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Register for pre-sale and instantly win a Cliq

T-Mobile has started the countdown to the Motorola Cliq presale which begins October 19, 2009. In order to promote the launch, T-Mobile is giving away 105 Cliq phones instantly to those who register for updates. Everyone that registers is also entered to win one of three Grand Prizes which includes a vacation for five people.

Let us know if you are actually an instant winner.

Register today and see if you won.

Register today and see if you won.

Leakdroid has also scored some shots of the Motorola Cliq box art.

I think this will be my next phone.

I think this will be my next phone.

[via Tmonews]

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  • Michael Haydel

    Not an instant winner. Damn.

    Maybe I’ve missed it, but do we know how much this phone’ll be? And I’m guessing there won’t be any sort of upgrade pricing or anything like that for existing G1 customers, right?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The rumor was free on 2yr contract and $399 out of pocket. I hope it is cheaper so I can buy it straight up.

  • GM From My Cheap Tech

    Cool would be nice to win one but honestly can’t wait until the new HTC (Snapdragon) or Tegra models come out :)

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    No instant winner here either. Bummer.

  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    Will it be instant like, “YOU’VE WON!!!” or instant like tomorrow I’ll get an email about being chosen?

    • Jeremiah Hoyet

      Nevermind, I got the “you didn’t win” email just now. . .

  • Rhonda

    I have an email saying I’m an instant winner. In Spanish, since I marked the wrong language (“ganaste!”). I don’t really know how to claim since the email has zero detail (looks just like the “you didn’t win” just it doesn’t say I lost, which makes me uncertain that I really won…but). I am now sifting through the fine print looking for guidance.

    Thanks for posting this! I saw it here first.

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