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How to setup a secondary Google Apps email for Android

Google Apps is a service from Google for using custom domain names with Google services.  Android allows you to use a Google Apps email as your primary account, but this guide is for setting up a secondary account.  Many people have different email accounts for work and wish to keep them separate from their personal email.

Watch this video as we take you through the steps of setting up an alternate account using the Android app Email.

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  • lordhong

    I’m sorry but the default email client on Android system is POS.

    The gmail client is 100x better than the email client. The background email checking is not working 100% of the time. The compose new message, reply, and many features are just so messed up.

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  • Chris

    k9 mail is better

  • SDscorch

    your intro paragraph up there says…

    “Many people have different email accounts for work and wish to keep them separate from their personal email.”

    yep, that’s me!

    i’m curious – if i initially setup my android phone w/ my google apps acct, and use this technique in the video to add an IMAP acct for my “personal” account, if someone from my “personal” sphere calls my cell phone, is their contact info in my phone? does the phone say “John Doe” when John Doe dials in?

  • surviven6802

    great video! How do you set one up for yahoo accounts?

  • Paul

    This video is very misleading, because it suggests that this is THE WAY to set up an Android device with Google Apps email. In fact, any Android device can be set up with Google Apps email as the primary email account fresh out-of-the-box. The only thing that this video serves to do is provide a way to supplement a primary Gmail login that is NON-Google Apps with a Google Apps email account. Really, it should just be taken down to avoid confusion.

    • Ian

      That was the same thing I was about to type…

  • ynos

    Real question is how to set-up two gmail accounts on push-mail mode.

  • Peter Chr. S. Nielsen

    Hi Guys i just bought the HTC Magic and the only e-mail i’m jusing is Gmail what is the Best to do for me use the Gmail logo on the screen or do like the video shows ?

    Peter Nielsen Denmark

  • http://googleemail micheal

    i want 2 use this 4 my google email

  • Jarom Feriante

    I use a personal gmail account on my HTC Hero. After watching the video, I set-up email for my google app work domain account and it worked perfectly.

  • Laurel (Catherine) Pauline

    I thought that the Google Apps domain-name email account could be a push account. On my Blackberry it is push email. I don’t want to go backwards in service level. What can you tell me

  • Philly Keith

    I keep getting an error saying

    The application email ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    any suggestions? I followed your directions to the T

    This is on a Droid phone – Verizon service.

    • Maruthi

      you wont get errors if you start back from factory settings, validating your Google account right from the first prompt; validating accounts for other social networks can be skipped.. as they can be validated later…

    • http://Website chasdent

      I am having same Droid email synch problem; sets up alright but then stops working after day 1
      did you ever get this fixed???

  • http://Website mlist

    Very helpful – thx

  • mike

    Can you configure the corporate calendar to work with google apps?

  • http://Website dan

    Is there a way to log in and out of email accounts once set up for security measures?

  • Mike

    Hey… Thanks a ton! Couldn’t get this to work, but with your video it’s up and running!

  • http://Website Candice

    I’m trying to set-up my google apps account on my droid and I followed all of the instructions in the video. Its my school account, so its a .edu account. Will that make any difference when setting it up, like is there something different I should do, or will this just not work for me?

  • http://Website mark v

    I’ve set up my secondary Google Apps email as this video describes.
    But whenever I send email from my HTC phone, it always creates a new label in Gmail called “[imap/sent]” and places that sent message in that group. Is there a way to avoid this? I’ve tried a number of different IMAP path prefixes, but none seems to do the trick.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • http://Website Carla M

    Awesome. All I was missing was to turn IMAP on the Apps account settings !!!

  • http://Website Eric S

    I’m trying to set up a college email that recently got switched to Google Apps, but when I try to add the account on my phone and i type my full email into the username it comes up with and error that it can’t validate the username and password. Please HELP!

  • http://Website Jeff Denman

    This video helped out alot … thanks for posting!

  • http://Website allen

    I have my .edu account set up like this, but would really prefer to have it set-up as a second Google account using the Gmail app. Every time I’ve tried this, the connection has rejected blaming data transfer or the phone, in spite of having near perfect 3g connection and/or wifi. Is there a trick, or can you just not do this?

    I’m using a mytouch slide.

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  • scott

    Thanks for this – it worked like a charm.

  • Lonnie

    Your video worked well. My question is, How do you set up the secondary google app email so that it has its own screen button? Rather then having one button and switching back and fourth between email accounts?

  • Chris von Nieda

    thanks for this, I didn’t realize I had to have imap enabled and I wasn’t sure I had to leave the server addresses as the domain name or the gmail domain. Worked great!

  • http://Website pmh

    Not really useful untill you help figure out how to get push mail via stock email app.
    interval of 5 mins is just too long.

  • http://Website Ashley Boyd

    Thank you — totally worked!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Elizabeth Klisiewicz

    This worked great for my Google apps email configuration. Thank you.

  • http://Website Carlos Rodriguez

    This video was really helpful.
    Thank you so much!


  • http://Website larry ladd

    My phone wont let me add my second gmail account how do i fix it

  • http://Website Mike

    Thanks for the tutorial – it worked perfectly for me. I have multiple personal gmail accounts and a google app account for work so this is what I was looking for. I haven’t decided if I will use the HTC mail client or the gmail app but at least I have a way to compare them now. Thanks again.

  • Saurav`

    Excellent tutorial ! Thanks..

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    I have purchased new Samsung Galaxy S anaroid phone and want to set up my office mail account . so kindly suggest me the application name from where to down load the same.

  • Francisco

    Dude!! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thx.

  • penguin

    dude… this was soo awsome.. these steps are not available in google forums.. i had almost given up tryin to configure it.. thanks a ton!

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  • nb

    Thanks to Clark it worked really easily to sync between my android phone and the web-based google apps account. The problem is, now neither sync properly with my outlook for mac which is where I work day to day. If I delete something from my inbox on my phone/on the web it disappears from my outlook inbox. However if I delete something in my outlook inbox, it no longer disappears from the web (which it used to do before I set up the phone) nor with the android phone.
    Any suggestions?

  • Paul

    Thanks! don’t know why it was so difficult to find this but it was exactly what I needed