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Zeta Type offers new Android input

The developer of Zeta Type has sent over a special invitation to test out their new virtual keyboard for Android. Zeta Type offers swipe input on three large buttons to reduce the movement of your hand and fingers. The demo video looks really interesting, but I’ll wait till I try the beta before passing judgment.

Zeta TYPE is a new Virtual Keyboard based on our Patented Zeta technology.

Using Zeta you can for the first time, touch type on your touch screen mobile phone!

There are many other interesting features but please visit to find out more :-)

We want to make this product great and for that we need Alpha and Beta testers. In return for trying out the software they will not only help steer the direction and quality of the final product but the first 50 users to complete the process will be guaranteed a free version of Zeta TYPE once it is released to market.

We are offering 50 users this opportunity to try out Zeta. To do so they need to sign up for our beta test on our website and put “Android and Me” in the “Where did you hear about us” field.

Thank you for your time.

To sign up for a beta version of Zeta Type, visit their register page and enter “Android and Me” when prompted how you heard about the offer. There are 50 beta accounts waiting just for our readers.

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  • Justin Shapcott

    Looks interesting… I signed up for the beta.

  • codethief

    So did I.

  • Clark Wimberly

    I don’t really understand how touching and swiping to a key would be faster or easier than just touching the key outright.

    • William Chambers

      Probably because you don’t have to hit the key dead on, When most peoples finger is bigger then they key it’s easy to hit the wrong one. Also sometimes touchscreens don’t always register a small touch.

  • Randy

    innovative? Yes

    efficient? No

  • wrenchy

    Clark, larger area for sensor (character) input as opposed to a single tap. It will be more accurate than tap typing. It may not be faster at first but once you get used to it, should be able to type at the same speed.

  • shomari

    this is one of the most impressive and innovative things i’ve seen for android. this will finally bring “touch typing” to the virtual keyboard. i’m glad i came across this

  • Alvinycy

    This looks like an interesting new way of typing on a touch screen and would definitely give it a go.

    Innovative indeed.

  • roy

    Its in the market people. Not really 3 buttons anymore, but at least it is faster and more bug free than other keyboards *uche touchpal*