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Download CowPotato for Android (and beat my high score)

Yesterday we posted some videos of some upcoming Android games and asked you to send us footage of any other new titles. Chris Fagan from Froogloid sent me a note about their latest project CowPotato. Froogloid is known for their apps like a2b and Key Ring so I was interested to see how their first game turned out.

Check out the following video which demonstrates the basic gameplay of CowPotato.

Yup, CowPotato is a game where you shoot cows with potatoes. The gameplay is very simple but ultra addicting. There is something oddly amusing about launching a potato several hundred yards and hearing the announcer yell “HEAD SHOT!” Your goal is to rack up as many points as possible before you run out of time and potatoes. Players can earn extra time and ammo by shooting cows, so the game turns into survival mode where you see how long you can last.

I played the game for about an hour and posted a couple of the the high scores on hard. I’m not that good, so it tells me not many people have been playing hard. If you are looking for a good challenge, download the game and beat my high score.

Hard games are fast paced and only last a few minutes.

Hard games are fast paced and only last a few minutes.

Keeping in mind that this is a 1.0 release, I’d say Froogloid has created a quirky game that is sure to be a hit. There are some minor glitches, but the game is still a blast to play. Froogloid plans to release many updates over the coming month and they welcome your input. If you want to help out, email the developer your feedback using the link in the Market.

CowPotato on Cyrket

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  • Henk

    This review really makes me doubt androidandme’s indepence. This might be a matter of differences in taste, but I don’t see how a game that is rated 2.5 stars would get such a good review here.

  • myself

    lolz that’s so dumb i have to try

  • Jeroen

    It’s rated 3.5 in the market.
    Besides, do you ever read comments in the market? It’s full of idiots downrating an app for ever so stupid reasons. Hardly anything to take serious for that matter.

  • foebea

    Would love to have market links within the article fopr these app reviews. This does look like a great timewaster, thanks!

  • BritSwedeGuy

    The QR URL doesn’t work and it’s not found in the Market.

  • Jason

    Its not i the market?

  • zeebee

    Looks very nice, but I cannot find it on the market (Galaxy in Germany) :-(

  • Clark Wimberly

    Added a Cyrket link to the post (and below)

    CowPotato on Cyrket

  • maximosis

    This game is wicked Tough or I just wicked SUck. I keep missing the cows then I get force Closed. Come and beat the King on CESTOS

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