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Rumored Android dates for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon

Many Android phones have been delayed in 2009.  We have been expecting 15-20 new Android devices before year’s end and it appears most of them will launch near the end of Q4.  Finally we are beginning to see some unofficial dates, so I thought it was time to review all the rumors.


August 3, 2009 – HTC Lancaster


AT&T fans are hoping this phone is still coming.

This phone was first leaked by Engadget back in May and was supposed to be AT&T’s first Android offering.  Looking at the specs, it appears to be the same guts as all other HTC Android phones.  The target availability was listed as August 3rd, but no news has surfaced since then.

Included with the leak was the following note, “Initial Lab Entry dates were based on Google Mobile Services (GMS) UI, AT&T standard UI has been requested, which puts schedule in question.”  This tells me that AT&T might still be tweaking Android to their liking and this is most likely the reason for delay.

I don’t see tons of people rushing out to buy this phone, but I know many AT&T customers would like an alternative to the iPhone.  With the right price point (sub $100), I think it has the potential to enjoy the success of the G1.

Q4 2009 – HTC Hero

Engadget has reported the the HTC Hero has been approved by the FCC for AT&T 3G bands.  With time running out, it will be interesting to see how AT&T would launch both of these HTC phones together.

I expect we could see something similar to the way Rogers offered the HTC Dream and HTC Magic on the same day.  Two similar phones, but one with the keyboard and one without.


October 11, 2009 – HTC Hero


T-Mobile fans were sad when they found out no Hero for them.

Most Android fans are familiar with the HTC Hero by now.  The phone is currently available in the UK and has received positive reviews.  T-Mobile USA chose to pass on the Hero and went with the myTouch 3G as their flagship phone for 2009.

A leak started on XDA for the American release date of October 11th way back in April, but no carrier was mentioned.  The same leak revealed new information last week that led us to conclude the phone is headed to Sprint.  CDMA support is already appearing in the latest Android code and should be ready by October.

Recent rumors also suggest this might be the first Android phone with WiMax support on Sprint’s new 4G network.  Clearwire is working with Sprint in building the WiMax network and reported it will have service in 10 cities starting September 1.  One of those 10 cities in my hometown Corpus Christi, TX so I’m really crossing my fingers that this rumor comes true.

October 11, 2009 – Samsung Q


The Samsung m850 was leaked by Invisible Shield.

The same leak that told us Hero would come to Sprint also listed the “Samsung Q” as launching the same day.  CellPassion has reported that a new Samsung phone is coming with the model number M900.  The device pictured above is the M850 to give you an idea of what the phone might look like.

It’s also entirely possible that Samsung Q could refer to another device.  Samsung has a line of mobile internet devices called the Q-Series.  It has been suggested that Sprint is also testing WiMax devices for Samsung.  Check out the Mondi which was demonstrated at CTIA.  The device had Windows loaded, but would it really surprise you to see Android pop up?


October 21, 2009 – Motorola Morrison/Cliq


The Morrison captured by a Phandroid tipster.

The Motorola Morrison has been making more frequent appearances.  The above image leaked by Phandroid, appears to be the final hardware.  I recently did a wrap up of everything we know about this phone and I think it will be named the CLIQ when it finally goes on sale.

I predicted an October launch date and now a “trusted source” from DroidDeveloper claims the phone will hit October 21st.  Motorola is holding their MOTODEV Summit on October 6th and plans to preview upcoming devices.  I think it is entirely possible this phone could make its rumored date.

Q4 2009 – Samsung Bigfoot & Samsung Houdini

According to Samsung, they were supposed to have Android devices for Sprint and T-Mobile by Q2 2009.  That never happened, but they managed to launch the Samsung Galaxy overseas.  That same phone model, the i7500, has been approved by the FCC using T-Mobile’s 3G bands.

Most of us thought we would hear something by now, but that has not been the case.  T-Mobile had both phones listed on their leaked roadmap for 2009, but plans could have changed.  I expect we will eventually see the i7500 in one form or another, but there is no clue what the other device will look like.  There have been several leaked pics of the Bigfoot with each one looking like a different phone.


October, 2009 – Motorola Sholes


What CPU will power Sholes?

Verizon customers waiting for Android should keep their eye on Motorola.  It appears the rumored Sholes might be their only hope this year.  Motorola has confirmed they will have two devices on sale this holiday season for two major carriers.  As seen above, we think the Morrison on T-Mobile will be one device and the Sholes on Verizon will be the second.

The picture should come into focus by mid September.  There are no CPU specs, but I have been speculating it could be a Snapdragon based device.  Anonymous readers have suggested the CPU is the Texas Instruments OMAP 3430 — Same as the Palm Pre, but I find that hard to believe.

Bonus: Cellular South

Could the budget priced HTC Click find its way to Cellular South?

Could the budget priced HTC Click find its way to Cellular South?

We can’t talk about Android phones and leave Cellular South out.  This regional carrier recently announced it would offer an Android phone later this year.  They run a CDMA network that covers parts of Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

It remains to be seen what type of device they will sell.  Cellular South currently offers phones from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and LG who all have new Android phones coming.  My best guess would be the CDMA version Hero or maybe the low priced HTC Click.

I believe the regional carriers will play an important role in Android’s future and we will be bringing you further updates when we get them.

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  • Anon

    The M900 states InstinctQ in the OS, I have played with it.

  • anon1

    who is celular south never heard of him
    rip hero for tmobile =(

    Galaxy looks nice (Houdini)

    • http://Website Drew

      What is up with Tmobile not having any good phones! I have the Behold 2 and I don’t want another Scamsung phone. But it looks like all Tmobile does is bend over for Scamsung and offer cheap phones. I want a nice high end phone! Which carrier do i need to run to for that?

  • dbcad7

    “With time running out, it will be interesting to see how AT&T would launch both of these HTC phones together.”

    What time is running out ?

    I think that there are 2 issues here.. First, I think HTC is having problems meeting demand, and this is delaying launches.. Whether or not AT&T or Sprint win the Hero launch race.. is anyones guess.. However I will speculate that AT&T will launch first, because of the GSM tech is probably already setup for easy manufacture, if they haven’t already been made. . I have to think that the Lancaster’s are probably also already made, and sitting waiting for software to be loaded.. The customization AT&T wants to do is not rocket science… I fully expect to hear something in the next couple weeks from them, and for one or the other or both to be selling Mid September.. My own personal “time running out” is that that is as long as I am willing to wait on these “rumor phones”, and have set Sep 15th as m y patience limit, and I’ll just get a myTouch out of spite.

  • E

    As far as AT&T goes…I would be willing to bet the Lancaster might not even get launched in favor of the Hero. Why?

    Yes, there is that slide indicating that the Lancaster is coming to AT&T but there was no slide mentioning anything about the Hero and then BAM! – FCC approval. Also, HTC hasn’t announced that Lancaster phone yet. When was the last time HTC made a phone for one specific (United States) carrier that it did not announce to the rest of the world first? I can only think of the G1 and that was a big deal due to it being one of the first ever Android phones.

    The confidentiality agreement requested by HTC in regards to the Hero would run out around November, so my guess is AT&T will spread out the releases of the Touch Diamond2, Touch Pro2, and Hero between now and then.

  • darjama

    So far the Moto Sholes is the only Android phone that appeals to me, though I wish it was on t-mobile instead of verizon.

    What about the Moto Heron? Haven’t heard about that one in a while.

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  • http://Website Droid

    I ask, somewhat rhetorically, why all these “smart” phones are limited to a single carrier? If they are so “smart,” why don’t they work across carriers?! I currently have a plan with Sprint because they are the only carrier to provide a cell signal at my home. But I plan to move next year and may switch to another carrier at that time. So why would I buy a new phone now that is limited to just one carrier? These phone makers are losing so much potential buy locking into a single carrier.

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