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Introducing the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR

Motorola held their press event today at Mobilize 09 and unveiled their first Android phone, the T-Mobile CLIQ. This is the phone everyone had been calling the Motorola Morrison and the specs are the same that we leaked last month. Overall, the hardware is similar to other first generation Android phones we have seen from HTC and Samsung.

What sets the T-Mobile CLIQ apart from other Android phones is the software that Motorola has included, which they named MOTOBLUR. This is similar to the HTC Sense user interface, but with some enhanced features.

We will have an in depth look at the MOTOBLUR features later today, but in the mean time I will refer you to the official Motorola and T-Mobile sites.

Check out this video from our friend Noah from Phonedog.

I had predicted we would see the Motorola Sholes at this event, but it appears the phone has been delayed to an early December release date. Check back later today for some new inside information on the Sholes.

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  • Ryan Mills

    I love the look of this device…. I would love to getmy hands on it to see it in depth.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Except for the over used proc, I’d say this is a pretty damn nice phone. Can’t wait to see the ROM hit XDA.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Is it a “With Google” phone? Didn’t notice that in any posts I’ve seen.

    • calwriter

      Yes and no on being a “with Google” phone. It does not say that on the phone unlike early Android phones. However, it has everything Google on it that earlier “with Google” phones had.

  • nEx.Software

    No, it is not a “With Google” phone…

  • prmd142

    how bout multitouch?

  • nEx.Software

    No, there is not multitouch.

  • Fahad

    I think it might just be me but I personally can’t stand Motorola as a company. Their products generally have a cheap look and feel to them not to mention they tend to break easily. Now that they’re using the android platform in their phones I’m worried that there bad reputation might just rub off a little on android… I hope that’s not the case but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Zappy

    Motoblur generally looks a bit shitty I think. Who the hell wants to scroll through messages, ONE at a time?

    At least its all widgets so we can remove the useless ones.

  • Tydiz

    I can’t imagine having to deal with ALL my networks…I wonder if you can specifically note what social networks you want to use and who you want to be nagged by every second of every day.

  • LECOURT Claude

    I want to know if the “Motorola T-Mobile” is SKYPE compatible, if not is possible to know which kind of mobile phone is compatible.

  • http://Website Aleida

    Got the Cliq as soon as it came out. I’ve had it for three months and took good care of it. All of a sudden the phone has a mind of its own. Everytime I open it up, it starts typing away and wont stop. It just wants to keep adding letters wherever it could. So now I am stuck to the onscreen keyboard. No texting for me til I get a new phone

  • http://Website MaryKate

    I love the phone but it is really laggy. It always gives me the FORCE CLOSE or WAIT buttons. I like the phone a lot but it does have a bit of bugs still in it. So I would suggest the iPhone over the cliq.

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