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Is the official Facebook app coming to Android today?

A month ago I thought an official Facebook app would never happen on Android.  Then out of nowhere, we began to see hints dropping that one was in the works.  Last week TechCrunch was able to confirm that not only was an official client on the way, but we might see it by week’s end.

The end of the week came and went and we are still without the app.  I kept thinking Facebook was waiting till the official launch of the myTouch 3G – August 5th.  As I write this the app is no where to be found on the Android Market, but that may change by morning.

Images have been spotted on the official Android Market website and provide another hint the app could appear at any moment.  There are three screen shots that show a widget, main feed, and writing on someone’s wall.

While you Facebook fans wait for the app to drop, come join our Android and Me Fan Page.  I’ll be real honest and tell you I don’t use Facebook much, but when the official app finally comes out I think I will start updating it more.  Heck, I had never used Twitter till a few months ago and now we have 2,500 followers.  If more people use Facebook, then I need to hop on that.

[via LeakDroid]

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  • Jarrod DellaChiesa

    Twitter is better, but almost everyone has a Facebook also! I’m excited to have a Facebook app, just as I get excited about new Twitter Apps!

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, I look forward to new Twitter apps too. I’m using I Tweet! but I want to checkout Tweeteev. I’ve seen early screens and it looks nice.

  • http://blog.gynecologistcobra.met Demi

    The other day, when I was still in Texas, I was at the T-Mobile store, updating my phone plan to accomdate the myTouch 3G’s needs, and I was playing around with one of the G1s, and I saw that it had Facebook Mobile installed. I checked the market a bit later, and noticed that this wasn’t like any of the applications already on the Market, so I doubt it was installed from there. I figured it was the new app that was supposed to come out this week.

    I took a picture of the icon, but not of anything inside of the application.

    And now that I’m in Germany, I’m looking for the HTC Hero. Nothing yet, but I have seen the Samsung Galaxy in multiple stores.

  • Ricky

    @Taylor: Ooo that twitter app looks really interesting! I hope it’s out soon.
    And I agree, I don’t use Facebook much but now I might start using it more when this app is out.

  • Pascal

    Hey Guys, their is many Twitter apps on Android !

    One of my favorite is Twitdroid

  • _Auron_

    I use it occasionally but I’d probably use it on my phone more once a decent app is out. The mobile version of the site is far too limited, and the full version chokes in Chrome on the phone, so it’d be nice to have a good app for it.

  • brybam

    See the facebook folder in the one screenshot? Maybe thats a “live folder” with your contacts or something. that would be cool.

    • TBro

      Looks more like a widget to me. But whatever it is, bring it on!

  • DroidHead

    Can’t wait to see this happen… I will be checking ever hour or so ….. :)

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  • Edward

    I think that the facebook app on the market by Browser is pretty good to just take care of the essentials.

    If you read the comments in the market, everyone is asking for FBook to come back and stuff….Let that be a lesson to everyone, if you keep insulting the dev’s on there projects they will problaby just call it quits and leave with there apps =(

  • roy

    What happened?

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