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How to swap virtual keyboards on an Android phone (VIDEO)

Many of our readers have had their Android phones for months, but we get a ton of new users asking us questions every day.  We have taken note of this and we are building a special area for Android beginners on our new site.  Over the next few weeks, we plan to release several videos geared towards first time users.

The following video demonstrates how to download and enable an alternate keyboard called TouchPal.

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  • android.newb

    nice, I really like the 2 letter per button setup. I also like how the keyboard tutorial video is longer than the rooting video! :)

    • http://androidandme tfs

      I have a DROID by motorola and have been looking for a good twelve key app. I did a market search for TOUCHPAL with and w/o a space and the search came up with no results. Is this a verizon thing?

  • void

    Nice tutorial. I hadn’t really messed with soft keyboards so this was helpful.

  • Thanks a lot guys. It’s awesome and it reconciliates me with touch keyboard.

  • Brian

    Nice tutorial. Very helpful, I always wondered about adding keyboards.

  • David

    Brilliant video. Inspired me to add TouchPal. I’m so much happier with it over the standard keyboard. Thanks!

  • Coornail

    Those are 2d barcodes, not 3d.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You are correct sir.

  • nEx.Software

    This might be the question I am most frequently asked as of late. I am going to start pointing people here. Great tutorial, and nice format.

  • rtx

    thanks for the vid. it’s helpful to new-to-android users like me.

    you have a brilliant site for all things android!

  • kodakjackson

    I have Cyanogen 4.0.1 and I don’t have these options. Am I doing something wrong.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      What options are you missing?

  • Dan

    This is a really helpful tutorial and I like the idea of the series. I guess all keyboards are a personal preference so it’s nice to have options. Also, I think TouchPal crashed my device (myTouch3g)

  • Nub

    Really stupid question, you don’t have to root your Android to use this do you?

  • Miguel

    Thanks Taylor, I’m testing it out now. :)


  • Jesse

    Very cool. Thanks alot. I hope to see more of these in the future.

  • roy

    Good video. Too bad that Touchpal is still a little buggy, because I would love to have a stable version of that one.

  • chuksy

    Excellent video….pls keep churning out the videos. There a lot of things that many of us are still oblivious to when it comes to our android phones. Keep up the good work.

  • Rory

    V.nice . Great idea for a 101 for beginers.

    also i have same brandnew wallpaper on me g1. amazing album and the artwork is great for phone screens

  • TheFoundry

    Great idea for a series of videos, I’ve actually recommended this website to people I deal with at work. (I work for a Sprint retailer, and with the launch of the Hero, the questions pile on quicker than I can answer).

    Love the Deja Entendu wallpaper. Definitely the best band I’ve seen live.

  • royster

    i just watched this video and cant find the app on the market, i have the barcode scanner and i scanned the code and it could not find it…any suggestions?

  • Fabian

    Same here. Guess they removed it from the market. It’s still downloadable from the cootek website but as this is a third party installation I would be quite careful..

    • http://Website jake

      Where on their site?