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Facebook finally lands in the Android Market?

We thought the official Facebook application was launching last month, but it never appeared. That was until today, when it quietly rolled out to the Android Market. Android users can finally download version 1.0 of Facebook for Android.

I’ve played with the app briefly and it looks pretty nice. I’m not a heavy Facebook user so I will have to use the app for awhile to check out all the features. The app comes with a widget, but the size is huge (3×2) and takes up half the screen.

If you are a heavy Facebook user, check out the app and let us know how it stacks up against all the unofficial clients.

Update: So people are still questioning if this is official or not. The app looks real, but the dev info looks a little weird. Guess we will find out later today.

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  • Matt Theophilos

    I am constantly using Facebook and this is honestly the best app out there on the market right now. Bloo stands up pretty well on it’s own, but the fact that the official app is free kind of overrides that. The interface is great and it’s easy to navigate. I like the widget for quick and easy status updates…though it is a bit large. I don’t really think they needed to have your news feed in it. It allows you to upload photos which is great, BUT no video? They know the Androids are capable of it, so were they just being lazy? Oh well. It’ll probably come in a later update. Overall it’s a great app and DEFINITELY worth downloading if you use Facebook.

    • Matt Theophilos

      Apparently there is a way to display your friends phone number if they have it loaded in their info, but I have yet to find it. If anyone figures it out, shoot it at me on Twitter @Vineares

      • Vineares

        Found it. Just go to their info page. One click for calling and email. Well integrated.

      • redspace

        click add foler and there will be a facebook phone book folder that will display your friends phone numbers

  • maximosis

    Its about Time!!

  • Ciso

    QRcode please!
    I can’t find it in the market :(

  • Carl C

    I just tipped Androidandme ;)

    Ciso , Scan teh barcode here :

  • Carl C

    I just tipped Androidandme ;)

    Ciso , Scan the barcode here :

  • Yasir

    Having trouble logging into the facebook app. I am getting an error at Login as follow

    An error had occured during the sign in. Please try again later. [Unsupported content type: text/html; charset=UTF-8]

  • GrandpaJesus

    It isn’t an official app. How where they able to publish it using Facebook’s name?

  • Androidawg

    I am a very serious facebooker and one of my least favorite things for a FB app to do is drop to the site in the browser. The fb was bad about it before they disappeared, and babbler does it a lot too. This new app from facebook suffers from the same problem. Babbler has a lot of nice features, one of my favorites is integration with fbabble so you can use the facebook chat feature right on your phone. Didn’t see this in the official Facebook App. Babbler also does a great job presenting photo albums, and lets you sort your friends list in multiple ways like “order of latest post” and “who’s online”. This Facebook App doesn’t do that. BUT this official Facebook App FLIES. Babbler, FB, and all other FB apps crept along like snails. So I definitely like that. This app leaves a lot to be desired, but it is a rev 1 and if they upgrade it and continually improve, it will be a real winner. The Live Folder with Facebook Contacts kicks but too, but I would like the option to text those numbers if the person is not in my contacts list.

  • olen

    i am more and more into facebook. great site to stay in touch /w others. and i was waiting for a good facebook app. but it doesn’t work on german g1 – force close :(

  • Racchio

    So sad it force closes on G1 italian firmware and on G1 with CyanogenMod 4.0.4 …I guess I still have to wait for some bug fixes and keep using Babbler instead…

  • Mike

    Androidawg seems to be a power user and might be right on some features, but I can tell you for the rest of us this app blows current apps out of the water.

    I found Bloo’s load times so painful that I went back to fBook. (Sorry Bloo guy, I know how hard it is to ship software but the load times were just too long, even by mobile standards)

    This app is snappier and more intuitive then the rest of the apps out there. I’ll stick with Pixelpipe for photo and video uploads so for the average user I think this app is a giant step forward.

    The downside is that I think it raises the bar really high for devs that want to sell a Facebook app. For me you’d have to match or exceed the performance of this app as well as make content upload dead simple. Even then I am not sure I would drop the $$ for it.

    • parrisp


  • Rommel

    Lets try it on my g1!

  • ragnar

    So far I have found a bug where friends that are “hidden” from your fb news feed are not hidden in the app.

  • parrisp

    Rumor has it that this app is not really developed by facebook…

  • RDArmand

    This app is *NOT* officially from Facebook. Going to the “Developer’s Web Page” takes you to a Facebook “Fan” page. In the “Information” section is a statement below the “Category” that says: “This application was not developed by Facebook.”

  • Falko

    In Germany the app is not working at all. It has no title, and crashes on startup. From the comments I´m not alone.

  • ikatt

    Nice app, but it’s not from the official app.

  • Matt

    To all foreigner having problem with the apps crashing. Switch your Android phone to english and it will worls… I was with french canadian settings and it failed.

    Defintively sucks though.

  • GW

    I think I’ll hold off on installing this one until more is known about the dev.

  • SnakeDr

    This is the official app. It was not solely made by Facebook – it was made with some Google devs. If you look at the Blackberry app page it also says that it isn’t made by Facebook, which of course it is.

    The app isn’t great yet. It’s fast but its still very half done, some parts are just links to m.facebook.

    As of yet it doesn’t have anything that the API doesn’t allow you to do – sending messages etc and still no inbox support.

    Its a solid base though and things can only get better. Oh, and the widget is quite nice too, if a little big.

  • spottednigel

    Works pretty good so far… but I do kinda like the simulcast to twitter that babbler does.
    On a side note, the Pandora app is out and works pretty well

  • SpottedNigel

    App works great, but I really like the simulcast to Twitter that Babbler does.
    On a side note, the Pandora app is out now and seems to work pretty well

  • Miguel

    Don’t know if its official or not but it works fine, for me at least. It will do for now. Pandora app is ready? Haven’t heard much about it. :)

    Thanks for sharing folks.

  • Martin Russell

    No idea if it’s official or not. It’s possible the app is officially endorsed, but not developed by Facebook.

  • Rommel

    In Honduras, it crashes from the beginning, it’s a shame that this app can’t support Spanish language. Meanwhile I will continue using the other app to get in to Facebook.

  • sean

    It works fine, but fBook is quite simply a TON better. fBook offers fb chat and a friends tab… much more useful.

  • Dave H.

    Sweet, can’t wait to try this out!

  • NYKeys

    Nice start but….

    1) Pictures — No way to view pics in the FB app. (View info- click on the persons photo) It launches the pictures in the browser .

    2) No Inbox

    3) Friends – if there not in the feed you can’t search for them.

    4) Notifications – not working at this time

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