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HTC Hero coming to Sprint on October 11

If you have been like most Android lovers, scouring the web wondering when that beautiful HTC Hero was going to show up in the US, search no further. This morning Sprint announced in a press release that the HTC Hero will be coming to the Now Network, with pre-orders starting as early as today and the device launching October 11th for $179.00 with a two year contract.

One catch, though… Sprint and HTC have redesigned the device. The unmistakable look and feel to the original Hero will be cast asunder and a new “Sprinted” version will show face. Don’t worry though, everything else looks to be the same: the 3.5mm headphone jack, wifi, bluetooth, 5MP camera and the Sense UI- just no chin or rugged curves. We wonder why Sprint would even call it the Hero with such a completely redesigned look, but who really cares, the US is getting it’s first device with HTC Sense and the Android community is getting a great device to play with.

So what do you think? Would you switch carriers to Sprint for a Hero? Anyone on Sprint already and totally excited about the news? Sound off in the comments below or in the forums.

For more information, check out the Sprint press release.

-Ryan Mills (aka DroidHead)

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  • nEx.Software

    Not compelling enough of an upgrade for me to switch.

  • TonyZ

    I have the mytouch3g but I’m willing to trade it for this one just for the 3.5mm jack. Its a hassle sometimes when I want to talk with my earpiece (i still use the headpiece) and charge my phone at the same time. Or listen to music while charging my phone.

  • foebea

    For me the hardware keyboard is the must have feature. I won’t go to any device which doesn’t have one.

  • xxxMDKxxx

    I have a MyTouch 3G nicely rooted and hacked. I check out hero, it was ok. You’d be a foul to switch just for the Hero/Sence UI

  • JJ

    I’m on Sprint and have been waiting for a Sprint/Android device since Android was first announced. I like the UK version of the Hero and was looking forward to Sprint releasing the same phone. My one hesitation, until today that is, was the processor in the Hero.

    I was looking at the Hero as a device that I’d settle for if it was my only choice, but I’d prefer an Android phone with one of the next gen processors. After today’s release I am less excited about the Hero coming to Sprint. In my opinion, Sprint has screwed the pooch with this new design! Why even call it the Hero? They have taken away the most unique feature of the Hero, it’s outer shell, and replaced it with a shell that pretty much takes away it’s personality. If they wanted it to blend in with all the other sheep, then they have succeeded.

    I don’t hate the new design but I do not like it either. My contract with Sprint is up in January. I will wait until then and weigh my options. I will most likely end up buying a Sprint-Hero off ebay to tide me over until the they release an Android phone with one of the next gen processors. I’m certainly not going to re-up my contract for this “Hero”.

  • Adam17

    Did anyone else see this “Pandora®, the popular personal radio application, is launching on Android devices and will be available on the HTC Hero from Sprint. “?

    Hopes this means the rest of us can get it too, surely it’ll be available on XDA if not.

  • SliestDragon

    That’s not the hero…it’s an imposter!

  • DroidHead

    Sprint and Pandora work together ….. It doesn’t surprise me in the least….

  • nick

    I’m with foebea…I’m not touching anything without a keyboard.

  • jaymannny!

    it only costs $180! wow considering the htc pro touch 2 is almost 400!

  • banana man

    haha this is pretty sliggidy