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Polar Mobile to bring Sports Illustrated to Android

Polar Mobile, a Toronto based mobile app developer, has announced their full support for Android. They expect the wave of new devices based on Google’s Android platform will help it boost growth from abroad.

“We’re getting ready to go global,” Chief Executive Officer Kunal Gupta said in an interview. “Android does have the potential to be the top smart-phone operating system globally.”

I’m guessing many of our readers have never heard of Polar Mobile, but they represent a growing list of publishers:

  • BusinessWeek
  • CNNMoney
  • Food Network
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Time Magazine
  • and more

Polar Mobile is expected to release an Android application for within the next 10 days. Over the next six months they have plans to release Android versions of Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, and others.

[via Bloomberg]

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