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T-Mobile updates Android phone data plans

T-Mobile has decided to update their data plans for Android phones.  Gone is the $24.99 plan that included unlimited data and 400 text messages.  It has been replaced with a newer plan that is the same price, but does not include any text messages bundled in.  The $34.99 plan remains unchanged and still includes unlimited data and unlimited text.

The following is the latest pricing from T-Mobile:

Data Plans

  • Unlimited Web:  $24.99
  • Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages:  $34.99

Text Messaging Plans

  • 300 Domestic Messages:  $4.99
  • 1000 Domestic Messages:  $9.99
  • Unlimited Domestic Messages:  $14.99
  • Unlimited Domestic Messages for Families:  $24.95

It appears the changes are only taking place for new T-Mobile customers.  Existing customers will be allowed to keep their $24.99 plan with 400 text messages.  There is no official word if the older plans with 400 messages will eventually be phased out.  We are waiting to hear from T-Mobile and will updated you if we get a response.

With the new plans in place, customers who choose the lower $24.99 plan and want basic texting can add on the 300 messages for $4.99.  This brings their monthly total to $30.  I’m sure T-Mobile will just use this as an opportunity to upgrade you to the $34.99 plan to get unlimited texting.  Overages for text messages are still running at $0.20 per message.

The $25 plan no longer includes 400 text messages.

The $25 plan no longer includes 400 text messages.

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  • mistical

    This seems kind of ridiculous for T-Mobile to do. I’ve been a tmo customer for many, many, many years and loyal to them. Kind of shocks me and pisses me off for them to do this when they are one of the better priced cellular companies around.

    While I am on the $34.99 plan for my G1, my brother is on the Sidekick LX plan with $24.99. Since we are existing, I know at the moment this does not effect him and if it ever does, T-Mobile can go to hell since I will not get changed.

    That is if in fact that were to effect the Sidekick LX plan. I can only imagine it would or else people could just say that they had a Sidekick LX and pay the $24.99 instead of $29.99.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Sidekick plans have been updated as well.

      $25 for unlimited web
      $35 for unlimited web + messaging

  • Hola

    It doesn’t say… does it still require to come with voice plan or are they finally allowed data plan only like T-Mobile Sidekick?

  • mr man

    Thank god for google voice huh

  • Yaniv C

    Mistical, if you’re a loyal customer for so many years, why don’t you just get their “loyalty” plan. That’s what I have and its amazing.
    1 line: $50 a month for unlimited talk and voice $35 for unlimited web and text.
    2 lines: $45 a month per line.
    3 lines: $45 a month for 1st 2 lines and $40 for the 3rd.

    I’ve got 3 lines with them. All with unlimited talk/web/text and I pay a total of $235 for all 3. That’s a bargain!

  • nEx.Software

    The chances the T-Mobile will phase anyone off of their current plan is probably unlikely, from my experience. I had my first T-Mobile plan for 8 years, 7 of which that plan was no longer being offered. When I got my G1, I finally updated. :)

  • kyle

    I just spoke with TMobile, and that is only for new customers coming in. The new plan enables you to use the visual voicemail app when “switching over” to the new plan. If you previously had the 25$ g1 plan w/400 txts, you will not lose the 400 txts. They are grandfathered in.

  • Tommy Hunsaker

    I called in the other day to get the visual voicemail app, and the guy said that there were no additional charges to my account to switch from the G1 to the “Android” plan, visual voicemail works great.

    This particular plan change doesn’t bother me much as I already have the unlimited messaging for families, so my 400 msgs weren’t even counted…I don’t like the increase but I like that it was split up, othwerwise I feel like I’m paying for something that I don’t get to use.

    I love T-Mobile for letting us grandfather in our existing plan, its $20 less than the equivalent plan with 200 more minutes.

    I sure hope Tmo continues to make the android plans worth our money.

  • Tyler

    I’m not sure if this is true. I called T-mobile to activate my Visual Voicemail, and they put me on the Android Web + 400 messages plan for $24.99. This is the exact same price as their previous Unlimited Web + 400 messages plan.

  • Hola

    Anybody know if it required voice plan with data plan or not?

    Before this announcement, they told me it required voice plan regardless which not benefit deaf community. This post doesn’t say anything…sigh.

  • Anthony

    I never had 400 free messages. What gives?

  • j_norton

    This is just in my experience, but t-mobile usually allows people with “grandfathered” plans to keep them indefinitely until they change it, and those plans become unavailable except those who had them. I’ve been with them about 4 years and had that happen a few times, but they let me keep it as long as I wanted (as far as I know, since I changed plans of my own free will when I did it)

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  • William Furr

    I added another G1 line to my account two weeks ago for my brother. I was able to get him on the $25/mo. unlimited data + 400 messages plan. Then again, this was an additional line on my existing account, so it may have been grandfathered in or the customer service rep just didn’t want to argue with me over it.

  • Glen M

    Sounds like they know they are going to get a influx of new customers this week. So its time to screw them. I wanted to be one of those new customers, part of the reason I was going to go with the android phone is the cheaper data when compared to AT&T. I mean now there is almost no difference, except you get a smaller network, and a phone that does not quite match up to the iphone. Frustrating move by T-Mobile.

  • ross

    If you are using Google Voice which gives you SMS why would you pay additional $ for SMS?

    • ross

      Oh forgot Google Voice also has visual voicemail……

  • Fgutz

    I currently have the old $24.99 plan that comes with the 400 texts… so if I switch to the new Android $24.99 plan, i’ll still keep my 400 text msgs?

    Also, has anyone used the Visual Voicemail? I was reading through the comments in the Market and I saw that people were complaining that it didn’t sync. You still had to call your voicemail to delete them. Deleting them in the program doesn’t delete them in the dial-in voicemail. That’s what I read, by a number of people.

  • Bill

    I’ve been with T-Mobile when they were VoiceStream and prior to that, PowerTel and to date there are users who have the $2.99 Unlimited T-Zones which later became T-Mobile Web $5.99 and is today Web2Go $9.99. I’m not aware of anybody who has their plans terminated by force let alone put into a more expensive plan by whatever name it’s called.

    I’ve been giving the MyTouch3G some thought and while I prefer Windows Mobile OS and the TouchPro2; T-Mobile has put it’s financial stake into the MyTouch3G and the $199 price with 2 year extension is very, very attractive now that the TouchPro2 with it’s $349.99 price is now available.

    Don’t tell me T-Mobile isn’t paying attention to what Verizon and AT&T are doing with their data plans; they are. It’s a hard sell for someone like myself who pays $5.99 for the internet and it works on every device to contemplate paying $24.99 for the exact same level of service.

    Now unless someone has T-Mobile’s June 2009, not June 2008 Terms & Conditions, who wants to tell me that my plan is not a data plan when it works?

    I’ve been with TM and Company, 12 years and trust me when I say, I’m frustrated by what appears to be a company that acts no different than it’s 3 bigger brothers when it use not to be this way. There’s no getting around the formula revenue per customer and sugar coating it into whatever they think we’re dumb enough to fall for.

    • A-Ron

      What are you talking about?

  • Alana

    I ran out of texts last month so I upgraded to the $35 unlimited txt g1 plan. I was going to do it just for one month and go back to the $24 with 400 texts plan next month (they’ve let me do it a bunch of times). Turns out I can’t now. I didn’t know they made these changes and now I’m stuck with the $35 plan…. :(

  • Aswede1013

    I have been with T-Mobile since day one of voicestream in the pacific northwest as soon as i saw the 600 min with unlimited nights and weekends 500 forwarding min 50 free incoming msgs i added the $2.99 tzones data at that time i have upgraded my handsets myself, i had a Sony Ericsson K790a and before that a SE Z600 and b4 that a Ericsson T39 with the $2.99 rate when my K790 finally gave up i bought a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10i and didn’t tell T-Mobile so i am on the godfathered rate and have never had a problem witj it and or with T-Mobile i don’t have to call them, i just keep my service to my self.

  • gfrviderewy