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Twidroid Pro launching premimum Android Twitter client today (updated with screens)

Twidroid just announced that the Pro version of their Android client will be available later today.  Their free client also received major revamp and has been updated to version 2.5.1.  As with most major updates, we suggest doing an uninstall first and then a clean install of the latest version.

The Pro version offers the following enhancements over the free version:

  • Multi-account support (merged and single view)
  • Desktop widget
  • Native support
  • Video posting
  • List your followers and friends
  • Themes
  • New black icon
  • Integrated buzz viewer, courtesy of twittersphere

Twidroid Pro will sell for EUR 3.39 or about USD 4.89.  This is about twice the price of other paid Twitter clients like I Tweet!, but we will wait till we get our hands on the app before passing judgment.  As of this posting, the app is not on the Android Market but should be published soon.

It also appears that Twidroid has landed some deals with a carrier or handset maker.  Their site is reporting that Twidroid will come preloaded on future Android devices.  We will have to wait and see what partnerships get announced.

Let us know if you download and install the new Twidroid or Twidroid Pro.  I currently use I Tweet! as my Twitter client, but I’m always looking for new software.  I really like the idea of having a merged view for multiple accounts.  This is a feature that I Tweet! does not currently support.  The ability to apply themes is also a feature I’m looking forward too.

Update – Clark’s first impressions

I didn’t have a chance to fully explore all the features so please don’t take this as a final review, but I thought until we could get a full article up I’d post some screens and quick thoughts to tide you guys over.

Pros: The interface is looking really clean (tweets are the main focus, the UI and nav do a good job of not getting in the way). It has multi-account support (a must for today’s webmaster). It has a nice profile view (and lets you see your friends and followers). The devs seem like awesome guys (I really have no idea if thats true but while waiting for the app to release I checked out both of their sites and other endeavors and they seem like active dudes).

Cons: If you’ve already decided you don’t prefer Twidroid, this isn’t going to change your mind. The price ($4.84) is way too expensive. The widget doesn’t work. The notifications are wonky (I’ve tried to disable them a half dozen times now and it keeps going off, saying I’ve missed 20 DMs or 36 tweets at a time). The home display is weird (at the bottom of the tweet list, instead of an option to load more tweets, they display your DMs, even if they are months old). Below are some screens I capped to show you guys the new interface and features. After a first look, I think I’ll be sticking with I Tweet but I’ve still got some investigating to do.

[Thanks omgjoz]

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  • Gerto Ibutza

    Twidroid is the emperors new clothes.. What’s so great about is? Everybody is using it yeah, but it’s inconsistent, illogical, ugly.. I could go on..

    Get something proper..

    • Clark Wimberly

      I completely agree. I ditched Twidroid months ago but felt like I should give the Pro version a shot. A great effort but definitely not worth the premium price.

  • androidawg

    Just updated. The free ver got a makeover as well. There is multi account support, but no themes or new icon. It does look different though. I like.

  • nEx.Software

    I am still not compelled to pay for a Twitter app.

  • Quentyn K.

    I too was a Twidroid -> I Tweet! convert. Sad to say I am now an I Tweet! -> Twidroid Pro convert. I Tweet devs are very responsive, but slow in getting updates out and quick to dismiss any issues you have. Anything wrong with the app must be a user error or an error on twitter’s end. Half of the time, I’d open the app and get maybe the first 10-15 tweets, but the Load More button would simply be absent. No explanation, no reason, just not there, and the I Tweet! dev came at me as if I were doing something wrong.

    I like the new Twidroid, and the pro features matter enough to me to make me switch. I like the ability to change the theme (the black theme fits better with my personal taste in design), Multi account support is crucial because of my site, I value the ability to see my followers and friends, change my profle picture and the widget is a nice touch. Well worth it to me, but i understand why it would be for others

  • Ricky

    I was really excited about it, and I did buy it. Will keep it.
    But I was VERY disappointed by how the UI is on the settings, and for replying. It looks really basic and messed up.
    They need to fix the settings page also. Standard android UI on an app we pay for??

  • Alex

    Does anyone have any screenshots/videos of the ‘colour themes’ in action? I’d personally love some kind of dark theme.

  • Franklin

    The themes don’t change the colors of the buttons at the bottom. They stay blue. Auto-completion for DMs never worked for me, and still doesn’t. I would expect the possibility to define different notification signals for regular tweets, mentions and DMs.

    I am not convinced. Not convinced at all. I’m probably going for a refund.

    • Quentyn K.

      You’ll need to exit the application and relaunch it after switching a theme to get the rest of the app fully skinned. Stuipd, I know, but afterward your app (including the bottom navbar, the tweet box, and everything else) will be skinned to the color you chose.

  • Daniel Steiger

    I was really excited about it, and I did buy it. Will keep it.
    But I was VERY disappointed by how the UI is on the settings, and for replying. It looks really basic and messed up.
    They need to fix the settings page also. Standard android UI on an app we pay for??;. All the best!!

  • Frosty

    Having the notifications pop up even though i turned it off is infuriating.

  • Jeremiah

    I’ll stick with I Tweet. Even if it’s ugly.