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Android app exploits Windows vulnerability

Here is an interesting bit I found over at Hack a Day. Due to a new security vulnerability in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7 is it possible to crash some systems and run offending code. Android developer Sinisterware took the exploit and ported it to Android so users could hack test Windows machines.

We have yet to see any widespread Android viruses, but we know it has its own security holes. It would be really interesting to see a cell phone virus that attacked desktop computers. Hopefully Android will remain under the radar awhile longer before anyone takes the time and effort to create a malicious app.

[via Sinisterware]

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  • FckingAllen

    Why? =l its disappointing that people feel the need to do this.

    • nova

      Which part is disappointing you? The fact that Microsoft have a bug in their software? That hasn’t happened before…

      The Android app is simply meant for testing, testing is meant to discover your security holes and let you fix them :)

      The point is, don’t trust developers. They make mistakes. You are not safe :)

    • Zeal

      Okay I’m covnniecd. Let’s put it to action.

  • kermitthefrayer

    It’s all about finding the exploit. Developers challenge each other all the time…

  • hakerzden1990

    U mean the blue screan thingy??? man i could BSOD my desktop from my g1. freakin awesome!!! i love tht app guyz!!!

    • nova

      This app was not created so that you can BSOD your desktop from your phone. If you *can* do that, then you should search for and download a security patch.

      If YOU can do it, so can somebody else. That is not something you want :)

  • Deft

    Why don’t you read the vulnerability report before writing your response, it would show a little responsibility…

    Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit is NOT affected…

    C’mon do your job…

  • Isaac Waller

    It doesn’t affect Windows 7! Only a early release candidate!

  • commodoor

    This shows again how weak the windows security is. luckily I’m using Linux

  • AK

    commodoor- I really don’t want to be mean but your comment just shows how little you really know about security if you think your more safe because your running linux. There are just as many if not more publicly available exploits for linux than Windows. Check out if you don’t agree.