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HTC releases Android 1.6 to developers

HTC released the official Android 1.6 (Donut) images today so that developers can begin testing their apps with the latest build. These images were intended for developer phones and they should not be flashed unless you understand what you are doing. I decided against writing a guide for flashing these because the people that really want to load them can do it quite easily.

These images were accidentally signed with test keys so you mush flash them with a recovery image that also uses test keys (cm-recovery 1.4). Google has said they will soon upload the correct images signed with production keys so that these images can be loaded on stock developers phones.

This release of Android 1.6 is in line with the recent rumors we posted and we still expect T-Mobile will rollout the over the air update in late October.

Several readers requested screenshots of the official Android 1.6 build and I will be uploading some later today.

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  • jasonlee

    Is it basically the same as the newest CM experimental?

  • Josh

    I just went from CyanogenMod to this. I had to wipe the phone, but it worked.

    The downsides are that you don’t have su in the terminal emulator anymore, and android wifi tether no longer works. The guys who wrote android wifi tether are working on this though.

    Plusses are the new market, and it seems a bit faster. Also, you can still su from adb shell.

  • Ben Broeckx

    Can I just flash these to a 32A HTC Magic of Proximus, or will I be in trouble if I do that?

  • wngmv

    I would think the cm experimental is better, but this one comes with stocked apps.

  • Sam Brown-Steiner

    I’m trying to install power manager pro in /system/app. not working, even through adb. anyone know where paid apps are stored on 1.6? or any way of downgrading to 1.5 again?????

  • http://Website Ng

    Interesting. Just checked and all the images (1.0 to 1.6) cannot be downloaded from the HTC site for the ADP1. Is this temporary?

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