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Twidroid set to release premium Twitter client for Android

There are dozens of Twitter clients for Android, but Twidroid is easily the most popular.  I was a big fan of the app when I first started using Twitter and proclaimed it was The best Android Twitter client.  Since then, I have moved on to the paid app I Tweet! for its multi-account support.

I was pleased today when I found out Twidroid will now offer a Pro version with enhanced features.  Among the new additions is multiple logins, which has me thinking I’ll give it another try.  I Tweet! works great, but the developers haven’t updated it in awhile and I’m looking for something with even more features.

Some of the new additions include:

  • Multi-account support
  • Video posting
  • Desktop widget
  • support
  • Follower listings
  • Interface themes

I’m also interested to see how the themes work.  It would be really cool to customize the look of your client.  We created some Better Keyboard skins and would probably do the same for Twidroid after we see how it works.

No price has been announced for Twidroid Pro yet.  The developer reports “Please bear with us as we’ll provide further details of Twidroid Pro as well as strategic partnerships with Android software and device manufacturers in the upcoming weeks”.

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Twidroid Pro will offer enhanced features like multiple logins.

Twidroid Pro will offer enhanced features like multiple logins.

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  • jakob

    I dont need skins and multiple accounts, but and video sound nice. If its $5 or less, I think I would buy it.

  • Jeremy

    The single most important “feature” they could add is making it not the slowest app ever. I gave it up a while back for lower quality alternatives simply because I can get in, read my tweets, and get out before Twidroid is even up and running.

  • Jon

    It’s soooooo slow! I switched to TwitterRide for a much faster and better looking experience. Those pro features don’t appeal, especially when I know how slow Twidroid can be.

    Fingers crossed Tweetdeck is working on an Android app.

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  • Ryo

    I hope they keep up the free version.
    Twitter is fun for me, and I don’t need that new stuff…
    Video? I use Qik.
    Desktop widget? No room for it.
    Multi-Account? I dont have a split personality :)
    Themes: nice… support? Whatever…

    Lucky that there are already some other free clients to run to. No offense. It#s okay and the ones you really need this features, it’s absolutely okay to buy it. But I#m afraid that the free version is just jumping the shark after a while, and not going to be maintained proper.
    And it need updates badly. Still no auto-clear cache or limit, could be much faster… No complains when free, but no way to pay without some REAL improvements.