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ADC2 judging app hits the Market

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Google released the Android Developers Challenge judging application today. After installing the app, random applications are downloaded to your phone in order to let you review them. The voting application sends a message to your notification bar when an app is ready to be installed and another message reminding you to score the app.

Users score the applications in the following categories:

  • Originality of concept
  • Effective use of the Android platform
  • Polish and appeal
  • Indispensability

Google will use the community votes to calculate which apps will advance to the second round.

The twenty (20) Entries in each category with the highest scores (for a total of 200 Entries across all categories) will be determined to be “Qualifying Entries” and will advance to the Second Round. If any category does not contain at least 20 Entries, all Entries in that category will advance to the Second Round. In the case of a tie,a panel of judges selected by Google will determine the Entries, from among those that are tied, that will advance to the Second Round.

The first round judging will end sometime in October and the winners will be announced in November when the second round judging is over. It will be interesting to see how the community scores the apps since most are a month old and the developers are not allowed to update them with any bug fixes or new features.

If anyone stumbles across a really cool app, leave a comment and let us know about it.

Update: Google posted on the official Android blog about ADC2 judging.

[Thank you supernova for the tip]

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  • Michael Haydel

    So far, just a Karaoke app and some Contacts Groups app. I feel bad for skipping them, but, they both just didn’t really seem like ZOMG AWESOME.

  • lordhong

    my first app is Smart Lock, cool!

    • David Shellabarger

      If you have any issues with Smart Lock let me know. You can email me at GodsMoon [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Justin Shapcott

    I have been either extremely disappointed by the apps I have gotten, skipped because they were completely useless to me, or skipped because I didn’t think the permissions were appropriate for the type of application.

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  • David Shellabarger

    first app: Snapit. Promises OCR but crashes instead…
    not a good start.

  • myself

    hell, i tried many apps and i’m stuck with any manager now
    it won’t install

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah, it would have been smart to fix the downloads hanging issue before this contest. Oh well.

      • myself

        it downloads but then hang at install

        • nova

          You may open the adc app, click menu then skip to move to the next one.

  • myself

    how could i miss that…

  • anomoly

    Got an app called DriveSafely. Didn’t think it did anything until a txt came in and a hot sounding chic read it to me. Sick App. I want to see some cool games now!

  • friedgold

    The problem I see with this way of reviewing apps, is some of them really need to tested over a length of time, i.e. at least a few days.
    However if you are itching to test out new apps you need to review and uninstall to get the next one. I think people are going to skip a lot of potentially great apps because they don’t have instant appeal.

  • anomoly

    That is so true! If I didn’t get a text message, I never would have ranked well. Question, Are a lot of these apps availible on the normal store? I think the one I reviewed is, cuz I went and got it.

  • anomoly

    That is so true! If I didn’t get a text message, I never would have ranked well. Question, Are a lot of these apps availible on the normal market? I think the one I reviewed is, cuz I went and got it.

  • Jon Paris

    Always Prompt looks interesting. It syncs with your calendar and calculates the distance from your current location to the location of your appointments. It may not be original but it is definitely helpful and polished. I haven’t checked the market for it yet.

    We submitted Todoroo – a mobile mentoring app which informs your todo list with input form coaches, experts and friends. We are still refining our APIs before we release it to the market.

  • Bart

    There is so much stuff in there that it really makes me wonder why Google didn’t ask for $5 bucks for submissions. I have seen about 20 chess and sudoku games and lightbulbs :S

    A few very good ones though! Mobile Egg Hunter is a winner to me.

  • Demio

    I’ve seen some exceptional apps so far.

    However, there seems to be an overabundance of “location apps” that imitate Google Latitude, as well as about 1500 “To Do List” apps.

    I wish I was able to give give 0 stars to many of these apps

  • ShortySk8n

    How do you find this app in market. I’ve tried searching adc2, android developer challange 2. Etc. No luck finding. Can anyone help. Thanx.

  • Antoine Nzeyimana

    Have anyone of you tested the ‘East-African Mancala’ game yet ? It’s a set great games I should recommend to anyone interested in solving puzzle.

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