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Insyde Market to feature Android netbook apps

If you have a developers account with the official Android Market, you have probably heard about the new Insyde Market. Many organizations like to farm the email addresses that developers submit to the Market and I get weekly emails about new offers.

Insyde Market is the first market in world specifically focused for netbook platforms running Android. The site appears to have launched today, so there are no applications listed.

Dear Android and Me Labs,

The market for your Android applications is about to expand very quickly and very soon. Insyde Software, the leading mobile computer firmware provider is partnering with the world’s leading computer OEMs to bring the Google Android operating environment to the x86 netbook market.

In the coming months, we expect Acer and other netbook makers will introduce new products that leverage the open Google Android Platform. Here’s your chance to become an early access member of Insyde Market, the first Android application market exclusively for netbooks.

It is cool to see a market designed specifically for netbooks, but Android’s future on netbooks is uncertain. Google announced they would release the Chrome OS for netbooks and is currently working with all the large computer companies. I’m not sure if I see a future for Android netbooks when everyone has committed to Chrome OS.

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  • vimaljaiswal94709

    from where i can download android app for notebook

  • Tictac

    no hay manera de que me pueda registrar en insyde market ni para netbook ni para mobile

  • abhijit

    i have this 2009acer netbook aspire one ,i have this insyde market in this which is inbuilt. can i upgrade it to the latest android platform if so how do i do it.i tried to update it , but i found it difficult to sign in. Please do guide me.