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CyanogenMod in trouble?

Update (9/25): Read the response from Google.

Everyone’s favorite Android hacker appears to have angered someone at Google. We just received word that Cyanogen has received a cease and desist letter from Google. Details are scarce, but it appears Google is not happy about Cyanogen distributing their closed source Android apps (Market, Talk, Gmail, YouTube, etc). CyanogenMod is easily the most popular custom Android rom with over 30,000 active users.

Relevant bits from the chat log we received:

[20:03] <cyanogen> google just cease and desisted me
[20:15] <cyanogen> cyanogenmod is probably going to be dead
[20:16] <cyanogen> i’m opening a dialogue with them
[20:20] <cyanogen> no they are talking specifically about the closed-source google apps
[20:20] <cyanogen> and how i am not licensed to distribute them
[20:20] <cyanogen> my argument is that i only develop for google-experience devices which are already licensed for these apps
[20:20] <cyanogen> so we’ll see what they say
[20:20] <cyanogen> maybe we can work something out
[20:24] <cyanogen> maps, market, talk, gmail, youtube

Hopefully, the two parties will be able to work something out. I’ve been using CyanogenMod on both my Android phones for several months and they are awesome. If you want to show your support for Cyanogen, you can always visit his site and place a donation for all the countless hours he has put into improving the Android platform.

[Thanks artar for the tip]

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  • Eric Weiss

    This is horrible news. Cyanogen has done more than any other person in improving Android. Google should be hiring him instead of C&Ding him.

    • Shafty023

      I’ve started a petition on Twitter. Everyone show their support by putting #savecyanogenmod and then a brief message showing support on their Twitter page. Check my Twitter page for an example. ->

    • moulari

      come on google – android is open source, cyanogemMod is the best there is

    • Brahmson

      The app market does not include some of these google applications (i.e. Gmail, Google Talk, market) so if they are not distributed with the modified rom the user will end up with a significantly inferior phone, practically defeating the reason for an alternate rom (and google can close the few remaining workaroud to get these apps).

      So legal issues aside, it appears that Google is trying to control the market and the user experience in the very same way Apple does.

      This opens the door for for Apple to go back to the FCC and say that they are not controlling the iPhone market more than Google does the Android app market. Google may have been penny wise and pound foolish. They thought they shot Cyanogen, buy may have shot themselves in the foot.

    • Larry

      I was just surfing the site, and now i can’t get there, hmmmmm….

  • lordhong

    Google is evil! CyanogenMod makes Android relevant! This is truly stupid on Google’s end! If they could come up with as good quality as Cyanogen ROMs, we wouldn’t even bother.

  • charrion

    Is Google taking stupid lessons from TI? This is just as foolish as TI issuing the C&D orders against the calculator hackers. They’re actually improving TI’s code and, as far as I know, not trying to sell the modified code.

    My guess is that Google is pissy over Cyanogen effectively stealing their thunder by releasing the new market app early. Sort of like Apple threatening The Register when they reviewed Snow Leopard a day or two before release.

  • R Drizzle

    This is pretty disheartening to hear. I always applauded Google for letting people make their OS better. Now we get this…I just got a second android phone for my lady with the intentions of putting his ROM on it. Shitty move Google.

  • DarkFox

    Who let the lawyers out?

  • jasonlee

    Absolute trash Google.

  • Rob Koehler

    weak…….i don’t even know where to start guessing what started this…..isn’t this “open source”? He didn’t “steal” anything. If you don’t want something out, don’t release it!

    • Isaac Waller

      Android is open source. Maps, Market, Gmail, are not. CyanogenMod and all the other ROMS that have these “Google” applications are not exactly the most legal thing in the world, but I hope Google doesn’t sue them.

  • Brandon

    Why did google have to do something like this. They are supposed to be different than other un-named companies. I guess not Cyanogen was building Android momentum more than Google itself.



  • GW

    Google, you’re quickly losing a fan in me! Cyanogen has done more to advance Android than any developer out there. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, Google!

  • gilroykilroy

    It is probably more about intellectual property law than disliking Cyanogen.

    Say someone does take the code and starts selling it. Google would be hard pressed to not let them do it yet allow Cyanogen.

    Before you say there is a difference because one is free and the other isn’t: What would you do if I walked into your house, because you left the door open, and looked around (but didn’t touch or take anything?) I didn’t hurt anything but I doubt you would like it very much.

    I’m pretty sure the apps in question have not been released as open-source.

    • GW

      But Google and the alliance made a big to-do about how open this was all to be, attracting a certain type of user. In effect, they left the door wide open and invited people in. How they handle this will decide whether this certain type of user will jump ship. I know I was not happy with Android before I rooted it and had a decent ROM to use. Many will wonder what’s the point of staying with Android if it’s going to be like this when someone develops for it?

      • Matt

        I highly agree with GW. I was VERY disappointed with my G1 when I first got it. I was highly against rooting it for months, until I realized there were times were it was virtually unusable (pre-Cupcake). So I did root it and the first ROM I downloaded was Cyanogens, and I was hooked. Now I have an amazingly powerful device that I am 100% satisfied with, not thanks to Google, but thanks to Cyanogen. If they follow through with this C&D, I would hardly consider another Google/Android device. I’ve seen what they brought to the table and was highly unimpressed, compared to the iPhone and Pre, stock Android had a lot of work to do. I’ve seen what ROM Devs bring to the table and I am VERY highly impressed.

        We’ll see how this goes. I just know that this already makes me lose faith in Google.

    • William C Boehm Jr

      yes, but if the guy came into my house and turned it into a spaceship I would thank him not yell at him and say dude, my house is open but you can’t touch my lamps or my microwave, get out of my house and stop building me an awesome rocket ship!

    • rox0r

      “Say someone does take the code and starts selling it. Google would be hard pressed to not let them do it yet allow Cyanogen.”

      How do you figure? Companies choose who to sue and who not to sue all of the time. Why would they be hard pressed?

      • jamuraa

        This is not how IP law works. If they don’t go after Cyanogen, the person selling the stuff that Google sued can just point to Cyanogen and say “Look you didn’t defend your IP there, so you don’t have a case with us”. It’s not exactly the same as that but it is similar – if they do not defend their IP they will lose it.

        • Jan

          Sorry, that’s bull. This holds only for trademarks, not copyrights which are the issue here. You cannot lose copyright by not enforcing it.

  • Neil Lund

    This reminds me of a different scenario. Bare with me for a sec. The us government has been hacked many times by genius hackers (“google it” if you need more info)and they have charged and punished many of them that have gotten caught. Then the government would turn around and hire them as security advisors etc, because they realized they needed their expertise. My thought is as follows. Why doesn’t Google hire Cyanogen as the peoples dev? It would be wise to have him in their corner instead of trying to push him away from advancing Android. After all he is a powerhouse all on his own. Which is more efficient? Spending the time and money fighting or making choices to advance things along. We all have seen how drama slows things way down and sometimes stops progress all together. As for my final thought. Google has done us a lot of good by releasing Android and allowing all of us to enjoy it. I would hate to see us all have a bad taste in our mouths because they handled this in a childish manner. We will support Cyanogen either way. We all would be hurt by this, not just Cyanogen. Google its time to be real and support your loyal followers. Does this make sense?

    • ifopifo

      Makes perfect sense to me dude! +1

  • sha

    “He didn’t “steal” anything”

    actually he did, google apps are closed source and subject to distribution only for OHA licencees I guess (that’s why some android devices, like the Archos one, don’t have market access)
    It seems that distribute the new 1.6 market wasn’t such a good idea after all

    Hope cyanogen will continue to work on his mod, even without google apps

  • c0z

    Just hire Cyanogen at Google already.

  • Santosh Limaye

    Is Google getting greedy and forgetting its bigger vision? If someone is trying to improve user experience and improve the stability of product, instead of praising him or asking him to work with Google, why are the coats going after him? I hope it is a big misunderstanding and he will be back to normal! Great work, keep it up. You will have support from the masses

  • garok89

    i am absolutely disgusted by googles actions
    the fact of the matter – they included the closed source apps in the repo… if cyanogen hadnt done it, someone else would have
    we all saw the screenshots before cyanogen stuck it in – we all could of gotten our hands on it earlier if we really wanted

    where can we start a petition?
    how about – everyone who installs the cm-updater from the market leaves a comment telling google to stop acting like children

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  • andon

    Its funny how they don’t want us to release anything closed source, when they make it available in the repository. Cyanogen wasn’t doing anything wrong.

  • schwiz

    this BLOWS! google should be BEGGING this guy to work for them, he makes my G1 actually usable, it was a complete piece of shit before i installed cyanogenmod.

    The developers response to 100% of the requests for things like apps2sd on the android discussion group is ‘if you don’t like how it is, do it yourself’ somebody takes it to heart and does it themself and now they are shut down. WTF google what happend to ‘don’t be evil’ This seriously ruined my day.

  • John

    Congratulations Google. Way to guarantee all of your current Android phone subscribers to go Apple when their contracts are up. Brilliant.

  • garok89

    i started a little public poll over at xda to act as a petition

    have a look and sign your name

  • buchacher

    I can’t believe Google would pull something like this, I always am talking google up when asked about my phone, and just because Cyanogen makes the publicly released code actually and improves my phone and everyone else’s out there they have to do this?? Android is supposed to be open source. If they didnt want the new market app availble till they released it then WHY THE HELL PUT UP THE CODE ON THEIR REPOSITORY??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • buchacher

    and I whole heartedly agree with John. If they really follow through with this I am buying an iphone BEFORE my contract is up, id cancel just so they wouldnt get another dime outa me. that goes for deleteing my gmail acct and any other service associated with google. shit id start using

    • Patrick

      What do you mean?
      He got a cease and desist to stop including the Market and the gmail.
      Not to stop modding.

      Secondly, Google doesnt get any of your dimes. At most they get your information from you using their services.

      You are over incredibly overreacting to this, however surprising it may be.

      Those closed source programs are google’s and they dont want people to think they are officially sponsoring cyanogen mod the way they do motoblur.

  • logic

    hire him at google?!?!?!?! you people saying this are either retarded, crazy, or just not using your brains. the whole REASON cyanogen is so great is the rate he pushes out his amazing updates. if he got hired to develop at google sure he would be making great progress, but at what cost? we would get 2 UPDATES A YEAR, f*ck that.

    • Corey

      You bring up an EXCELLENT point…but I just would rather see him hired, than charged with a crime or something. The man is brilliant, and should be rewarded, not threatened and persecuted.

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  • matt

    i was actually contemplating purchasing another G1 at full retail value simply so I can put cyanogen mod on my old G1… there goes that idea.

  • Michael Basil

    Anyone who says they’ll switch to iPhone due to this is not realising how much stricter Apple is about everything. Google have allowed rooting of devices and has generally allowed anything into the market and anything removed can still be installed just not distributed through the market.

    Just because the Google apps are in the repository doesn’t mean they can distributed freely, they still have a licence. Be happy with how much source Google has released for free, much more than Apple ever has.

    And Logic is right, if he was hired by Google then he wouldn’t be able to release his ROMs and so we’d be in the same situation.

    “id cancel just so they wouldnt get another dime outa me” – Google doesn’t make much, if anything, from you having an Android phone. Your network makes most of the money.

    “Way to guarantee all of your current Android phone subscribers to go Apple when their contracts are up.” – Most subscribers won’t care about this, most just wait for the official updates.

    • Geoff Meyers

      apple? screw apple. nokia’s n900 comes out soon. the default android image is pretty rough and if google’s going after the modders then i guess i’m done with my g1. all i can do now is wait for its release and look forward to what i suspect will be a true community of commercial support and empowered end users (read: developers).

      • mofag

        Yep am gonna wait for the N900.

  • Kyle

    Could cyanogen just release his updates without these applications? I’m sure they could just be reinstalled after the fact by the user. Its incredibly lame on Google’s part to even throw this out considering all he has done for their OS. I guarantee I will never buy another Android device if they strong arm him. I have donated 2 times already to cyanogen because honestly without him the G1 is a POS. To top it off they include all these applications in the repo’s. I have a feeling if this goes anywhere the EFF will be involved pretty damn quick. Lame google Lame.

  • oreoOozZz

    leave Cyanogen alone, hes done nothing but make android a million times better then what it was. GET OFF HIS BACK, HES HELPING YOU GUYS OUT. Its simple, lost him, lose your customer base…your move.

  • T-Man

    You know I just moved to cyanogen, and I love it, but going back to standard Android, I don’t know if I would/could, but if cyanogen goes under I am so going down with him, and going back to my Motorola Razr

  • Daniel

    Come on Gogle,give me a break.

    Why didn´t you come up with a better OS with basic features such as apps2sd etc…etc…That and many others are the reason why people start doing their own development,cause you guys kinda suck.
    Thank to this guy we have nice features.

    Leave him alone!!!!

  • Corey

    Google should simply hire Cyanogen, so they will further improve their product. The man has shown that he is highly skilled, competent, and capable of taking the Android OS to the next level, and building on an already good product.

    He should be commended not persecuted!

    One of the reasons that I opted not to get the iPhone was because of the modding. If this isn’t gonna be available, I might reconsider renewing my contract, which I am sure others will too.

    Google, think about it.

  • Rev. Spaminator

    Not only is it bad for Cyanogen’s work, but it also kills this development for everyone else. I hope something can be worked out. I’ve come to enjoy the convenience of a neatly packaged system image that allows me to run as root.

  • jee

    screw this, i’m setting bing as my home page.

    i got your back, cm!

  • Dee

    A G1/MYTOUCH IS NOOOTHING WITHOUT CYANOGEN’S ROMS. And I say that in CAPS LOCK. If cyanogenmod is gone, i’d just probably get a blackberry. Google, srsly, Cyanogen made your G1 usable, and without his roms, it’s s**t. BYE.

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  • dedroid

    Cyanogen’s mods are the ONLY thing that have made the G1 usable. If Google insists on shutting him down I will just go back to the iPhone, because at that point … what’s the difference? Steve Job’s insanity or Google’s?

    @Google … you are FOOLS if you persist down this road. You will be signing the death warrant for Android.

    @AndroidandMe … please keep us updated on this. I will be holding off on my Sprint Hero purchase until I hear Google has come to their senses.

  • Eric Mill

    I’m as big a Cyanogen fan as they come, but it was inevitable that this was going to happen. If Google’s putting the .apk files for Market and Gmail onto their public repository, that’s dumb, but it’s not illegal. CyanogenMod is, sadly, in violation of licenses, and I’m thinking Cyanogen knew that — he just figured that Google is awesome and wouldn’t come down on him.

    I’m not sure why they chose now, but they probably realized that Cyanogen is becoming very successful and that more efforts like it will happen. I’m sure they’re in favor of a world of more Cyanogens, but if they’re going to go through the difficult adjustment of clarifying their legal stance on their closed source apps, they’d better do it now, before Cyanogen gets bigger, and while it’s the only (major) one of its kind.

  • Haywir3

    I don’t understand. Can you install Cyanogen’s ROM on non-android devices? And aren’t all android devices natively allowed to use these closed source Google apps? So where’s the issue?

    • Zacqary Adam Green

      The issue is that Cyanogen isn’t licensed to download the Google applications that anyone can legally download and install for themselves and pre-install them in his distribution of the freely distributable operating system.

      See, it’s because he’s doing the work for 30,000 people instead of making them do it. In other words, it’s completely stupid.

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  • Automization

    I name this behavior the “Google Problem” – we all should do so to make this bad attitude a market synonym and give Google a well known negative brand. Only a negative reverse branding from the market can influence Google.

    To be honest – I do not need the shit Google native apps anyway. I have bought the G1 not because of the Google Apps! I wanted a non prorietary mobile platform for open source apps and writing my own (non market) but open source applications.

    A Google free ROM would be the best solution in my understanding – Why not a pure LINUX ROM ? Google is just another monster ….! Android on my netbook ? Never ! Only pure Linux!

    Learned my lesson with Google now! Will use BING in future. Quality seems to be better anyway after some first snapshots taken. Not being a Bill Gates fan either – Competition is the only solution to solve the Google Problem!

  • twiztidnutz

    Cyanogen roms rock. My point of view on this situation is why google upset over something that they will take 4ever 2 release anyway… open source or closed source they info was meant to get out and the one who let it out should be the one who suffers not the android community who pays googles bills.

  • Android App Critic

    Made a quick petition. I hope everyone signs.

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  • Tim

    The MyTouch was non-functional before I installed Cyanogen. I was considering returning it. Google Android is crap without enhancements. The CEO of Google even carries a Blackberry. I wonder why? Get a clue Google. Make your system functional and maybe we wouldn’t have to install a custom Rom. I would take an Iphone over the stock Mytouch in a heartbeat. Sure it is restrictive but at least it f*ing works out of the box. Screw you Google.

  • harris

    I’m willing to bet that this isn’t a Google problem, as much as a mobile service provider problem. T-Mobile et al probably had Google send out the S&D.

  • providence

    Google your IDIOTS.. Its due to custom ROMS like Cyanogen which makes Android worth using. If you C&D all custom ROMS, whats the point of making Android OpenSource? This will probably my the 1st and last Android phone im using if Cyanogen stops releasing ROMs. Back to WinMo I guess.

  • Brian Douglas Hayes

    The immature and whiny responses here do NOT reflect well upon the modding community.

    As I understand it, the easy solution is for Cyanogen to stop including their apps–and those apps, IMO, never should have been included in the first place.

    If Cyanogen wants to make an alternative ROM, that’s great, but keep it free of other people’s/company’s property. That seems to be the ethic of his ROM anyway–barebones, efficient, and practical. Get rid of Google’s apps already.

    • Derrick Waldner

      Isnt including Google’s apps a benifit to Google? I think they’re primarily pissed about Cyanogen releasing the new market..

  • AndroidFan

    Actually you shouild revised the last sentence and use the preferred wording, make a donation(s) so he can buy beers.

  • wtf

    I believe google is jealous of Cyanogen! Android is open source, he is only distributing google code that was freely released

  • AndroidFan

    This sounds like the reason many mobile companies avoided Android for so long. Too many restrictions. The EU was suppose to have a different set of rules & governing laws, and it had to do with Google branding and their apps.

  • Cacahahacaca

    Ridiculous! Google should go screw itself. Not even Microsoft does this to its Windows Mobile custom ROM makers.

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  • Chahk

    What’s next, google? Bricking rooted phones with an “update”? Are you sure you don’t have any Apple directors on your board?

  • http://XDA Platinum

    Let’s think back to before Cy was on the scene our phones were handicapped and retarded, smartphones hardly. JF gave us our first real look at cupcake and it made the phones much better. With every build Cy is building he makes the phone better wouldn’t you want that Google to be better than the rest? I know people that have gotten iphones only to sell them to get a G1 when I show them what mine can do because of Cy builds you should hire him on your development team but if your problem is the closed-source apps then well we don’t need them. Simply put I’m sure another dev can make an app comparable to those of Maps, Market, Gmail, Gtalk and whatever other one you can say is closed. K9 works for Gmail, we could use Twidroid or a free twitter client instead of gtalk so we’ll phase out all of your apps we don’t need them. It’s just that- Android is about alternatives and we’ll we can find alternatives to your Google apps. Cyan is responsible for most of your sales if he goes well so does your sales we would all have virtually retarded smartphones again who want’s that?

  • Doug Holton

    Put the Google apps in the marketplace, problem solved.

    Cyanogen just tells people to grab the apps from the marketplace instead of bundling, or pops up a screen at first launch asking if the user wants to install them.

    • Cacahahacaca

      I agree. Now if Google had put up the apps on the Market before sending Cyanogen the C&D…

      • PSquid

        ….So then CM (and other custom ROM) users are supposed to get the non-open source apps from the Market – when the list of apps that Google object to includes Market?

        I think I see a problem.

    • Zacqary Adam Green

      Nope. Market is closed-source too.

  • E

    oh my god.. really bad news.. if google do that i will change to is the only reason that i think gp is better than the others..

  • zelrikriando

    @Google keep going like this and i am gonna close my blogger/gmail/youtube/adsense accounts and use maemo on my next phone! Also there are other search engines that just wait for your image to get worse! Keep that in mind!

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  • Chris

    I’m with KilroyGilroy, this is probably because if they continue to turn a blind eye, then if someone else starts messing with their code and possibly trying to sell it, (and they aren’t as altruistic as Cyanogen) Google will have little legal power as they will have set a precedence of sort with Cyanogen’s rom.

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  • gizmo

    Cyanogen will probably have to sign some kind of license deal with Google to ship the binaries for the Google apps (Gmail, market, etc) in his build. The problem here is that the Google apps that ship with the Cyanogen mod today have been ripped out from standard builds on the G1, MyTouch and included in the mod.

    I believe if Cyanogen manages to strike a licensing deal with Google for the mobile services apps, the other thing Cyanogen will have to do is pass CTS for each ROM release that includes the Google mobile services (especially Google Market) to ensure SDK compatibility.

  • Richard

    Having bought both the G1 and the MyTouch, if Google continues with this path, I can assure them it will be the last Android phone I buy.

  • Adam

    I understand why Google is doing this and they need to protect their IP. But, I think they really need to find a way to work with developers and provide the Google users with the core apps that we love.

  • Lx
  • jumphrey

    OK Google
    Lets talk sense here.
    If you object to certain apps being shipped then have him remove them from the mod. It’s understandable that you want to protect your IP. We can certainly download them from the market. Although you do risk having folks choose other apps. Certainly in the case of Google Maps there are alternatives – some of which actually allow the map to follow the user when moving!
    With respect to Market – do you really want to fragment the locations of app downloads? Think of all the Linux repositories out there and the multitude of apps for downloading from them. If you force an alternative it will come about. Set up the right kind of licensing to protect yourselves and move on. Restrict certain apps to devices that would have come with them OEM licensed anyway. The smart move is to leverage this … from marketing and tech perspectives. Until now he’s been getting you good ink! You can turn this one around so easily and have a PR coup against your competitors. TMO certainly is doing a lousy job marketing their phones. They’ve got an iphone killer and they are positioning it as a fluffy cutsey device? Come on. Personally I say hire the guy!

  • Yo

    Not is Android a Open System? Is based on Linux. Why cñose Cyoangen?
    I’m a Cyanogen’s user and i don’t understand to Google… Cyanogen not modify the google’s apps.

  • Yo

    Not is Android a Open System? Is based on Linux. Why close Cyoangen?
    I’m a Cyanogen’s user and i don’t understand to Google… Cyanogen not modify the google’s apps.

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  • Vibu

    This sucks, like many other people have mentioned my g1 didn’t become a serious device until I rooted with a cyanogen mod. People speaking on IP law…I understand this, but if the code was in the repository then what did Google expect to happen? It’s incredibly stupid on their part. Instead of sending a C & D order why not contact Cyanogen and talk about alternatives that don’t violate IP law? If 30,000 people and counting are using this guy’s work and his reputation as a godsend for a device that even YOU couldn’t make as good as his ROMS, is building…why not open some kind of dialog before going the douche route with a C&D order?

    I know I’m a happy g1 owner today because of Cyanogen, not because of Google.

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  • Joep Hein

    Please leave the android open. It is one of the biggest advantages over the iphone.

  • tsk

    A very sad day for the android users today!
    I really hope Cyanogen and Google find a solution to this situation.

  • mike

    I think its about time shit like this is put to a stop, these companies don’t spend tons of money to have their shit hacked.

  • badbob001

    Perhaps the problem is with the ‘donation’ option, which can be interpreted as Cyanogen selling something. I’ve seen homebrew game projects that use copyright material get a cease-and-desist letter when they started asking for donations.

  • Martin

    Iphone here I Come! Before cyanogen I was wondering why I bought my android phone. He is the reason why I still have it.

  • http://WhataGreatOppotunityforGoogle Gary Byron

    This is a GREAT chance for Google. Give him the licenses he needs in recognition of his work to make Android bettor or hire him: have him post an apology for not respecting the licenses. EVERYBODY wins. He then continues to deliver improvements, Google protects it’s product and come off as being fair. IT”S A NO BRAIN-ER.

  • tahnok

    A lot of people are suggesting that google hires cyanogen, but that still won’t help the problem. The solution would be either: a) release the apps under an open source license or b) get a license for cyanogen.

  • GForce

    I’ve always been a big supporter of Google. Gmail, Reader, Docs, Calendar. Migrated my Y! an Hotmail over, have been putting things in the cloud and talking to people at work about it, on FB, at the bar…
    Not if this keeps up. Killing CM would be a Very Bad Thing(TM) for Google. They would lose a lot of support, and from those type of people, like myself, that generally support them the most.

  • wobbles

    Blah, blah, blah, yak, yak, yak. Learn to read. Think and then write. Get the facts straight before spouting off your opinions.

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  • Pushabutton

    Cyanogen website is GONE as of now.
    The updater on the phone still seems to be working.
    Downloading the last couple of experimental roms, just in case that stops working soon too

  • JAT

    Finally Google is starting to show it’s real face. All this talking about beeing open, free, etc., is not true. They have alliances with carriers and phone manufacturers that don’t allow them to live up to their word. What a shame. The feeling s like when you find out that the rock star that you worship is a total asshole.

  • Salam

    I left Windows (HTC HD) and went to android only for the open-source
    As Android has less apps, less performance, less screen resolution and no features such as email spell check and bluetooth limitation
    THE ONLY advantage was the open-source

  • very disappointed

    nice work, google; all android phones are now removed from my shopping list!

  • JAT

    Finally Google is starting to show it’s real face. All this talking about being open, free, etc., is not true. They have alliances with carriers and phone manufacturers that don’t allow them to live up to their word. What a shame. The feeling is like when you find out that the rock star that you worship is a total asshole.

  • MaxRathbone

    Google, please consider the ramifications if you do not work out something. The best course of action would be to set up some sort of licensing process where Cyanogen can obtain a license to distribute un-modified versions of the closed-source apps on your repository.

  • buchacher
  • free

    why release an open-source sdk if you dont let people use it?
    close minded move by google :(

  • Guerrilla

    Google should give him a job!

  • Phillip Nguyen

    Back in the day, before everything in the world went to hell.. people were a bit friendly-like. If they thought someone was doing something wrong, they’d have a chat with them about it first to see if they could work something out.

    Nowadays.. it’s bureaucracy and law. He shouldn’t be doing that.. call the legal team and send a C&D!

    What ever did happen to the kind of society we used to be. :(

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  • juanch0

    google está empezando a apestar… claro, son una empresa, pero tanto vestirse con ropas de comunidad y libertad… para luego mandarse esto… creo que paso de android y voy a por moblin o limo, openmoko… etc…. se le están pegando costumbres de otro cuasi-monopolio….

  • MW

    My 2 cents:

    Cyanogen’s ROM makes my G1 everything it should have been the day I bought it. Google needs to find a way to make this work out for the benefit of everyone and they need to do this ASAP as there will be a ton of bad press over this which will taint Android’s reputation and make consumers suspicious of Google’s motives.

    I am a huge Google fan and want Android to be the smashing success it is destined to be, but I don’t think that bullying a solid contributor is the way to foster that success.

  • Jonas

    This is a good thing. After all, it is proprietary software in there that you’re not allowed to distribute. No surprise there. Now we can all get started ripping out the affected parts and replace it with better and free software! Yay! Get busy!

  • arno

    Google, leave Cyanogen alone. Or hire him. He’s doing a better job than most of your sorry ass team.

  • Jonathan Hartley

    It was in hope of avoiding stuff like this that made me choose Andoid over an iPhone. If this is how it’s going to be, I might as well get an iPhone next time around after all.

  • Paul

    I agree with Jonas. Not only is Google entirely within its rights here, it is doing the modding community a favor. It’s long been a problem that we can’t replicate the software that comes with the G1 by compiling from source. Now there is an impetus for the open source community to write open source versions of the affected software that cam be improved and modified (before we were stuck with whatever Google gave us).

    How is this a bad thing?

  • SDscorch

    i thought google’s whole “business model” for android was to get ppl to use their OS, meanwhile they would be watching and collecting advertising information and enabling other businesses to use that info (selling it) and also to advertise to mobile users

    meanwhile, google would encourage ppl to join the android movement by making the overall android experience “better” by seeding it with their excellent supporting apps (gmail, maps, gtalk, search, etc)

    but now, they come out and put a stick in the eye of the mod community that only *benifits* the google/android movement!! unbelievable!!

    this ruins all that positive momentum – what a LOUSY p.r. move

    this reminds me of that phrase… “jump the shark” – once you do something stupid, there’s no coming back

    “don’t do evil” my ass

    google walked through a one-way door – there’s no coming back out

    boy, i bet google is happy they hired those lawyers now (pfft!)

  • zia

    Its unfair, Google shouldn’t try to close the open source…

    That doesn’t and shouldn’t go along Google’s image!!!

  • smillingdog

    Google!!!What are you doing now?????Do you realy know what we need?Do you want to be anoher iphone????SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahmgsk

    google shd remove his developers n keep cyanogen
    his rom are much better, smooth, faster, more battery efficent
    than the original android
    and by the way cyanogen made roms only for g1 n mytouch3g
    they hav google apps from start.
    so wtf is the problem
    open source means open >> anyone can use mod n distribute

    u suck google >>> apple is better

  • PHil

    Disgraceful behavior on google’s part.

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  • Pingback: Android and Me()

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  • http://Website PinPin

    cyanogen Very good job
    Thanks You for ROMs.

    Quand Google aura compris que le travail de cyanogen leur apporte les Guicks dont un produit a besoin pour le faire évoluer et créer une communauté, Google aura pris le bon virage…. Si notre Android GSM est une brique, je préfére acheter un Iphone ou tout marche nickel mais dont je dois tout payer…

  • gokberk

    can i run cyanogen mod in my samsung galaxy?
    what will i do?

  • Honest Loez

    We have to understand that it is Google rights to protect their license and product. But we have to admit either that cyanogen is really help us a lot when it come to Android apps.

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  • http://Website andres

    cyanogen should work at google so then phones would end up being better and have updates alot faster so i think instead of sending that other message they have sent cyanogen a job offer google would be even better then it already is

  • Daily File

    One other attention-grabbing put up! This is one of the few blogs I can return to on a daily basis.

  • NexuSix

    No CyanogenMod on my Android device would be like being in bed with the most beautiful woman in the world but No Sex!

  • SDscorch

    well… in hindsight this didn’t turn out so bad

    im glad they found a way to work it all out in the end

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  • Sony ericsson xperia arc x12

    cyanogenmod is one of my favorite..

  • HTC desire vs Desire HD

    but now cyanogenmod was able to make new rom

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    Hello,glad to understand everyone for the very first time! It’s good forum, I had been looking for something like this particular.

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  • Vic

    The CIA started Google so what do you expect. If you’re considered a threat then you’ll be shutdown. Wake up, folks.

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    Substantially, this publish is really the sweetest on this notable theme. I harmonise together with your conclusions and will thirstily search ahead for your incoming updates. Stating thanks will not just be sufficient, for the phenomenal clarity in your writing. I will directly grab your rss feed to stay knowledgeable of any updates. Admirable perform and much success inside your enterprise dealings! Please excuse my poor English as it’s not my first tongue.

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  • Romplio

    0 down vote

    V.Kandiah and D.L.Shepelyansky Fig. 1: (Colour on-line) Google matrix G (left) and G ∗ (right) for the neural network of C.elegans for N = 279 connected neu- rons. Matrix elements G KK ′ are shown in the basis of PageR- ank index K (and K ′ ) and elements G ∗ K ∗ ,K ∗ ′ are shown in the basis of CheiRank index K ∗ (and K ∗ ′ ) at α = 0 . 85. Here, x and y axes show 1 ≤ K,K ′ ≤ N and 1 ≤ K ∗ ,K ∗ ′ ≤ N ; the elements G 11 ,G ∗ 11 are placed at the top left corner; color is proportional to the square root of matrix elements which are changing from black at minimum value (1 − α ) /N to light yellow at maximum. satisfy the equation X j ′ G jj ′ ψ i ( j ′ ) = λ i ψ i ( j ) . (2) The eigenvector at λ = 1 is known as the PageRank vec- tor. According to the Perron-Frobenius theorem [4] its elements P ( j ) ∼ ψ 1 ( j ) are positive and their sum is nor- malized to unity. Thus P ( j ) gives a probability to find a random surfer on a node j . All nodes can be ordered in a decreasing order of probability P ( K j ) with highest prob- ability at top values of PageRank index K j = 1 , 2 ,… . For large matrices P ( j ) can be found numerically by the iter- ation method [4] but for C.elegans case it can be obtained by a direct matrix diagonalization. It is also useful to consider the Google matrix obtained from the network with inverted directions of links (see e.g. [14, 15], [16]). The matrix G ∗ for this network with in- verted direction of links is constructed following the same definition (1). The PageRank vector of this matrix G ∗ is called the CheiRank vector with probability P ∗ ( K ∗ j ) and CheiRank index K ∗ . According to the known results [3,4] the top nodes of PageRank are the most popular pages, while the top nodes of CheiRank are the most communica- tive nodes [15,16]. The structure of the matrix elements of G , presented in the PageRank ordering of nodes, and G ∗ , presented in the CheiRank ordering of nodes, is shown in Fig. 1. The number of nonzero elements N G

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