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Sprint Android phone pics leaked – Samsung InstinctQ

Our friend Rob from Phandroid had a tipster send in new pics of the Samsung InstinctQ which is headed to sprint.  We reported in our rumored Android dates article that this phone was expected to land October 11th, but some sources are claiming it won’t launch till November.

The Samsung InstinctQ joins the HTC Hero as the two phones that are rumored for Sprint.  If this proves to be true, Sprint customers will be able to choose between a full qwerty keyboard phone (Samsung) or a slimmer model with touch screen only (HTC).  Which phone will come first remains a mystery.  Sprint has officially said they would have at least one Android phone in 2009, but has not specified the details.

No specs have been leaked for the Samsung InstinctQ, but I hope it receives an update over their previous phone the Galaxy.  This is only Samsung’s second offering so I wouldn’t expect much.  We have seen other manufacturers like HTC release three Android phones with the same processor.

The Samsung InstinctQ could be the first Sprint Android phone.

The Samsung InstinctQ could be the first Sprint Android phone.

We can see from the photos that the InstinctQ features a directional pad instead of the traditional trackball we have come to expect.  I have no preference over either input method, but I think the trackball offers more control when playing games.  It looks like talk and end have their own physical buttons, but home, menu, and back are touch controlled.  Also absent is the search button we have seen on the front of newer Android phones.

Sprint fans should also be happy to see the Google apps installed on this phone.  In our last Sprint Android phone recap, some people were worried about Sprint and other carriers crippling the Android OS.  You can also see a new voicemail icon in several of the pics.  This leads me to believe Sprint will offer their own visual voicemail similar to what we have from T-Mobile.

It has been a long wait, but Sprint customers definitely have something to look forward to this holiday season.  With the recent news that Sprint is expanding their 4G network to 20 markets this year, it is a good time to be with Sprint.  If they offer a 4G handset soon, I would consider switching since my city gets WiMax/4G on September 1st.

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  • Christian S.

    If that’s the final version of the “Bigfoot” … what a shame – and I’m definitely not buying that ugly motherf…..

    • Chiller

      guys this isnt the first android…the HTC Hero is…and and names not Samsung InstictQ it’s the Samsung Moment which comes out Nov. 1

  • SDscorch

    are you frigging KIDDING?? this just catapulted to my NUMBER ONE choice!!

    love love LOVE the hw qwerty – love the button arrangements (hero’s button design is…. gay!) – just love it all around!

    gotta find out the internal specs though – but even if its the same as a MT3G i think i could put up with it

    this is looking like its the front-runner for me!

  • Lemon

    So wtf happened to Bigfoot?

    I always thought there was something a little wrong with this leak:

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Bigfoot first appeared on T-Mobile’s roadmap I believe. We could still see the device later this year, but I would be surprised.

  • ptc

    I think the Lancaster was the sharpest looking phone yet. I’m a little torn between the Hero and this Samsung. Dig the hard keyboard, but that Hero is slick…

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  • jb

    This phone looks awesome.I don’t like htc sense ui, it just looks hard to use and and cluttered. I still might get the htc hero though just because it has multitouch on its browser. If this has multitouch i am definitely getting.

  • tom

    I saw and touched it to day — I was going to get a Palm Pre but this was being shown to the troops so I am waiting.
    This is what I was told — expect it out on Black Friday, November 27th. It will have 32GB on board with the ability to handle a 32GB SD card. The screen looks awesome for browsing and viewing Youtube videos even on EVO (El Paso dosn’t have much 3G) are impressive. The keyboard is very usable even by the most fat fingured among us compared to the Treos or Pre. The price was guessed at about $230.00/w 2yr contract. The screen resolution is unknown but it is better than 1000 pixles wide though it can’t be more than 400 high. It is a little thick but if you have a Treo it will seem thinner.
    I will now wait again for this to come out. I want two! My Lady gets one also.

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