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No-contract price of T-Mobile Cliq is $449.99

Yesterday was a busy day for Cliq news. T-Mobile launched the countdown site for the pre-sale and announced a price tag of $199 with a 2yr contract. All the new info that was revealed left us with several questions. Most importantly, we wanted to know how much the phone would cost to those who don’t qualify for an upgrade and when the pre-orders would ship.

We contacted T-Mobile USA and they responded with the following:

1. How much is the Cliq for current customers who do not meet the upgrade eligibility requirements?

The CLIQ will be available for $199.99 with a two year service agreement. Additional pricing levels vary based on the customer’s tenure, but these pricing levels are less expensive than purchasing a new phone without a two year contract. In the case of the CLIQ, the no-contract price is $449.99.

2. Will pre-sale Cliqs begin shipping on October 19, 2009?

T-Mobile customers who purchase a CLIQ during the pre-sale period will receive their device within days of when the order is received. Orders will be processed right away and depending on when the device is purchased, customers could receive their CLIQ just days after Oct. 19.

I really wanted to purchase this phone, but I am not eligible for the special $199 price. I’m a little shocked by the no-contract price of $450, but it is encouraging to hear that T-Mobile has “additional pricing levels…based on the customer’s tenure”. With Android 2.0 phones scheduled to hit later this year, I might hold off on my purchase. I want to wait and see which phones get announced at next week’s CTIA show.

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  • Scott

    I totally agree- bit of a crazy price. I am personally waiting for the Sholes which is so much better than the Cliq. hopefully the price will not be relative tot his one!! Sholes apparently shipping with 2.0. also SE Rachael is apparently absolutely awesome….

  • Dan

    I jumped over to T-mobile for the myTouch (couldn’t wait for Verizon to produce a decent device). The myTouch is mediocre -i.e. slow- but T-Mobile’s service is worse. I’m headed back to VZW when the Sholes hits, or at least as long as I’m confident that Big Red won’t hamstring the device too much.

  • Christopher

    DANG! Thought it was gonna be cheaper but I guess for the budget minded they always have the Tattoo…

    I’m just sick of old hardware in shiny new containers.. Can we get some 1GHz Android phones, T-Mobile!?!?!?!

    Like a TRUE successor to the G1 C’mon HTC!! =D

  • Malcolm B.

    where is CTIA being held and when exactly? Website?

  • Zacqary Adam Green

    Oh. Well then.

    I guess I’ll be hanging onto my G1 for quite a while longer.

    Christ, that’s expensive.

  • lordhong

    too much for a 2-year-old hardware spec. holding onto my G1 for now and waiting for VZW Sholes/Tao!

    • Luiz

      Agreed! I hope that SE Rachael will not be expensive like this old hardware phone.

  • Rozak

    It’s great news…
    waiting come to Indonesia

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  • Ryan

    I’ve got something like 12 years with Voicestream, ehem, I mean T-mobile, and I really don’t think there is an out of contract price good enough to entice me to jump into another 2 year contract. This phone just doesn’t do it for me. I’ll probably hold onto the G1 for another year to hopefully find a major upgrade Android phone at the full discount. Maybe by that time they’ll be giving Android devices away.

  • R Drizzle

    @Ryan…got you beat. I was with Tmo since they were Powertel down here in ATL. I aint going no where lol. I just buy new phones every year and pay big chunks of cash for them lol. I would have taken this moto, but Im with my mytouch now. So next year, we’ll see what kinda Android coolness is out.

  • MadProfessor

    Who is your source Taylor?
    T-mobile’s own contest says this phone has an ARV of $362.00
    They’re giving out 105 phone for a contest value of $38,010. Which agrees with an ARV at $362
    If the phone now ARVs at $449, they can only give out 84 phones, unless they change the contest value to $47,145
    I’m confused.

  • Ryan

    While that price may seem high, remember that T-Mobile is the only carrier that allows you to split up your phone purchase into 4 easy payments…

  • MotoZine

    Motorola CLIQ for USD 450 is cheap for me and worth it. Motorola CLiQ is Motorola Middle End. Motorola Sholes / Tao / Droid is Motorola High End.

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  • TmD

    Been with this company since 97 with 2 phones. The way I see it, that’s showing customer loyalty. I think I’ve reached the tipping point. You would think that @ some point they would drop the silly 2 year contract strong arm business by now. At the very least offer a better deals to long time customers. I’ve decided to let my contracts run out and not renew them. Sorry guys, you had your chance.

  • Crypto

    T-Mobile are nuts!

    Orange UK are charging $55 per month for a standard two year contract, 900 minutes any network voice, Orange Maps, browse internet anytime and anywhere and unlimited text.

    Oh and their DEXT/CLIQ is free!

    If someones adds up the cost of the same T-mobile voice plan + data plan + text plan+ the surcharge cost of the phone $8.30 ($199/24) and it will be wayyyy more than $55 a month!

    This is not Motorola’s fault since Orange UK can do it.

    When the Sholes/Tao comes out soon, hopefully Verizon will not be so greedy and then the price of the CLIQ will plummet down.

    • Crypto

      EDIT: It is worse than I thought, I left out MAPS.

      If someones adds up the cost of the same T-mobile voice plan + data plan + text plan+ maps access + the surcharge cost of the phone $8.30 ($199/24) and it will be wayyyy more than $55 a month!

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  • Chris

    Why the hell would anyone pay $450 for this phone? With a 2 year extension, you get it for $200. TMobile charges $200 to cancel a 2yr committment. So even if you open a new account, buy the phone for $200, and then cancel immediately afterwards, paying the $200 ETF, you’re only paying $400.

  • judy

    i agree. no-contract means that without additional annuities, the price per phone would be substantial compared to the actual cost of time and materials. discretion often is part of valor … or so i’m told.

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