• gco

    Note: this version does NOT work with customized ROMs (cyanogen, JF, etc.) so do not update to it unless you’re running the stock ROM.

  • Deus Invictus

    I had a rather curious glitch with the Overage Alerts. I have 300 anytime minutes, and myfaves.

    I turned on the alerts for 75% usage, and it told me I had hit it when I had used 28 of my 300 minutes.

    I wonder if that alert was also tracking my myfave minutes?

  • http://bioselement.com Bios Element

    Who cares? They went out of their way to break it for rooted phones.

  • Wayne

    My wife’s G1 has the live chat feature…they said they are testing it out so not all phone’s have it.

  • PJW

    As others have mentioned, this app not only weighs in at 1.67MB, but is now completely broken for rooted phones.

    On that note: if T-Mobile *deliberately* broke this for rooted phones it’s an ABSURD maneuver. No one is going to “un-root” their phone just for this app. No one. So, what was the point — they wanted to piss off otherwise happy customers?? We don’t need T-Mobile trying to prove they’re as dumb as all the other carriers.

    Hopefully it was unintentional.

  • PurplePenguin04

    Something else to note, almost all the features of this app do not work with a flexpay account. You can see how many minutes you’ve used and that’s it. all other info will either show up wrong or not at all.

  • mrbo

    I have this app working fine with Cyanogen ROM. The only thing necessary to get it working is to modify the build.prop file in /system changing these lines:

    ro.product.model=T-Mobile G1

    If you’re running a rooted G1, you should know how to do this, but if not, go search the xda-developers forum.

  • http://www.deebster.com Deebster

    This doesn’t show up here in the UK Android market. Is this a USA-only app?

  • johnnymcnugget

    Can someone post a QR code whenever talking about new apps in the Android Market? At least until Google updates the market and makes it easier to find them. Thanks.

  • Sean Hodges

    Still not available for the UK (and probably all the others who couldn’t get the last version)

    As a fan of androidandme, I do wish they were just a little considerate for their international readers. A simple sentence like “currently only available in the U.S.” would avoid everyone searching the market and being disappointed

  • SB

    Tmobile is messing up by not updating their other android phones. I have a G1 and I am not pleased that the G1 hasn’t been updated as well.

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