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Android 2.0 predictions – Part 3 (Flash 10 and recap)

Reuters first confirmed that Android 2.0 (Eclair) will be released this year and my sources keep telling me the Motorola Sholes from Verizon will be the flagship phone to launch the new update.  Motorola announced we would get a first look at their new Android phones in September and recently sent out media invitations for a September 10th event.  With two more weeks left to go before we might see Android 2.0, tips are flying in at a rapid pace.

The following information should be considered a rumor and I’ll let you judge how accurate we have been in the past.  I think our readers are pretty smart so I’ll present some public info and you can answer the following questions on your own.

Please remember that anything is possible with Android 2.0.  Google, Motorola, and Verizon are working very hard to make this major update compete directly with the iPhone OS 3.0 and the Palm Pre WebOS.  It appears they are pulling out some major new features to ensure Android 2.0 is a huge success.

5. Is Flash 10 coming to Android 2.0?

I’m sure most of you have seen the video where Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch demos Flash player running on a T-Mobile G1.

That video was filmed in November 2008 at the Adobe MAX conference. It was there that Andy Rubin announced Google and Adobe were collaborating to bring flash to Android.  Since that time, we have seen Flash Lite on the HTC Hero, but nothing official on Flash 10 for Android.

Adobe MAX 2009 takes place October 4-7 and Flash 10 for mobile is expected to be the key announcement. It has been confirmed that a beta player will become available for smartphones during this conference.

Look for a Flash 10 beta for Android on October 4, 2009.

Look for a Flash 10 beta for Android on October 4, 2009.

Several people with access to a Motorola Sholes have told me that it will come with Flash. Previously, I was not sure what version would be included but after looking at all the evidence it appears to be Flash 10. Look for Adobe to make the announcement on October 4, 2009 and the Motorola Sholes to possibly be the first phone to ship with Flash 10.

6. Is Google Earth coming to Android 2.0?

Many people asked “Where is Google Earth?” when Android first launched. It was a popular iPhone application and many people expected it would ship with Android.

Unlike my first five predictions, I do not have any new evidence to bring to the table. This tip comes directly from an inside who has been very reliable in the past. Google Earth should launch around the time of Android 2.0 and be available as a separate download in the Market. Google Earth is not really that important to me, but all the people who cried out for it should be happy.

Android 2.0 Recap

1. Google Maps 4.0

Fact:  Google Maps 4.0 is being developed for Android.

Rumor:  We have heard it would include spoken turn-by-turn directions, but have been able to confirm this.  New info I have received reported there was a special “Verizon edition” of Google Maps running on the Motorola Sholes.  It could be that Verizon will be offering enhanced map features and thus the rumor for turn-by-turn.

2. Multi-touch

Fact:  Multi-touch code has been spotted in future Android code.

Rumor:  We know multi-touch support is coming, but don’t know the exact build it will appear.  The Motorola Sholes is expected to ship with multi-touch, but we do not know if this was a Motorola add on or comes from native support by Android 2.0.

3. Chrome Sync

Fact:  Chrome is adding support to sync bookmarks to multiple devices.

Rumor:  I think this one is a no brainer.  I expect to see it included with Android 2.0 by the time it rolls out.  Google already syncs a lot of data for Android phones and browser bookmarks will be a welcome addition.

4. New Android Market

Fact:  A new Android Market is in the works.

Rumor:  I got new screenshots of the Market update this week and I’m excited an update is finally coming.  I was told the new Market was pictured running on a Donut build.  This make perfect sense to me because I believe Donut (Android 1.6) and Eclair (Android 2.0) will launch at the same time.  Expect all Android phones with access to the Market to get an update in late October.

A new Android Market is right around the corner.

A new Android Market is right around the corner.

5. Flash 10

Fact:  Flash 10 for mobile is coming October 4, 2009.

Rumor:  This is another no brainer.  I expect Flash 10 will be available on all second generation Android phones.  As for the G1, nothing is really certain when it comes to updates but I hope it will get Flash 10 as well.

6. Google Earth

Fact: None.

Rumor:  This one is pure rumor.  I have nothing to back this up other than an inside source.  I thought some people would be happy to hear this information so I decided to share it.

Give us your feedback

If all these features come to Android 2.0, how do you think it will stack up against iPhone OS 3.0?  Are there any major features missing from Android 2.0 that you would like to see added?  Do you hate the inside info we post and want to flame us for ‘making stuff up’?

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  • SliestDragon

    I don’t doubt that all of those features will make it to android, I just hope they all end up coming with Android 2.0. Can’t wait for the sholes to come out. :-)

  • Cloudream

    So many placed to be enhanced:

    Bluetooth transfer
    Media support enhance
    More home screens to slide
    Books reader for epub files
    Google checkout


    • SliestDragon

      Try using an app like Taskiller. Yeah I want speed improvements too, but I can wait because with Taskiller my phone has never been faster. Even with a home alt. installed.

      Or root and overclock you phone. Either 1 will work. :-)

    • AndroidBob

      1 – Done, in the market or command line
      2 – Cyanogen
      3 – Done, in the market
      4 – Cyanogen
      5 – Ya Got Me There, but Coreplayer is working on it.
      6 – Cyanogen
      7 – Done, advanced launcher on xda, 2-10 home screens, nested menus and hidden app drawer
      8 – Cyanogen
      9 – Done, in the market
      10 – Done, used it the last time i bought an app, it’s how you buy apps on the market.
      11 – Done, in the market, many apps for it
      12 – Done, Wireless Tether For root users
      13 – Cyanogen
      14 – Cyanogen
      15 – Cyanogen

      Did You do “ANY” research? O_o

      • Lior

        Not everyone wants custom roms… I want an official android with Bluetooth, multi-touch, better performances and more.
        I love my Hero but it could use some official modifications like the new update coming soon.

  • lordhong

    I like your predictions. They will appear in Android eventually, but doesn’t hurt to come out on Sholes!

  • davidjspooner

    wishes that i hope are no brainers that I have no facts for other than they are well overdue …

    7) Built in bluetooth file send and receive – this is 2009 after all

    8) better ui for picking widgets – am fed up with each widget having to list itself 8 times in the context menu , once for each size it supports – if nothing else at least make that choice of widget two levels of menu for things that have multiple sizes

    9) anniversaries in contacts that show up in calender

    10) owner info / ICE info on the lock screen – yes i know there are third party apps but really that should be built in out of the box.

  • Rob

    Where’s Facebook for Android? Really.

    • nobody

      Farcebook is a WEBSITE. No need for an application for it.

      • Vitved

        Yeah, because all those websites really tie in nicely with the notification system and the homescreen. Just because YOU don’t want doesn’t make it a bad idea.

  • AndrewKam

    Has it been cleared whether or not Google can do voice navigation with its maps licensing deal? I know its been suggested that’s the reason we haven’t seen it already but they keep upgrading so many aspects of Maps that it seems like the only place left for them to go.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      “The agreement spans Google’s current and future map-based services and navigation offerings across mobile, online and desktop environments. These include the Google Mapsâ„¢ and Google Earthâ„¢ services and mobile applications such as Google Maps for Mobileâ„¢. The agreement also gives Tele Atlas access to edits for its maps from Google’s community of users, whose suggested changes can help the company further increase the quality and richness of Tele Atlas maps. ”

      future…navigation offerings

  • kevinh52

    i hope that not true about an special maps “Verizon edition” …why can’t they just release a phone, without putting nose in everything.

    I dont want any kind of vz navigator. and get an more montly charges from me. ?October 28?

  • Teddy

    Bottom line is that once android quits trying to match the iphone and realize that they never will….then they wont expand their horizon. Android starteda trend, and the only reason its even looked at with any flaws is because its being compared to the iphone . Let mac and apple do their thing,and android be proud of the millions your clocking in lol

    • Zappy

      Teddy: Are you saying that Android isn’t getting better by getting features the iphone has (and surpassing them)? What of the features coming to android isn’t “expanding their horizon” exactly?

  • bstring

    Ditto on ‘verizon edition’ maps. Makes me nervous.

    Verizon: stick with carrying voice and data, that’s your job as the carrier, ok? Leave the apps to the software people and we’ll choose who we like paying them accordingly.

    I am more excited about Sholes than any previous device, but if Verizon cripples components or third party apps (unlocked for a fee, of course), I will be down the road without a second thought. I’m not against paying for an application, but the idea of the carrier marking up someone else’s app is enough to send me looking elsewhere.

    I’ll never forget the Verizon Blackberry 8830 with a gps that would only work with VZ Navigator. No choice to go with another navigation provider. Where was the FCC on this one?

    This could be a turning point for Motorola and nothing would be worse than verizon mucking it up. As it stands, Sholes will be the strongest rival the iPhone has seen and many iPhone users are tired of their carrier. I hope to see Verizon attracting some of them with a show of friendliness, good pricing and openness toward free 3rd party apps.

  • cece

    “because I believe Donut (Android 1.6) and Eclair (Android 2.0) will launch at the same time”
    I do not understand the link with new Market version ?

    And why 1.6 and 2.0 would launch at the same time ?

    As I understood, 1.6 is almost ready, in a validation phase for shipping.
    Not so for 2.0

    • Crypto

      Perhaps 2.0 will be ready on time on Motorola’s branch but not merged into the main line yet for general usage.

  • Nick87

    Android 2.0 should come available on the HTC magic, no? I sure do hope so.

    1.6 is probably for the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) because of the memory size problems.

  • Claudio

    Thx.. great summary of possible Android 2.0 features. Becoming excited! :)
    Really hope it will turn out like this!

  • franco

    will donut (android 1.6) come to g1?

  • spence

    I think Android 1.5 already beats the iPhone and 2.0 is unbelievably ahead!

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  • Kenneth Johansen

    We all seem to wait the longest owning a G1 phone to get updated. Since the android first shipped. We have gone to the lab. Its much improved with every update. I’m waiting for flash. I hope its soon.

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  • http://Website jcomputerguy

    I have a g1 with 1.6 on it and it seems a bit slow,so i had to down load an app but it was not task killer,i heard that does not work.very well,but this app works better,but it is now feb 2nd 2010 and still no ota update for the g1 for 2.0 so we will see what happens..

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