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New feature – Weekly Android poll

As part of our site re-launch, we are starting several new weekly features. Friday is going to be poll day (suggest clever name). Each week we are going to pose a new poll and then reveal the voting analysis the following week. This week, we want to know “Which upcoming Android phone are you looking forward to the most?” I picked the next big 3 phones from the American carriers and left a space to vote other. Vote today and check back next Friday for the results.

If you would like to suggest a poll for a following week, just leave a comment and we will review it.

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  • jasonlee

    Sholes hands down!

  • Amu

    The Sholes of course, unless if there’s another device with better specs than this ;). I was wondering, does the Sholes have a LED notifier (ie N900)?

  • Clavs

    Anything for AT&T promised to come out by Jan 2010 by any chance?

  • SliestDragon

    The Sholes of course. Not only for the great internal specs, but because the external specs actually give the iPhone a run for it’s money. A bigger screen(3.7 > 3.5), and only 1.4mm thicker as it while still having a hardware keyboard. The ONLY thing I could possibly want more, is a snapdragon or tegra processor, but hey, atleast it will still be faster than my G1. :-)

  • valdier

    The Sony Ericson has far better specs than the Sholes, or anything else announced so far. Although it doesn’t have a physical keyboard.

  • Eric

    Sholes, assuming the hardware “spec”ulations are accurate.

  • NoSoSilent

    Hero because it’s on Sprint. But if the Shole or X3 ever comes to Sprint, I’ll be all over that!

  • Jhug

    Most desired UI?

  • RightYouAreKen

    Sony Ericsson ‘Rachel’ Xperia X3

  • brombomb

    but where are the results?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The results with full analysis will be posted once everyone has a chance to vote. We expect to do this every Friday.

  • mrjack92

    Sholes. If they had it for T-Mobile. Will there be a way to get it to work with T-Mobile towers?

  • JimNC

    Sholes. Verizon announced two new data plans (5MB and 7xMB). Neither is unlimited. Will this be a problem with the Sholes, especially if I use Google’s push email capability?

  • lordhong


  • Phillip Duggan

    I’m looking forward to the Sholes because I’m on Verizon though I just saw somebody mention the Sony Ericsson ‘Rachel’ Xperia X3 and I would love that one even more if I could get it subsidized…

  • Doug Russell

    I voted for the sholes, but only on T-mobile

  • gylu

    sholes but only as the least disappointing of the list. give me something with a tegra in it then you have a truly heart felt vote.

  • Kevin


  • surfereddie

    How can anyone like T-Mobile. They are the only carrier with UMA and left it off both Android phones. They tried to lock us out of tethering. I’m a customer by the way. Compared to Sprint they are much more exepensive. They have a slower network, with less coverage. How could anyone in their right mind stay with TMO. I’m going to Sprint when they get the Android. I’m in a metro area and get 1 bar in my house. UMA? Idiots!!!!!!!!!!

  • toots

    I’ve got a poll for you. How about, “who wants more than one story a week from androidandme?”

  • rc

    if sholes can be as promising as reported here, this is going to be a blockbuster

  • NotSoSilent

    So where are these results???

  • Izzyd

    Sholes no questions asked.

  • JAG

    Sholes, is the best by now, hope the specifications be as they have shown.

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