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Motorola Sholes and Android 2.0 set for October launch on Verizon leaked some internal Verizon conference call notes which revealed several new launch dates for upcoming phones.  Among the phones listed is the much anticipated Motorola Sholes.  According to the document, the Motorola A855 Sholes Android device is slated for an October launch.  This October date matches an earlier Verizon roadmap that was leaked last month.

Look to late October for a Sholes launch on Verizon.

Look to late October for a Sholes launch on Verizon.

No date has been given and I suspect this is because Google and Motorola are working endlessly to finish Android 2.0.  I have spoken with enough inside sources to be convinced the Sholes will ship with Eclair and be advertised as the first Android 2.0 phone.

October might sound like an aggressive time frame if you are wondering how Android 2.0 could be finished in two months.  I myself am worried if it will be ready in time and I would not be surprised to see this launch delayed another month.  Never the less, it appears October is the deadline that some company executive was aiming for.

If the Motorola Sholes is in fact launching in October, this is another good sign we might see the device announced on September 10, 2009 at Mobilize 09.  Apple is rumored to reveal a new iPod on September 9, 2009 and this is a good chance for Andy Rubin and Google to top that announcement with one of their own.

“Hey Taylor, you are an idiot. Donut comes before Eclair”

As I have often expressed, I am worried about the possibility of Eclair and Android 2.0 not making their way to first generation hardware like the T-Mobile G1.  I have no evidence, but I believe Donut will become Android 1.6 and rollout on the G1 in a similar time frame to Eclair on Sholes.  I believe the G1 will continue to receive 1.x updates from that point on, while second generation hardware gets 2.x updates.  I hope I’m wrong about this info, but I still don’t see T-Mobile or Google doing anything to address the storage issues on the G1.

Verizon customers are in for a treat this holiday season.

Verizon customers are in for a treat this holiday season.

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  • Cesar Razuri

    i. can’t. wait.

    • kermitthefrayer


      I haven’t had good luck with any Moto recently. Especially the sidekick slide and razr2/rokr…

  • kermitthefrayer

    Any processor ram specs yet?

  • SliestDragon

    So, do you think android phones(- the G1) will get 2 updates around the same time, or do you think google will just ship it out as 1 big update? Or is Eclair on the sholes first then shipping to other android phones?

  • anthony

    I thought about switching from tmobile to Verizon…but even with my employee discount I’m looking to spend 5 to 10 dollars more…wow verizon plans are up there…I don’t know if I want to commit to that? However I hope this phone does well…

    • brak

      ATT is just as expensive

  • JJ

    From a specs. perspective, this phone sounds like it’ll be great! On the other hand, Moto has a recent reputation of making mediocre phones loaded with sub-par (horrible IMO) software.

    Everyone is focusing on the awesome hardware and the updated Android OS. There doesn’t seem to be much mention of Moto’s struggles and need to get this one right. Moto really needs to come out swinging. Not only with solid hardware that feels good in the hand and doesn’t look or feel cheap, but also with their UI enhancements. I think the feel of the phone and it’s perceived durability will be the biggest factor. After all, if the Moto UI “blur” is problematic, users can run vanilla Android or one of the many enthusiast-tweaked versions. I hope that Moto turns it around. We need more high-end Android phones around to drive competition and keep prices reasonable.

    I have used two Moto phones in the last five years, both mid-tier clamshell phones. Both of them were made with cheap plastic that made creaking noises and both had software problems. The last one I owned for a grand total of one week before returning it to Cingular and picking up a Sony Ericsson instead.

    That’s where I’m coming from in regards to my perception of Moto phones.

  • darjama

    It says the phone “launches.” Doesn’t that just mean they’re just announcing it then? I don’t think it necessarily means it will be available for sale right away.

    I just think it’s odd that it says the Sholes is launching in October, but then lists the Storm 2 for “10/14 retail.” I guess we’ll know more on September 10th.

  • kanderson88

    hi, if you google moto sholes, it will show some real posts on the announcement from motorola on sept 10, verizon has not been invited to the event, meaning few things, that they might not be getting the phone, all these pictures could possibly be a fake, i even talked to a team member at a tmobile store, and the person there told me they have the first 5 rights to the android OS on any phone, the HTC hero does not count as it was customized by htc not googles OS, so i believe that tmobile might be getting this phone, and this info may be incorrect or may be correct, we dont know yet, we will soon find out though.

    • Tydiz

      Uhhh…When did they start letting 5 year olds leave comments here?

      First off, your post makes absolutely no sense…mostly because it has absolutely no sentence structure whatsoever. You seriously used 1 period in the whole paragraph, which means you are either 10 or dropped out very very early.

      Secondly, a T-Mobile rep wouldn’t know anything about internal company plans. T-Mobile wouldn’t risk company secrets to their under-payed, under-benefited rep staff.

      Its pretty much known that the Scholes is a CDMA band, which means GSM providers like AT&T and T-mobile are SOL when it comes to getting the phone. Verizon is more than a sure bet, but it is weird that Verizon was not invited to the show…Then again, no other service provider was either.

      Also, I want to point out that Motorola is adding their own framework to whatever version of Android they end up getting. This means that whatever version of Android ends up on the phone, it won’t be an “official release” of Android but a “Motorola release” of android, just like Sense UI is “HTC’s release” of Android….Same guts, different exterior.

      (Sorry if I was rude…I’m kidding but try to make legible posts next time. Who knows, someone might actually take you seriously)

  • striggity

    I’ll buy this phone the day it comes out.

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  • joe

    is it a smartphone?

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  • senior phone

    That phone looks really hard to use.

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