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Android 2.0 coming later than expected

We just received new information that suggest the launch of Android 2.0 might be coming later than we were expecting. I have been reporting that the Motorola Sholes would be the first phone to feature Android 2.0 and that it was widely expected to launch in late October. New documents I have seen now list early December as the launch date for the Motorola Sholes and Android 2.0.

There has been no official release date given for either launch, so I’m not sure if it is fair to call this a delay. I have often wondered how Google could deliver Android 2.0 in its final form by the end of October. I believe the hardware is on track and that the software is the main reason for this new launch window. Google has no public roadmap or deadlines for Android 2.0 and I suspect this was done on purpose to avoid criticism of a delay.

Analysts are concerned about Motorola’s track record of launching phones in the fourth quarter. During the last Motorola earnings call,  people were asking what kind of volumes they should expect from the two Android phones that are set to launch this holiday season. Motorola has previously made promises of phones to be launched in Q4 only to see them launched very late in Q4.

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha responded to the concerns. “With respect to launching devices in fourth quarter, we understand what it takes to launch devices in fourth quarter and when it needs to be launched. And I feel pretty comfortable that we’ll launch devices, so that we will see meaningful volume in fourth quarter. I understand of course that there is a track record that you allude to. We’re very, very focused on making sure that we deliver it in such a way that allows operators the opportunity to get behind the devices again, in a meaningful way.”

Hopefully, Motorola will clear this up tomorrow at their press event. We fully expect to get some hard details on the upcoming T-Mobile Morrison and Verizon Sholes.

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  • Razp

    No way… Please, Moto, do it! I want sholes even with android 1.5-1.6… You can update the software later… C’mon =(

  • Carl C


  • beach

    today’s announcement confirms your source it would seem. Cliq comes with Android 1.5 and they mentioned that the would announce another phone in the next few weeks.

    I.e. their waiting until it’s ready to announce… and December will be the likely launch window.

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  • Darkwingduck20

    I thought they told us that donut is NOT 2.0 ??

  • Esquire0399

    Donut isn’t Android 2.0. The Sholes is expected to launch with Eclair, which is believed to be 2.0 if I’m not mistaken.

  • pixelpainter

    donut is 1.6 and is already being incorporated into ROMS for rooted phones.

  • Vic

    All I want for Christmas is FREE calling on my android phone using Google Voice and Gizmo 5 !!! I’d give my two front teeth!

    • JMA

      WOW. I dont think its worth your two fornt teeth. LOL

    • JMA

      WOW,I don’t think it’s worth your two front teeth. LOL

  • dislike

    This is soooo childish… all this “my insights” bla bla you post here… what does it lead to? Nothing! 99% of the time you make claims which don’t turn out. Criticism is well placed on THIS website.

    but in the end… it gives me big laughs of this kind of unprofessionalism. *gg*

    I only hope you will get removed from the planetandroid at some point.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I admit some of my predictions have not come true, but I have always updated my readers when new info is revealed.

      That is exactly what I did with this story. Other sites were reporting the phone would come out in late October. I found out it was coming in early December, so I made a new post to let everyone know.

      • dislike

        ok, big respect for not deleting my post. good sign. Just keep stay wit the real news and don’t post the obvious o the unknown.

        btw… i like the new site design.

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  • christophersilva

    Thanks for doing your best to keep your readers up to date,


  • R0b


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