I extract it, same thing. I can’t find any ‘.apk’ files in the entire mess. How can I get it to work? I am stuck at that point. please email at [email protected] if you know how to get the apk out of the zip.

    • http://Website Wullace

      Nevermind. Got it. You can change the file extension with Astro File Manager or on your PC/Mac browser. I likey a lot by the way Mr. Cyanogen Man.

  • http://Website William

    Will this work on my “My touch 3g” 1.6 Build number DMD64.

  • http://Website dana

    can you use google maps as a gps with a rooted G1. also do you download apps from other places besides the android store after the phone is rooted

  • 1129Juvera


  • http://Website confused1

    is there a way to get the developers build on your phone and do this whole process via usb cable?
    i dont think i can access the sd card from my phone right now, because it is like new, where you have to login to gmail, and i cant do that because i dont have a data plan,infact, i have a data BAN.
    meaning i cannot use 2g,3g, any of that stuff with my sim card. and i have att. and a tmobile mytouch 3g. i want to flash it with a developers build or something, with the usb cable and some software, so i can use the wifi. can anyone help me figure out how to do this?

  • http://Website john

    hey guys i have a problem that i cant fix alone. after i downloaded and installed the and rebooted it.The phone will just stay on the tmobile g1start up screen. so i rebooted it pressing send+MENU+END keys. its not going to the actual phone features. can someone please help.. maybe i screwed up.

  • http://Website Ad

    Can this be used to root a 1.6 G1??

  • http://Website Derek

    Hi, when i type in “mount -o rw, remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3/system” i get a “usage: …” error where the “…” is explaining to me the things i can type. Please help, been stuck at this for about an hour now.

    • http://Website Derek

      Okay got that fixed.. now im on “flash_image recovery cm-recovery-1.4.img” when i type that it says error opening cm-recovery-1.4.img: No such file or directory… but then i check to see if its in the root and its there?

  • http://n/a tim

    I just wanna be 100% on this… Do I absolutely have to downgrade to cupcake (1.5) to root my mytouch 3g?

  • http://Website Pradeep

    Do these instructions work for upgrading Android Dev Phone 1, too?
    I started with the instructions, but, am stuck in part 1 B1. Since there isn’t a camera button, I dont know how to proceed to include the update in DREAIMG.nbh file which is on my sd card.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • http://Website eric

    this is my first time rooting an android.

    does my sim card or “current plan” need to have a data plan ?
    currently my phone does NOT have a data plan .

    i used another sim card (friends) with a data plan to activate and enter my phone after it was reformatted. due to the reason that , the T-Mobile MyTouch did not let me enter my phone after reformatting the phone and using a sim card without a data plan.

    when this whole rooting thing is down, and has reformatted my phone, would it require me to use a sim card with a data plan? or a sim card without a data plan will work?

    thanks .

  • http://Website Nin10doklown

    trying to root my phone when ever i get to the last step on telnet i get this error:

    “cannot create recovery.img read_only file system”

    tried different sd cards 1gb & 2gb both different brands with no success does anybody have any suggestions or advice

    thank you in advance A.R.

  • http://Website Nin10doKlown

    Tried These Commands As Well:

    Telnet Commands id
    (Press enter)
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    (Press enter)
    dd if=/system/bin/sh of=/system/bin/su
    (Press enter)
    chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
    (Pres enter)

    With The Same Results Got Error Right After (dd if=/system/bin/sh of=/system/bin/su)

    “/system/bin/su: cannot open for write: read-only file system”

    thank you again A.R.

  • http://Website elvir

    I got stuck on A2 saying backup Fail. Running 1.6

  • http://Website omar

    my phone is G1 t-mobile unlocked for sim and it was ” build number: DMD64″

    i downgrade it to RC29 and after restart i searched the market for telnet application i found only

    one , by downloading and install it automatically showed that page which says coonect to

    server and theres localhost 23 written , it appeard with out hitting enter twice or writting telneted

    so when preesing connect to server I recieve the message “Error while connecting to server:

    localhost/ – Connection refused” and followed with another message

    and by trying to make calls i receive the message ” Sorry! the process has

    stopped unexpectedly. please try again”

    please can you tell me what can i do ??????? thank you!!!!

  • LiyahX0X0

    I need so much help. What if your phone is locked ( like you forgot my pass-pattern ) and the computer will not “reganize” my sd card, like it isnt formatted..
    i want to root the phone while it is locked..
    What do i do ?

  • http://Website CJ

    Hey i can’t get the recovery flash to even back up. Can some1 please help me i’m a noob

  • http://Website CJ

    Hey i can’t get the recovery flash to even back up. Can some1 please help me i’m a noob with a mt3g


    oh i remember when i first hacked/rooted my g1 it was really easy with the help of a friend he taught me lot this one really helped me and for that i was able to root 4 g1s and 3 mytouches with ease and didnt have to look at at the site to kno what to do

  • http://Website Beans

    I just came across this website today, and am very interested in rooting my T-Mobile G1. I’m optimistic due to the overwhelming # of responses saying how easy it was to do this. Now, I do have a few questions in regard to this process becasue I notice that several of these posts are close to a year old. Just hope people that know what they are talking about still monitor this…

    Firmware is 1.6

    Kernel version 2.629-00479-g3c7df37

    Build DMD64

    I’ve never rooted a phone, so I dont know what info I should post. But I read online somewhere that g1′s cant root if they have a certain upgrade or update installed? Not sure what it was, as I can’t find it anymore. But will my phone be able to complete this process?

    I’m at work now, just dying to get off so I can try this when I get home. I just wanted to do some research beforehand.

    Thanks for all your help in advance!

    • http://Website Jeremy

      I just read you post and i’m trying to make the same change that you were or are still encountering trying downgrade from Firmware 1.6 to be able to upgrade your G1. Have you had any luck since Sptember?

  • stamina ab hyper bench

    No mention of the G1? Yes, I get it, the G1 is old and I wouldn’t expect a 2.2 update… but they shouldn’t say “no phone left behind” if they don’t mean it.

  • http://Website Chip Set

    Good procedures, with the exception that you mention 45 minutes to perform certain functions. I’m tweaking this to 45 days.

    I’m into Day 20 so far. Things are going well, and I have several calls in to friends at MIT. I’ll see them on Thanksgiving, and we’ll hash it out from there and measure any speed increments. Should be interesting hooking my G1 up to their Cray to do the measurements. Several of the guys are thinking of putting the rooting procedures into their PhD thesis.


  • http://Website Kerry

    I have MyTouch 3g with Android 2.2 My build is FRG83B I tried this, but I got stuck as soon as I ran the flash file–it could not backup the recovery image.

    Any ideas? What can I do now? Should I try the “B” method?

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  • Sell Mobile Phone

    So i don’t have to install HardSPL if I’m going to install CyanogenMOD with “RecoveryFlasher”?
    Demin Martin

  • molhokwai

    Excellent. Just excellent.
    T-Mobile G1 now with Bluetooth & WiFi Tethering…
    Thanks a lot…

  • http://Website Anthony

    Hello, I am trying to Root my T-Mobile G1 phone and I’ve read through your guide but there is one thing that still confuses me and I would like to make sure I understand before I start the process.

    On step 2 you link us to this website:

    which says that the big thread has been deleted and sends us to this page:

    From there I click Stable Mod from the downloads drop down menu and it brings up a list of different types of phones and G1 is not listed there. is there one that I should be using that is compatible with G1?

    • http://Website Enrique

      Hi there mate, i believe that G1 is the HTC Dream, so you have it on the list of options, what to choose from all those iam not sure, but has to be the option htc magic/dream

  • http://Website Enrique

    what happend if i do have a build version DRC83? Is that lover of rcr1? iam new on this i want to make sure i can choose option a

  • http://Website roy

    i did t trough cmd and its go faster than troug the fone

  • http://Website findelmundo

    Wow, this is the most complete and easy to follow guide i’ve seen so far on rooting the G1. I had ZERO PROBLEMS, even with the troublesome DMD64, and this was my first time rooting. Thank you very much!
    Kim Mel-jin

  • Android Phone Tips

    your picture very help me for this problem, thanks.

  • http://Website Jeremy

    It’s taken a while but i finally got my G1 downgraded to Firmware 1.0 with RC29. I’m at the steps after installing telnet and am typing in 1. mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system (make the system folder writeable)
    2. cd sdcard (change directory to SD card)
    3. flash_image recovery cm-recovery-1.4.img (flashes recovery image with CM v1.4. Replace cm-recovery file name if flashing a newer version)
    4. cat cm-recovery-1.4.img > /system/recovery.img (copies the cm-recovery image to your system directory

    The recovery image I saved to the SD card is “recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img”. I keep getting a error message of file not found. Is there any help with typing the correct information for these steps.

  • http://Website Papa

    This is an awesome how-to. I’ve never rooted a phone before, AND some of the links are outdated, and still I was able to do this with no problems. This old hunk-of-junk G1 is no hunk-of-junk any longer! Thank you!

  • http://Website Kristian

    i tried rooting my unlocked g1, it has dmd64. and when i rebooted it. It said “update fail update terminate” and when i hit the track ball it goes to the rainbow screen and then “serial0′ pops up. if anybody can help me with my problem, it would be very very appreciated.

  • Garret Seling

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  • http://Website Dexter Reid

    ugh…unfortunately got stuck because of unforseen circumstances.
    stuck after loading RC29. i’m in a location where it can’t communicate with google servers, so i cannot get past the gmail authentication!
    is there anyway to circumvent this screen on RC29?

  • Doctoraudio

    I have a HTC Sappire/ MY TOUCH 3G.
    It has the 2.2.1 Android in it, is there anything I can do to this phone to make it better.

    This are a little slow.

    Can someone help?

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