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Listen Up – Google releases podcast app for Android

Google quietly released their latest Android app today.  Listen from Google Labs brings podcast search, subscribe, download and stream to your Android phone.  Users can subscribe to podcasts and search terms to create an endless stream of content.  Currently the app only indexes English audio podcasts, but  Google mention’s on their site that support for video and other languages is in the works.

At this time Listen is only available for the Android platform.  I’m starting to doubt if it would even get approved for the iPhone App Store since it “duplicates the functionality” of iTunes.

I’ve downloaded the app and it looks clean for a version 1.0 release.  A search for “Android” quickly returned the AndroidGuys and MOTODEV podcasts.  You can subscribe to any show by clicking a star to add it to your favorites.  Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded to your SD card.  Listen places an icon in the notification bar during playback so you can have easy control access when using other apps.

There are several competing podcast apps already on Android, but most of them are paid.  Google is offering Listen as a free download and has raised the bar for other apps.  For more info, check out the Listen discussion group.

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  • foebea

    I’ve grabbed it as well, will let you know after a week how well it stacks up against BeyondPod which I have used up to know. I was suprised to see a google app with less than 50 downloads and only 2 ratings :D I expect that to rise shortly.

    • Gunderstorm

      That is exactly what I would like to know – how does it compare to the excellent BeyondPod?

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  • Falko

    It´s not available in the German market yet, what a shame…

  • roy

    Could someone send the apk to [email protected]?

    • Kristian

      Could someone please upload this app somewhere other than the market?

  • roy

    Could someone send the apk to [email protected]?
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  • Mailman

    Same here in belgium … It’s like the access to paying apps. Why the hell do they wait so long before launching it :s

  • gerard

    so far im liking it -nice thing about android is lots of new google toys

  • Robert

    I love the app, a couple of bugs that crashed it from time to time, but overall a nice thing.

    shame though that it’s not available in all markets.

    my review:

  • Kimberley

    I like how I can search for keywords for subjects and not just podcast names. I do wish they’d include a way for users to enter a podcast URL directly, however.

  • Randy Ksar

    very cool. Glad to see ppl can listen to our @motodev podcasts on their Android device. Also, UI is very simple and focuses on just a few key features: search, playing, and subscribing.

  • monsieurgrand02

    I’m trying to search for Listen on the Market and for some reason it isn’t showing up. I even scanned the 2d code from Google’s website and the search comes up empty. Did Google remove it already?

    • blee27

      Yeah i’m getting the same results, tried the qcode and i get no search results. tmobile G2, USA market.

  • monsieurgrand02

    It’s up on the market now. I just downloaded it a while ago. Very nice, simple app.

  • LeX

    all u guys complaining about the app not on ur market and what not … should use GOOGLE more… …. ur welcome :)

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  • Pirate Twin

    Google Listen version 1.0.2 is now available in Android Market.


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  • Elefante

    great app. no crashes, remembers where you left off on multiple casts/shows… SprintHERO

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  • http://Website Shayne

    Is there a PC version of this app too, so that you can download all the podcasts on your pc (not eating up your data plan) and syncing them with your android phone. (like itunes)


  • http://Website -sebstian

    Not available either for Chile. I just don’t get the idea of versions not available worldwide. I don’t care if it isn’t localized yet.

  • http://Website dude

    Did not recognize linux outlaws ogg feed. I promptly uninstalled.

  • Rusty Salin

    Google Listen is ok, but Onecast ( is way easier and faster to use.

  • Kizza

    Just tried Google Listen (Feb 2012), and tried to download Kermode and Mayo podcasts – the most recent podcasts it found were from 2010. Not very good!

    So I then tried the free trial of Doggcatcher and it found all the most recent podcasts.