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Where is the Facebook app for Android? UPDATED

Ever since posting screen shots of the Facebook app, we have received daily emails asking “Where is it?”  Facebook has confirmed to several sites the app was coming soon, but there was no official release date given.  As of this writing, Facebook is still absent from the Android Market.

More reported sighting are still coming in.  Several people have told me they saw Facebook loaded on demo phones at T-Mobile stores.  Here is a report we received today from one of our readers (thanks MRO).

I was in a T-Mobile store today to check out the new MyTouch phone and noticed a “Facebook” icon in the apps list.  When I clicked on it, it had a login screen for a facebook username/password.  I did not test it any further because I wasn’t about to type my credentials into a demo phone, but I did find it odd that the phone even had this app because the last I heard was that some screenshots had leaked out and everyone was waiting for it to become available.

Anyway, I’ve attached a picture I took of the phone with the Facebook icon in the apps list.  I forgot to take a picture of the login screen, but if it’s on the demo phones in the T-Mobile stores, I’m sure someone else will notice it and try it out.

Facebook spotted in a T-Mobile store.

Facebook spotted in a T-Mobile store.

Given everything I have seen, it appears the app is finished and ready to go.  I have no idea why it has not been released and it would not surprise me to find it on the Market next time I check.  If it doesn’t appear soon, I bet someone will pull it off a demo phone and then distribute it.  Hmmm, maybe it’s time for a trip to T-Mobile.

Also, for those of you who were doubting the leaked screens from last week – they came from Google.  I left off the URL, but I guess there is no harm in sharing it.  Maybe someone can play around with it and reveal some new information.

Here you go:

Update: I facebook-smremember I found the Facebook icon last week and it follows the official Android icon guidelines.  You can see it pictured at the right.  The app icon pictured above does in fact belong to the unofficial Facebook Lite.  I found the official icon at

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  • Michael Martin

    The Android Facebook app should be announced officially on Monday (if not later in the week) then distributed fully in the Android Market.

    ,Michael Martin

    • james

      Another accurate prediction Michael ;-)

  • Nick

    I noticed the Facebook app on a myTouch 3G demo unit at the T-Mobile store yesterday, but I don’t think it’s the official Facebook app that we have been waiting for. I checked the “My Downloads” on the market and found that the app installed is the Facebook app by Browser which is nothing more than the iphone facebook page in a fancy browser.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The app by “Browser” is Facebook Lite and has a different icon. I don’t think that is what we have pictured above. My guess is the app was preinstalled so it would not show up in the “My Downloads” list.

      • Larry

        Nope, the app by “Browser” and is indeed just called “Facebook”. I have it installed right now, and the icon & name look exactly like the screenshot above.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          I am wrong and you are correct. I just remembered I posted the Facebook icon last week and it is different.

  • dhood

    The app icon does not look to clean. If you look closely around the edges of the icon you can see a black square outline surrounding it. I’m sure if it was official, then facebook would release a much cleaner icon.

  • Kevin

    I have the Facebook Lite app, and it has the exact same icon. I just held my phone up to that picture and compared them. The Facebook Lite icon just says Facebook, like the picture. Facebook Lite is probably on the demo phones so that when customers are briefly playing around with the phones, they assume there is an official Facebook app out there already, as the person sending in this picture assumed.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You are right. I downloaded the lite app and did the same thing. I found the real icon and added it to the story. I hope this clears up any confusion.

      • Kevin

        Thanks Taylor. Let’s hope the real app comes out soon!

  • Jeff S

    Ouch, their in-store demo phone is on EDGE. :(

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    My local t-mo store only has edge also. 3g in northern california is limited. Should be around Q4 09 or so.

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  • alex

    i found a facebook app in the market. i think its just recent and it has the same logo by IRC web agency

  • Daniel

    Consider yourselves lucky (in the US) as us Canadians don’t have any real demo phones for the HTC Magic or Dream at all in any stores. All we get are the fake plastic phones which no one could care less about.

  • Ryan

    Just to clarify — There isn’t a way for a T-Mo demo phone to have an app that is not on the Market. T-Mo demo phones d/l apps from the same place everyone else does.

  • JB

    Its Friday, and no new news or sign of this app, yet there’s one developed for twitter for android?

  • Chad

    Just to clarify– That’s simply not true, Ryan. You can actually download non market apps and install them on your phone. TeleNav is a perfect example. Also, there was an early version of the app Sherpa that was leaked and people were able to download the .apk file, load it on the the sd card and install it. While I do not believe that any demo phones have the app, it is very possible that T-Mobile could have a version of the app available for it’s demo phones.

  • freddayyy

    its august 21st and theres still no facebook app!!! what the FLIP is going on?!?!??!
    when is Google gonna announce theyre app?!?!?!
    im seriously getting frustrated!

  • mistermystereee

    I agree, this was announced unofficially weeks ago. I’m starting to doubt its release.

  • JB

    Anyone have any answers? Anything to offer us who have been patient? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Will

    ^^^GOLDEN response.

    Yeah, this is a really needed app… no disrespect to the mobile-web FB apps out there, but it’d be nice to be able to have similar functionality to using FB in a full browser without actually having to use … well… the full browser.

  • poinck

    *sorry* ladies and gents; there is no sign of the FB app in the android market for the G1

  • Freddy

    this really sucks!! ever since i saw this post i was hoping that the Facebook app would come soon and wowwww its Sept.3 and nothing still -___________-
    Facebook needs to hurry the flip up -________-