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Admob reports continued Android growth

Admob has released their August report and included a feature on how the share of operating systems has changed in the last six months. I normally break down the detailed results and compare them month to month, but I’m tired of Admob changing the colors in their chart legend.

The six month comparison shows exactly what we expected. Android continues to grow while Symbian, Rim, and Windows see declines. The iPhone is up during the last 6 months, but it peaked on the Admob reports back in May. The all time high for iPhone was 50% in May and it has declined four months in a row to 40% in August.

Android should see accelerated growth this holiday season.

Android should see accelerated growth this holiday season.

Android remained at 7% worldwide share in the August report, but Admob says ad requests from Android devices grew 17% month over month. The HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) is a Top 10 smartphone in both North America and Western Europe.

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  • sregister

    poor palm

  • Todd A

    No doubt. I love Palm, but they ignored so many people imploring them to take advantage of the free kick-butt Android operating system, and do what they do best; build beautiful hardware. It makes me sad also.

  • NotSoSilent

    Balmer might call this a rounding error too and that in fact windows is ahead of them all!

  • dann spohn

    webOS is the palm pre OS. I wonder why it wasn’t bundled with palm.

  • Yeah Right

    Wait a minute, are those stats reliable? I mean, what does it mean that Android surpasses Windows Mobile in ‘worldwide market share’?
    That there are more Android phones in the world than Windows Mobile ones? Doubt it.
    That of the phones sold in August 2009, Android has a 7% share and Windows mobile has 4%? More likely.
    I just think the graph can be a little misleading.

  • Gokberk

    i don’t want ads in my phone