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Mobile Systems OfficeSuite Viewer now available for Android

Mobile Systems, the leading mobile productivity and reference solutions developer, today announced the release of its award-winning OfficeSuite application for Android. It will enable millions of Android phone users to have quick and reliable access to their documents on-the-go.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the availability of OfficeSuite for the Android platform. We are releasing a viewer edition at a minimum price and a full version with premium features so that all Android users can take advantage of our flagship application “- said Nikolay Kussovski, Mobile Systems CTO. “The fully featured version will be available this Fall and we consider this to be a milestone in our 10 years of success in the mobile industry”.

The viewer edition offers opening and viewing of Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX) and Adobe PDF files. The software supports a wide-range of features including built-in file browser, rich text formatting, word count, custom zoom, opening of password protected files, landscape and portrait view modes, fit to screen options, full screen support and more.

The fully-featured OfficeSuite program with viewing and editing features will be available this Fall.

Pricing & Availability
OfficeSuite for Android can be downloaded and purchased directly from Mobile Systems home website as well as many retail and online stores including Android Market, and the network of Mobile Systems resellers worldwide. For more information and to download a free evaluation, visit

Any customer that has purchased a license key for the OfficeSuite Viewer will be entitled to a special discount for the complete OfficeSuite. For more information please contact our customer support team at [email protected]

MobiSystems OfficeSuite Viewer works with old and new Office formats.

MobiSystems OfficeSuite Viewer works with old and new Office formats.

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  • mapin

    Hmmm…not sure why one would choose this over Dataviz’s software which allows editing and saving on the device…. anyone know?

  • Jeroen

    People that just need a viewer. No matter how nice the dataviz product is, editing office documents on a mobile phone is terrible and masochistic.

  • Ranneko

    Anyone know how well this handles large, say 200-300 page PDFs with images?

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  • Futureboy

    How does this integrate with the gmail “preview” viewer? I had Documents to Go viewer, which installed itself as the default viewer when you preview attachments from gmail. I decided to uninstall it and it broke the gmail preview function. Any attempt to view a document (doc/xls/pdf/etc) resulted in an error and force close. I had to result to a factory reset to fix it.

    Does the viewer (or full version) offer itself as an option or does it install itself as the default viewer?

  • Bob

    Does this app allow shortcuts icons on the home screen for quik access to documents?

  • Senor VS


    How do you display a PowerPoint slides or PDF slides in Landscape mode.?

    Thanks in advance


  • Martin Rasmussen

    Where do I get my key number for what I just paid for. (OfficeSuite)