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Hero update puts a little pep in it’s step.

If you have searched the net for opinions and reviews about the Hero then you probably ran in to a lot of “slow responsiveness” or “laggy” when it comes to scrolling between it’s beautiful home screens or choosing it’s multiple apps. Well, HTC has released an update for the Hero that looks to speed up the popular handset’s UI. The update is available on the Danish HTC website and also available to hackers on the XDA Developer’s forums. The English update was leaked there yesterday morning. If you give it a go, please feel free to let us know what you think.

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  • Dave

    After installing the leaked update a week or so ago I can honestly say that the phone is now incredible. Before that I was getting annoyed with the lag between coming out of sleep mode and being able to use the screen, or between exiting an app and being able to use the screen, or the stuttering in music. The update has fixed all that, apart from the occasional stutter in music still. Now it’s gone from a good phone to a great one – everyone should install this ASAP and all those reviews should be re-written using a Hero with the updated software

    • SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

      I must say I experience lag as well with my G1 since the cupcake update. Lag in scrolling, gaps with playing music, it takes long to load a random app etc.

  • Thomas

    I installed the danish update two days ago as it was available. The GUI is in general much faster (for the Sense-part only) and I do not see much lag anymore when scrolling through screens. I find the calendar a bit quicker, but maybe it’s just me being so happy on the overall improvement.

    The Phone-application is also changed a bit, the Mute-butten is bigger now.

    I agree…the reviews should be rewritten :)

  • milus

    If before the update it was an hero, now it’s a super-hero.
    The overall speed was really improved and there are no lags at all in the Sense interface.
    A must have if you own an Hero.

  • KCW

    Java? Java What?

  • rthomsen

    Just to add a comment which is very much in line with the general thread in this section. I must admit, after i received my new Hero 4-5 weeks ago i was far far from happy with the product. slow, didn’t react well when navigating the UI etc. to sum it up, bad.
    But after installing the update last friday, wow what a difference. Suddenly the phone actually reacts more or less instantly when using the UI, a lot of the waiting time closing / opening app’s have been reduced. All in all a rather happy Hero and andriod user.

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