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Motorola Morrison specs – Next T-Mobile Android phone

Motorola will have two Android phones on sale this holiday season; Sholes on Verizon and Morrison on T-Mobile.  We gave you the Sholes specs yesterday and today we present Morrison(via a trusted tipster).  I’ll save the detailed analysis for another post and try to keep this about specs.  It looks like the Morrison will offer several advantages over the myTouch 3G.

  • CPU: Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz
  • Memory: 256MB RAM
  • Flash Rom: 512 MB
  • Memory Card Type: microSDHC, Class 6, 32 GB supported (max)
  • Display: 320×480 (HVGA)
  • Accelerometer: 3-axis, Four-way screen rotation
  • Magnetometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Voice Bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, W-CDMA 900/(1700 or 1900)/2100
  • Wireless Lan:  802.11 b/g, WEP, WPA, 802.11i (WPA2)
  • Bluetooth Version: 2.0 + EDR
  • Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, GAP, HFP 1.5, HSP, SDAP, SPP
  • USB: USB 2.0 High Speed, Micro USB connector
  • Headset Jack: 3.5mm, Stereo out, Mic
  • Camera Resolution: 5 megapixels
  • Image Capture Resolution (max): 2560×1920
  • Camera Features: Autofocus, White Balance, Geotagging, Color Effects
  • Camera Digital Zoom (max): 5.4x
  • Video Recording Resolution: 320×240 (QVGA)
  • Video Recording Frame Rate: 25 fps
  • Location Services: Standalone GPS w/ internal antenna, Assisted GPS, E-Compass
  • Email Protocols: POP3, IMAP4, Exchange ActiveSync
  • Email Attachment Support: QuickOffice v2 Viewer formats

The Motorola Morrison is rumored for an October 21st release date and has been spotted with the model number CLIQ MB200.

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  • nick c

    The specs look good :D i hope the picture that has been leaked is not the final design however, looks like those disney phones.

  • Dr.Jeckyl


    SWEET! I’ve been looking for a phone to finally support this. ;)

    • Joseph

      All, Android phones have had GeoTagging. Even my old Helio Ocean had it.

  • Eraser

    A little typo here: Camera Digital Zeoom (max): 5.4x
    Zeoom => Zoom

  • PhineasJW

    The proximity and ambient light sensors are interesting.

    I think the max camera resolution should read: 2560×1920.

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  • Phi

    Same CPU as the G1? Seriously????

    • x9f

      the g1, magic/mytouch, and hero all have the exact same cpu which sucks for hero because its such a great phone but could be better

    • Silan

      It does indeed sucks and i think we are alot waiting for SEs Android with Snapdragon cpu and a Tegra Android device.

      The thing is, though, that right now we have 2 mobiles with powerful cpus out (in westen europe where im located anyway), Iphone 3gs and Omnia hd/i8910, and both is ~$1000 . Both Magic and Hero is ~20% cheaper.

      Is it the cpu which changes the price? I dont know, im just making observations.

  • x9f

    i’m glad to have waited to not get mytouch, it will either be this, unlocked hero (US), galaxy, or any other worthy android phone for tmobile next year =D

  • kris

    i agree with Phi HELLA FAIL on the same cpu as G1 really Moto?

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  • rayner

    the form factor looks good, but the specs are fairly typical of the first gen android handsets. my rooted g1 is pretty satisfying so far. i’d upgrade to a new handset if it had at least a Snapdragon or Tegra or the Zii chip.

  • Georgie

    What!? It has the same CPU as the G1? Why oh why. Please tell me this some kind of typo.

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  • j

    Well, this looks quite nice actually. I’ll have to wait to see the type of touchscreen and size first. The screen real estate seems underused though.

    All these phones using the same CPU quite possibly use the same chipset too, which makes sense since they could all share/license the driver code to each other and get the phones out faster.

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  • Crypto

    If you want a phone as cheap as the G1 but Oh so much better in so many ways, then the Morrison is for you. If you want a Premier Phone, a flagship product that shows that Motorola’ Mobile Division is not yet ready to die then the Sholes is your baby.

    You will not be disappointed when they release these. And the Morrison looks a heck of a lot slicker than any of the photos shown recently.

    By the way, the Co-CEO, Jha, will only get paid his huge bonus in stock options that have a price of $10 a share, so the stock price has to go well above $10, say $15 or $20 for him to become super rich, and so he is doing everything he can to make all this money. I also seem to remember that his bonus has something to do with the company splitting and that probably cannot happen unless the stock price goes up too.

    All CEO’s in all companies should only be paid as much as the engineers as their base salary, and only then bonus pay IF the stock price goes up due to policies that they have implemented. I hate to see huge compensation packages that have nothing to do with how poorly they do their job.

    • brutek

      My guess is that you are from Motorola and are pushing this phone. If Libertyville keeps up the strangle-hold on Motorola China, these phones will not be enough to save the ship.

  • markie mark

    there’s a reason why all android phones use the same cpu. and its a valid one: it costs lotsa $$ to put android on another cpu. qcom also hasnt come out with an upgraded version of their msm7201a to make integration quick and painless.

    kids, this is the big leagues here, its the equivalent of porting osx from powerpc to i86. u dont do that on a whim. the mba types and bean counters will ask you why.

  • Paul S.

    The specs look good, but the bÃ¥ttery life and gui will lag Big Time with that 528 processor…just like the Hero and its’ Sense “experience” of wait, wait and more waiting..
    Truly enjoying the MyTouch experience compared to the G1!!!
    Maybe it’s a smaller move up than going with a snapdragon (what will That price out at???), but GeoBeagle, Waze and the Snappy Speed are just fine for me, and let’s not forget the wonderful comfort of the phone!!!

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  • WTFster

    I want a phone that has:
    big enough screen for old eyes
    loud enough speaker for old ears
    big enough qwerty keyboard
    real GPS moving map
    USB port
    bluetooth smart connectivity
    voice and call recording
    easy one hand night operation for recovering calls numbers etc.
    don’t want to pay for internet or any extra stuff.
    voice dialing and command
    a way to turn off extra bullshit that I don’t use
    For the love of god – No advertising!

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  • bob

    don’t forget that the Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz is actually a DUAL CORE CHIP. There is a dedicated APPS processor which is at 528MHz, and a 2nd processor running at 256MHz that handles all voice/data calls.

    Considering how operating systems like Windows 98 could run on 100MHz cpus, I don’t see why that can’t make Android operate zippy quick on 528MHz cpus.

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  • Crypto


    If you “don’t want to pay for internet” but you want “a real GPS moving map” then you would need to download a full map application and use the GPS in the phone with it, something like TomTom ( which I have on my Palm TX along with a Bluetooth GPS ).

    I saw TeleNav is now on Android ( ) but they want $10 per month to use it, so you may as well pay for Internet then…

    Sygic is another option, but seem to be charging $60 for the application and US maps, but it is not yet fully released on Android.

    MobileNavigator is coming to android too

    And I read somewhere that TomTom is also jumping on the Android train.

    Finally read this comparison between a standalone TomTom GPS and the TeleNav pay-as-you-go Android software:

  • brian

    i love all the things that this phone has, but my big concern is that Motorola is making it. Everyone remember the horrible SK Slide and the ridiculous battery fiasco? or the glitchy Rckr? or all the W490′s that randomly dial 7′s ad nausium? Moto hasn’t put out a decent phone for T-Mo in years, outside of perhaps the Razr2. I really want to like this phone. it has tons of great things features. i had a G1 and now have a myTouch and think the Android system is amazing. Just hope this phone doesn’t fall apart after a week.

  • Lior

    Looks like Motorola is bback in the game.
    Wow 2010 might be a MotoYear?

    Hope so.
    I miss them

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  • motorolaandroid

    We at can’t wait for the phones to come out!

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  • lordhong

    so Morrison gets a new name today: Cliq/Dext

  • Ponchman

    Android is the S-H-!-T!!!!!…Love the operating system, love the apps, love, love, love…. but seriously, what is up with the conservative amount of memory on the hardware that the phone makers are providing? Android has sooooooooooooo much potential and it really sucks that hardware specs on these phones limit what users can do on these phones. I mean, seriously…at least give us a gig of internal memory if you want to release another android phone with the same processor as the G1′s. Let Android spread its wings already, this thing rocks!!!! And please…provide a longer lasting battery than the G1′s… But all in all, the G1 is still an a$$ kicking phone, Android just needs to be taken to the next level…beyond iphone if possible… :)

  • http://Website ghost

    i hope the photo that was leaked out is really not the actually phn… great spec crappy phn design… considering all the other designs coming out. looks like were going back in time with the old phns…

  • http://Website zahara

    how much does this phone cost????

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