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Textecution for Android disables texting while driving

Textecution is a new application for Android that completely disables texting while driving.  The software is designed for parents to install on their teenage driver’s phone so they know their child is safe behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.  Textecution works by quietly running in the background and monitoring the phone’s movement.  When the app recognizes the phone is traveling over 10 mph, it disables the texting feature so that no messages can be sent or received.

When riding as a passenger, users can request a special permission to use texting features.  This process works by sending a text message to the Administrator’s account that allows them approve or deny the request.  In addition to texting, Parents can also block web browsing, email, instant messaging, and YouTube.

The app sounds like a great idea, but with Android you can’t block applications from being removed.  This means the responsibility remains on the parent to make sure the app stays installed.

Textecution is currently available in the Android Market for $9.99.

We all know that texting and driving is stupid, but I understand the temptation.  Studies show 46 percent of drivers ages 16 to 17 admit to texting while driving.  If this app could prevent a single accident, then I guess its worth the price.

I’ve made several jokes about texting and driving, but I realize it’s no laughing matter.  The following public service announcement video from the UK is a gruesome reminder on the dangers of texting and driving.  It will definitely make you think twice before grabbing your phone next time you are in the car.

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  • Will Shaver

    Public transit?

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  • Ranwanimator

    I assume that this uses GPS to determine speed. I suppose the collateral is the GPS will suck the battery down so fast they won’t be able to use their phone at all. What happens if the teen turns of GPS? Will the app turn it right back on? This seems similar in it’s failure to that “Private Eye” app that was mentioned (and then unmentioned) a few days ago.

  • Frink

    What happens if your child is a passenger in a car? Or riding on a bus, or a train? They can’t use their phone?

    And if your kid has their own Android phone, I’m sure they know how to uninstall applications.

    Really stupid idea

  • Edward

    God damn video scared me!


  • Claudio

    … why let kids drive anyway? In European states kids are not allowed to drive cars!

  • thepeng

    Great now im too scared to drive home. Sheesh