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How fast is 3G data on your Android phone?

T-Mobile has been busy all week rolling out 3G to dozens of  new markets according to our friends at TmoNews. California, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, and several other states now have cities that are coming online. Thousands of Android users are getting to experience 3G speeds for the first time.

We know T-Mobile is working to upgrade their 3G network to HSDPA (7.2 Mbps) in 2009 and HSPA+ (21 Mbps) in 2010, but how fast is it right now? The T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G are capable of HSDPA  7.2, but I do not believe any markets reach that speed yet. From the reports I have read, T-Mobile 3G data speeds tops out around 1 to 1.5 Mbps down and 384 Kbps up.

How fast is 3G data on your Android phone?

Download the Xtreme Labs Speedtest and post your results (make sure WiFi is turned off). I have been running the test for several days and the fastest downloads I get around my place are 500 Kbps. The best results have come when I was outside. Run the test a couple times and share what you find.

Please post your results in the following format:

Carrier and phone
Max download
Max upload


T-Mobile myTouch 3G
Corpus Christi, TX
Download: 531.4 Kbps
Upload: 134.1 Kbps

For a sneak peek at T-Mobile HSDPA+ check out the hands on report from PCMAG.

Update (9/26 21:47): From what I can tell, the current T-Mobile 3G network is capped at HSDPA 1.8 Mbps. Their is also HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, but it appears T-Mobile has skipped that speed in favor of launching HSDPA 7.2 by the end of 2009. I’m trying to get further information to clarify this.

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  • Carlos Urreta

    T-Mobile G1
    Austin, TX (1.5miles SE of Downtown)
    Download: 674.0 Kbps
    Upload: 134.8 Kbps

  • Cory Maheu

    T-Mobile G1
    Portland, OR (right in the heart of downtown)
    Download: 566 Kbps
    Upload: 148.1 Kbps

  • Jinxy

    Why does this app need access to fine GPC (Your Location) and Phone Calls? I can see it needing Internet access but the rest?

    • Demi Adejuyigbe

      If you click “Menu”, then “History”, you’ll see that it tries to record the location of each test so you can know where you get the best signal. It has access to Phone Calls because that’s how it knows whether you’re on 3G or Wifi, and that’s how it sends & receives data to measure download & upload speeds.

      The internet access is because of the “About” page. When you click the link, it has to go somewhere. To do that, it has to have access to the internet.

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    T-Mobile G1
    Plano, TX
    Download: 829.1 Kbit/s
    Upload: 138.7 Kbit/s

    I’ll probably try it outside tomorrow.

  • Francois Lemieux

    Rogers HTC Magic
    Montreal, Qc, Canada (which has HSDPA already.)
    Download: 2282.5 Kbps
    Upload: 254.9 Kbps

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Dang, I’m jealous. My city has only had Tmo 3G for a few months so I’m not sure how long before they turn on HSDPA.

  • Cheese King

    INSIDE APARTMENT (5th floor)
    T-Mobile G1
    Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York
    Download: 1203.8 kbits/s
    Upload: 141.3 kbits/s

  • Brian

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Boston, MA
    Download: 786.5 Kbps
    Upload: 138.6 Kbps

  • Vineares

    Palm Desert, CA
    Download : 605.5 kbps
    Upload : 143.9 kbps

    We just got 3g this month and the coverage is minimal at best. As I travel around the area I’ll lose my connection to 3g and switch back to Edge. Sometimes when I’m just sitting in my house it’ll switch between the two as well. : /

  • Dee

    T-Mobile G1
    Chicago, IL (20 miles SW of downtown)
    DL: 682.3 kbps
    UL: 138.9 kbps

  • lordhong

    T-mobile G1
    Brooklyn, NY
    Download: 555.5 Kbit/s
    Upload: 130.7 Kbit/s

  • TornadoTexan

    T-Mobile G1
    Austin, TX (12 miles NW of Downtown)
    Max download: 884.2 Kbps
    Max upload: 128.8 Kbps

  • Tom

    T-mobile g1
    Kansas City, MO
    851.7 down
    137.5 up

  • brandon

    T-mobile g1
    Salt Lake City, UT
    510.6 down
    132.7 up

    We just got 3g coverage this week!!

  • Sam

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Seattle, WA
    Download: 829.7 kbps
    Upload: 138 kbps

  • etejoie

    inside – T-Mobile mytouch
    Tampa, FL
    764.7 down
    129.1 up

  • Demio

    Rogers Wireless HTC Dream
    Vancouver, Canada
    Download: 1349 kbit/s
    Upload: 260 kbit/s

    Not too shabby

  • Nick

    T-Mobile G1
    Seattle, WA
    Download: 812.9 Kbps
    Upload: 152.6 Kbps

    It’s faster when I’m not in my apartment.

  • nick

    T-Mobile HTC Dream/G1
    Arlington, VA
    Download: 690.6 Kbps
    Upload: 119.2 Kbps

  • Justin Shapcott

    I have my doubts… this thing says my 3G is nearly twice as fast as my wifi. And neither number was outstanding. I have a feeling that we are killing each other’s times by running these at the same time. I had a 300k change between consecutive tests in the same location.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I had a difference of 200-300k over the span of a couple days inside vs outside.

      • Justin Shapcott

        For me this was over the course of two minutes, lol. I didn’t move the phone an inch so the signal should not have changed at all.

  • Xoxe

    Vodafone HTC-Magic
    Ciudad Real, Spain
    Down: 1668,8 Kbit/s
    Up: 144, 8 Kbit/s

  • wirblix

    T-Mobile G1
    Neptune Beach, FL (Jacksonville)
    Download: 718.4 Kbps
    Upload: 138.3 Kbps

    I’ve noticed it starts out slow and slowly climbs to that speed every time I connect. I guess that explains why web browsing on 3G doesn’t feel much different than EDGE – it never has time to climb to the higher speed. Is this normal for 3G? Or is it a battery saving method by Android?

  • Aiman

    T-Mobile G1
    West Bloomfield, MI
    Download: 254.6 Kbits/s
    Upload: 114 Kbits/s

  • john

    INSIDE APARTMENT (4th floor, 3 bars)
    T-Mobile MyTouch
    Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York
    Download: 885.1 kbits/s
    Upload: 131.2 kbits/s

  • Ramon

    Tmobile G1
    Location: Harlem, New York
    Download: 960 Kbit/s
    Upload: 140 Kbit/s

  • Nathan

    I really need to move out of Australia… we’re going to end-up being the stoneage of the digital revolution.

    Vodafone HTC Magic (aka T-Mobile myTouch 3G)
    Location: Wollongong, NSW, Australia (1 hour drive south of Sydney)
    Max Download:
    – Test 1: 424.2 Kbit/s
    – Test 2: 297.1 Kbit/s
    – Test 3: 620.7 Kbit/s (surprising)
    – Average: 447.3 Kbit/s
    Max Upload:
    – Test 1: 59.1 Kbit/s
    – Test 2: 60.3 Kbit/s
    – Test 3: 37.4 Kbit/s
    – Average: 52.3 Kbit/s

    Paying AUD$69 per month on 2 year contract with 1GB data limit per month.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    T-Mobile HTC Dream/G1
    Arlington, Northern California
    Download: ?
    Upload: ?

    What’s 3G? ;)
    Unfortunately I’m still in an EDGE only area for now. Supposed to get 3G some time around Q4 2009.

  • chris

    Rogers HTC Magic

  • Alex

    T-Mobile G1
    Bayside, NY
    Download: 600.3 Kbps
    Upload: 117.8 Kbps

  • Chris

    New York,NY (bad weather)
    Download: 691.1 Kbps
    Upload: 125.0 kpbs

    Was much faster for Wired’s 3g test

  • Alvinycy

    Network: Singtel (Singapore)
    Rom: Amon_Ra (latest)

    Test 1 (Indoors)
    Average Max download speed: 392.7 kbits/s
    Run 1: 359.6 kbits/s
    Run 2: 428.4 kbits/s
    Run 3: 390.1 kbits/s

    Can’t seem to test upload speed though, not sure why. Will try it out again when I’m outdoors.

  • Austin Zero

    T Mobile: G1
    Souther Cali.

    Mine BLOWS!

  • RightYouAreKen

    T-Mobile G1 (cyanogen 4.0.4)
    Sammamish, WA
    Download – 792.1
    Upload – 156.9

  • Kevin

    T-Mobile G1 (cyanogen 4.0.4)
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Download: High 826 kbps and Average 486kbps
    Upload: pretty constant at 110kbps

    Test outside throughout day tommorrow. But same as WIRBLIX takes a bit to get higher speeds. Anyone eles know why?

  • koiphish

    T-Mobile G1 (Cupcake)
    Houston, TX (Off of 290 + 34th at Office)
    Download – 870.0
    Upload – 128.7

  • Joshua Fishburn

    T-Mobile G1
    Denver, CO (Inside my house)
    Download: 542.3 Kbps
    Upload: 124.5 Kbps

  • newspeak

    Carrier and phone tmobile g1
    Location st petersburg fl
    Max download 660.3
    Max upload 128.5

  • Joey Lai

    Carrier: Rogers HTC Magic
    Location: Calgary, AB
    Max DL: 2498.7kbps
    Max UL: 262.3kbps

  • Giacomo

    HTC Dream
    Lucca, Italy
    Download: 4200.3 Kbps
    Upload: 1201.5 Kbps

  • Bernd

    T-Mobile G2 (HTC Hero)
    Vienna, Austria, Europe
    Download: 905.5 Kbps
    Upload: 426.4 Kbps

  • Karolis Pocius

    Not sure that you care about foreign users, but here you go:

    Carrier and phone: T-Mobile UK / T-Mobile G1
    Location: Sheffield, UK (on the ground floor in the hotel)
    Max download: 175.4 Kbit/s
    Max upload: 165.3 Kbit/s

    I can post more from North of England later, as I’m just visiting Sheffield for a weekend.

  • Nailer

    Carrier and phone: O2 UK / HTC Hero unlocked
    Location: London, UK (SE1, Southwark)
    Max download: 360.3 Kbit/s
    Max upload: 302.4 Kbit/s

  • Geezen

    Tele2 Samsung Galaxy
    Lund, Sweden
    Download: 2235.7 Kbps
    Upload: 384.6 Kbps

    My carrier has got (up to) 6Mbit/s whera I am. Seems like Sweden and Canada is the fastest for now. Wohoo!

  • darkfire

    T-Mobile G1
    Park Forest, IL (Inside 2nd floor)
    Download: 1230.2 Kbps
    Upload: 136.1 Kbps

  • David Tabachnikov

    Carrier and phone: Orange IL, HTC Hero
    Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
    Max download: 2124.2 Kbit/s
    Max upload: 417.8 Kbit/s

  • rcabor

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Grand Prairie TX
    Download: 1123.8 Kbps
    Upload: 130.5 Kbps

    I ran this about about a week ago and its was half of that speed! Wonder if they are upgrading my area?

  • Supreeth

    Tmobile MyTouch 3G
    Download : 715 Kbits/s (max 763 Kbits/s)
    Upload : 122 Kbits/s (max 126 Kbits/s)
    San Diego, CA

  • Glen

    T-mobile Mytouch 3g
    Download – 1180.5 Kbs (Max – 1242.6 kbs)
    Upload – 144.1 Kbs (MAx – 152.8 kbs)
    Location San Antonio TX

  • Max

    (Here is the fastest I have in m history using 3G)
    Rogers HTC Magic 32a
    Quebec, QC, Canada
    Download: 3136.8 Kbps
    Upload: 345.2 Kbps

  • sam

    rogers HTC magic
    Montreal, Qc

    Download: 3959.9 kbit/s
    upload: 326.7 kbit/s


  • Chris

    T-Mobile G1
    Wilmington, Delaware
    Download: 617.4Kbit/s
    Upload: 135.0Kbit/s

  • Brian

    T-Mobile myTouch 3g

    Download: 1180.3 kbps
    Upload: 118.6 kbps

    Carson, CA

  • webby

    T-Mobile G1
    Phoenix, AZ
    Download: 907.3 Kbps
    Upload: 138.1 Kbps

  • JGod

    T-Mobile G1
    North Las Vegas, NV
    Download: 367.2 Kbps
    Upload: 115.7 Kbps

  • Ayman

    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G
    Dearborn, MI
    Download: 786.6 kbit/s
    Upload: 130.9

    not bad.

  • Doug

    T Mobile G1
    Bromsgrove, UK
    Download: 637.2 Kbps
    Upload: 176.6 Kbps

  • felix

    T-Mobile G-1
    (S) Minneapolis, MN
    Max download: 775.6 Kbps
    Max upload: 124.6 Kbps

  • dave martindale

    Austin, tx, 4 miles north of downtown.
    Outside, partly cloudy.
    Mytouch3g cyan 4.0.4

    726 up
    135 down

  • gco

    T-Mobile G-1
    Somerville, MA (indoors, 3 bars)
    Max download: 512.3 Kbps
    Max upload: 133.1 Kbps

  • schwiz

    Tmobile G1
    Lawrence, KS
    Max download 435.3 Kbit/s
    Max upload 38.95 Kbit/s

  • NIck

    Tmobile MyTouch3G
    Spanaway, WA
    Max download 987.1 Kbit/s
    Max upload 288.35 Kbit/s

  • anonymous

    T-Mobile G1
    Northern Tucson, AZ
    Max Download: 30Kbit/s LOL

    I get 3G in center of city, up here I don’t get shit =(

  • Eugenijus

    3 (
    Max D. 1933 kbits/s
    Max U. 169 kbits/s

  • iphilluv

    T-Mobile G1
    central NJ

    DL: 761.8
    UL: 123.1

    DL: 4179.9
    UL: 639.5

  • Naomi

    NTT Docomo HT-03A (i.e. HTC Magic/myTouch 3G)
    Kawaguchi, Japan
    Download: 2111.1 Kbps
    Upload: 145.4 Kbps

  • Mudassir

    INSIDE APARTMENT (3rd floor, 2 bars)
    T-Mobile MyTouch (rooted with QTeknology HERO ROM 1.6)
    Fremont, CA
    Download: 811.1 kbits/s
    Upload: 147.5 kbits/s

  • Neil Perry

    Carrier and phone: TMobile UK (G1)
    Location Wiltshire, England
    Max download 403.7Kb
    Max upload 168.8Kb

  • kevin

    Vodafone, HTC Magic
    Barcelona, Spain
    DL: 1521
    UL: 160

  • retrodivot

    T-Mobile G1
    Honolulu, HI

    maxzDL: 693.8
    maxUL: 132.6

  • Karolis Pocius

    Carrier and phone: T-Mobile UK / T-Mobile G1
    Location: Carlisle, UK
    Max download: 244.9 Kbit/s
    Max upload: 124.5 Kbit/s

  • Dean Millam

    T-Mobile G1
    Saint Paul, MN
    Download: 541.1 Kbps
    Upload: 31.8 Kbps

  • R Drizzle

    Jealous of the peeps outta the US LOL…

    Location: ATL, GA
    Phone: pink myTouch
    Down: 675.5
    Up: 148.0

  • Mike

    T-Mobile G1
    Phoenix, AZ (just N of Sky Harbor Airport)
    Download: 630.7 Kbps
    Upload: 153.8 Kbps

  • Dann Spohn

    T-Mobile G1
    Scottsdale Airpark
    DL: 402.6 Kbps
    UL: 85.3 Kbps
    We just got service here about 3 months ago…it’s not that good. Slow and spotty but way better than no service.

  • William Furr

    T-Mobile G1
    Boston, MA – Inside my house
    82.6 Kbit/s
    14.8 Kbit/s

    I only have EDGE inside my house, for whatever reason.

    T-Mobile G1
    Boston, MA – On my back porch for 3G signal
    541.6 Kbit/s
    83.2 Kbit/s

  • Frosty

    Portland, OR (Suburbs 15 miles out in either direction)
    Avg up: 490 kbits
    Avg dn: 130 kbits


  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    Fredericksburg, VA
    Down: 534 kb/s
    Up: 116 kb/s

    Although, I have to say I’m not sure this is the most accurate way to measure the speed. I get 1+ mb/s when I’m tethering my G1 to my laptop (using the benchmark).

  • s15274n

    T-Mobile G1
    Raleigh, NC (3G last week)
    Max download 799 kb/s
    Max upload 137 kb/s

    3G only works outdoors here though? Is that normal?

  • Matt

    T-Mobile G1
    Indianapolis, IN
    Download Outside: 791.5
    Download Inside: 136.0

    Upload Outside: 675.6
    Upload Inside: 126.6

    • Matt


      Should be:
      Download outside: 791.5
      Upload outside: 136.0

      Download inside: 675.6
      Upload inside: 126.6


  • Coornail

    HTC Hero
    Hungary (Szeged), Vodafone

    Down: 427 Kbit/s
    Up: 366 Kbit/s

  • sethwardo

    T-mobile MyTouch 3G
    Download: 506
    Upload: 121

  • poinck

    T-Mobile G1
    Berlin Germany, T-Mobile

    Down: 1022 Kbit/s
    Up: 298 Kbit/s

  • Haf

    Starhub (Singapore)
    HTC Hero

    down – 1799 Kbits/s
    up – 230 Kbits/s

  • technoweenie

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G (running cyanogen 4.0.4)
    Santa Cruz, CA (Westside, by the boardwalk)
    Download: 648.3 Kbps
    Upload: 146.0 Kbps

    Just got 3G tonight. =)

  • Dennis

    Telmore 3G, Denmark

    Download: 1496.3 Kbit/s
    Upload: 409.2 Kbit/s

  • BiggerSpain

    Vodafone Spain Magic
    Seville, Andalucia
    Download: 1560 Kbps
    Upload: 156.1 Kbps

  • Rob Kaper

    Vodafona (HTC Hero)
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Download: 2308.9 Kbps
    Upload: 198.9 Kbps

  • fr3dly

    t-mobile myTouch 3G
    outside the bookstore at st.edward’s university in austin, texas

    download speed – 721.8 Kbits/s (Max: 722.0 Kbits/s)

    upload speed – 130.3 Kbits/s (Max: 131.9 Kbits/s)

  • ShadyHaitien

    T-Mobile G1
    Norwalk, CT
    Download: 419.4
    Upload: 111.7

  • Pdoobs

    Cincinnati Bell Unlocked Mytouch 3G
    Cincinnati, OH
    Download: 1890.3 Kbits/s (Max: 1902.9 Kbits/s)
    Upload: 262.8 Kbits/s (Max: 268.7 Kbits/s)

  • oskar

    T-Mobile G1
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    3 (, not T-Mobile)
    Download: 3148.6
    Upload: 154.6

  • dedioste

    HTC Magic
    Olgiate Olona, Italy
    Coverage: 3G
    Down: 396 kbit/s
    Up: 96 kbit/s

  • luiggi

    T-Mobile G1
    white plains NY
    Download:747.1 kbit/s
    Upload:132.6 kbit/s

  • magicnz

    Vodafone New Zealand
    HTC Magic

    down: 1037.4 Kbits/s
    up: 335.6 Kbits/s

  • Bals2oo8

    Inside house and surrounded by a few large trees
    T-Mobile G1
    Nederland, Tx
    Download: 554.1 Kbit/s
    Upload: 133.9 Kbit/s

  • aztech

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Tempe, AZ
    Download: 649.8 Kbps
    Upload: 150.5 Kbps

  • Maxy

    T-Mobile Mytouch
    Lewisville (Dallas), TX
    Download: 1746.6 Kbit/s
    Upload: 140.2 Kbit/s

    Can someone let me know if this is good enough?

  • seenxu

    o2 germany, samsung galaxy
    location: ludwigsburg
    down: 1320.9 Kbits/s
    up: 347.6 Kbits/s

  • G1_SandFrancisco

    T-Mobile G1
    San Francisco, CA
    (Sitting on Ocean Beach)
    Download: 956kb/sec
    Upload: 147kb/sec

  • robert

    dload: 2187
    upload: 383

    stockholm, sweden (buried inside my office building)

  • Rhynos Android

    T-mo G1
    Sapulpa, Ok (3G, heck we’re lucky to have broadband out here…)
    DL:199.4 Kbit/s
    UL:41.1 Kbit/s

  • Samantha

    T-Mobile MyTouch3G
    Cincinnati (no 3g yet) inside:
    DL: 166.2 Kbits/s
    UL: 33.0 Kbits/s

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  • Mark

    T-Mo G1
    At Baltimore/BWI
    DL 725.5
    UL 124.9

    Same device in Hartford, CT
    DL 654.8
    UL 141.1

  • Scott B

    T-Mobile, Motorola CLIQ
    Phoenix, AZ (test ZIP: 85053)
    DL: 699.9
    UL: 137.3

  • Matthew N.

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Phoenix, AZ
    Download: 2016.1 Kbit/s
    Upload: 357.2 Kbit/s

  • http://Website Keith

    Verizon Droid Eris
    Arlington, VA (inside)
    Down Max 1764.9 kbit/s
    Up Max 187.7 kbit/s

  • http://Website isaiah

    how do you check the speed on the cliq

    • http://Website Matt

      Its an app on the market… Speed Test. has a picture of a gauge as the icon.

  • http://Website justin

    this is weird cause i used to live in canada only a few years ago and i lived mybee 10-15 minutes out of ottawa(capital city) and i had no cell reseption and like 10 kbps dial up lol now they got gigabit internet (someplases) and 3g phone service wow

  • http://Website Keith

    Verizon LG Ally
    Westford, Massachusetts
    Max. Download: 1266.1(inside) 1462.4 (outside)
    Max. Upload 212.4(inside) 318.3 (outside)

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  • http://Website Alisha

    I used the speed test by Ookla instead because it had better ratings in the market but here are my results

    Cellular South Galaxy S
    Jackson, MS
    Max Download: 825 kbps [inside] 1108 kbps [outside]
    Max Upload: 431 kbps [inside] 480 kbps [outside]

  • http://Website Matt

    T-Mobile: Mytouch 3G

    Frederick, MD,

    Download – 1550 kbps
    Upload – 364 kbps
    Ping – 175 ms

    ….booya :)

  • http://Website lee luster

    minot nd.

    verizon 3g

    1877.8 kbit/s down
    635.7 kbit/s up

    using extremelabs speedtest on motorolla droid x

    it looks to me up north like us and canada are fast maybe data travels faster when frozen!!!! if so i want to move to antarctica.

  • Borris

    Orange HTC Desire
    London UK
    1263 kbps up
    138kbps down

  • warbzone

    South Arkansas
    slow speed, 3g in area but have a 4g droid razr
    297 download
    348 upload
    compared to what I read…why is mine so slow???

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  • crazd

    11.97 mbps download
    4.22 mbps upload

    uk durham