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How to update root apps with aTrackDog

I have been a big fan of aTrackDog since its first release.  It helps me keep all my apps up to date and I find it does a better job than the Market.  Users with rooted phones should pay special attention to aTrackDog because it can help you find updates for non-market apps.

Scanning for updates is easy.  New users can follow the steps below:

  1. Launch aTrackDog and wait for your application list to build.  Press Menu > Update App List to manually refresh the app list.
  2. Press Version Tracking > Strart Tracking to begin scanning for updates.
  3. When tracking has finished tap Close or press Back to return to your apps list.
  4. Review your application list for apps that have updates.  You should see an orange circle with an exclamation mark.
  5. Tap any app to see options for updating.  Use “Install from developer web site” for non-market root apps.

Without aTrackDog it can be hard to keep up with the latest versions of non-market apps.  For example, some custom builds of Android (ex. Cyanogen) come with extra apps like WiFi tether for root users.  Using aTrackDog, you can easily locate new versions and download the APK files directly to your phone.

Please note that just because a newer version is listed, this does not always mean you can download it.  This happens because of the way aTrackDog collects app info.  Many people who use aTrackDog also test and develop new apps.  If someone has a beta version of an app installed, aTrackDog will record that information and list it as the latest version.  I actually see this as a feature because it alerts me when new software is coming.

The aTrackDog website is also a helpful tool.  It takes all the app information collected by the Android client and uses it create the Most Popular list.  Users can filter apps by paid or free and get results for different time periods.  Since aTrackDog reports what is actually installed on Android phones, we use their data for our Top Selling Apps and Games list.

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  • mapin

    awesome, thanks! Using it now.

  • Jon

    I use this all the time. Its also quicker than the market or application menu for un-installing.

  • Tydiz

    This app drives me nuts sometimes, coming up with a bunch of inaccurate results the first time I run it(usually none of the apps it says to update, needs updating), but usually fixes itself on the second scan.

    WTF aTrack!!!!! lol actually I still like it, and use it a lot because I F’d up my market database and have a bunch of unmarked apps that may or may not need updating…I still have a hard time believing the results that come up in this app…Is there a fix out that allows you to refresh your market db? If there is, maybe I’ll do that and then just use aTrack as a second opinion :)

  • Ryan

    I never get the “Install from a developer website” option.

  • http://Website uzair

    same here im not getting the option “install from a developer website”
    may be difference in the version of software !

  • http://Website Ilan shulman

    I downloaded the latest version from the market but when I try to track versions it tells me that I am using an old server.