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Top selling Android apps and games for July 2009

Welcome back to our monthly report of the top selling Android applications and games.  We like to track the most popular mobile software to see if we can identify any trends in the Android world.  The official Android Market is misleading with their most popular list, so we grab our stats from aTrackDog.  Let’s get to the lists and see what’s hot.

Top 10 Applications

Rank Previous Game Price Developer Review
1 (1) Advanced Task Manager $0.99 Arron La CNET
2 (2) Snap Photo Pro $0.99 Bratag Coming Soon
3 (4) MyBackup Pro $2.99 RerWare Coming Soon
4 (3) Power Manager $0.99 X-Phone Yes
5 (6) Bluex $1.98 Xela AndroSoft Coming Soon
6 (5) Open Home $3.99 Better Android Coming Soon
7 (9) Better Keyboard $2.99 Better Android Coming Soon
8 (7) Better Cut $1.99 Better Android Coming Soon
9 (8) Documents to Go $19.99 DataViz Yes
10 (…) Weather Widget $1.49 Android Apps Coming Soon

Advanced Task Manager remained the most popular paid application.  The Android OS is still sluggish at times and having a task manager allows you to easily kill background processes and speed up your phone.  I expect this app to remain at the top for some time to come.

MyBackup Pro temporarily lowered their price from $4.99 to $2.99 and jumped into the top 3.  The app allows you to schedule backups for your applications, contacts, call log, bookmarks, smsmms, system settings, desktop shortcuts, alarms, dictionary and more.  MyBackup Pro is also allowing other developers to integrate their engine to backup other data.

Bluex jumped a spot to number 5.  As long as Android lacks support for Bluetooth file transfer, this app will remain on many phones.

Dropping off the list was aHome.  The developers mAPPn have re-branded the app as FreshFace and are offering it for free.  It is now part of the official T-Mobile AppPack.  Early reviews are mediocre at best.  It appears home replacement apps in general are starting to lose their appeal.

Top 10 Games

Rank Previous Game Price Developer Review
1 (1) Robo Defense $2.99 Lupis Labs Yes
2 (2) Nesoid $2.99 yongzh Video
3 (4) Snesoid $2.99 yongzh Video
4 (6) Labyrinth $4.93 Illusion Labs Coming Soon
5 (5) Abduction! World Attack $2.00 Phil Symonds Coming Soon
6 (3) Jewellust $2.95 Smartpix Games Video
7 (7) Gensoid $2.99 yongzh Coming Soon
8 (…) Gameboid $3.99 yongzh Coming Soon
9 (…) Buka $2.50 Hexage Yes
10 (8) Retro Defense $4.99 Larva Labs Yes

At the top of the games is Robo Defense once again.  In the early days of Android, there were 4-5 tower defense games in the top 10 and it appears Robo Defense has won that battle.  Lupis Labs has produced a definite hit and I’m anxious to see what game they turn out next.

The lack of quality games has led the way for emulators to once again dominate the list.  Developer yongzh now has 4 of the best selling titles.  He recently updated each emulator to include on screen controls so myTouch 3G users can enjoy all their favorite old titles from previous platforms.  Rumor has it his next release will be a PSX emulator and I expect that to instantly jump to the top 10 when it comes out.

Abduction holds its spot at number 5.  This game gets more updates than any I know and remains popular among its fans.  Developer Phil Symonds has since released a free title Milky Milky and reports that he is also working on a completely new game.

I’m proud to see Buka back in the mix.  I was a big fan of this game when it first came out, but it had some small issues.  The developer Hexage recognized this and released several updates to improve the game.  Replay value has been greatly extended with the new survival game mode that includes an online leaderboard.

If you still haven’t played Buka, check out this speedrun from one of the later levels.

Note:  These stats from from aTrackDog which reports installed apps on users phones.  It can be hard to judge an app on total number of downloads because many users uninstall their apps.  This data reports what is currently installed on phones and gives a more accurate picture.  Visit the aTrackDog site for more information.

Install aTrackDog to support your favorite developers.

Install aTrackDog to support your favorite developers.

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