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Screenshots coming to Android Market (VIDEO)

An often requested feature is finally ready to make its way to the Android Market. Developers now have the opportunity to upload two screenshots and one promotional graphic to their Market entry.

The developer website gives the following note:

Screenshots are visible only on the website at this time and will not show on the device.

That message tells me two things. Feel free to disagree with my opinion.

  • 1. Screenshots are coming to the Android Market client in the next update.
  • 2. Android Market will soon have a full website for all apps:

Check out the following screen for what the features look like.

Developers can finally upload screens of their apps.

Developers can finally upload screens of their apps.

Google has also uploaded a video that previews the upcoming changes.

[Thank you therealriley for the tip]

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  • ambitousridah

    this really needs to make it into the mobile version for handsets, its a much needed feature. how can developers honestly compete with eachother and sell thier software based on the tiny space provided in the android market.

    it must be really tough for devs to sum up why we customers should buy thier (hardworked) product in such a small space without the aid of screenshots.

    A welcomed addition if it makes it to handsets

    • Tydiz


      I also think the market would benefit in giving developers an easier way of contacting the users who are leaving feedback. Too many times do I see comments that would easy to answer or praise on my app, ShuffleTone. Instead, I have been limited to answering these comments externally, on a blog which works fine but I bet the answers don’t reach 90% of the users who had problems/questions/suggestions.

  • ahmed


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  • yagocchi

    I imagine that “promotional graphic” may be used like the one dispalyed upper side of “Featured” in App Store.

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  • midtoad

    For those that don’t know, you can grab screenshots from any app (including the one you wrote) installed on your device by connecting to your Mac or PC with a USB cable, then running ‘ddms’ in the SDK’s tools folder. The screenshot won’t be taken unless you highlight the device name first in the picker window in the ddms app.

  • Georges

    While I like the new look and the screenshots, this doesn’t go in the direction I wish.
    What I most frequently want to do is browse for apps, with no specific type/theme in mind. I just want to discover “cool” stuff, things I never heard about, not more categories. I never use them, as I don’t have time to browse more categories.
    What I need are filters. Here are the things I want to be able to NOT see:

    - apps only provided in languages I don’t know. This is becoming more and more of a problem on Market, with more and more apps in Chinese/Asian languages, or in European languages I don’t know. I want to be able to see only apps in English/French/German. Also think about people who can’t read English: it has to be trivial for them to never see English only apps… Brutal, but that’s the experience I’d expect. There are tons of ebooks too.

    - apps with irrelevant local contents. I don’t want to see all these maps of places that are irrelevant to my current location. I don’t want the metro map of London to ever appear, or at least, I should be able to filter out everything further than 100 miles away from my current location. Conversely, the day I take the plane and land in NY, I want the NY metro maps to appear right away with all NY specific content apps. Other example: TV guides. Do I care about German/Swedish/UK TV guides? These all exist on Android market in 2 versions (lite & full)… As I live in the US, I couldn’t care less. And vice-versa. Local content is only ever relevant to a minority of people, as only a minority of users live in or around that location/country.

    - apps from “bad” authors. There are way too many publishers that make 10s or 100s of apps that are all crappy, in the same spirit. Like the “Celebrity XXX sound/pics pack” apps, and the like, that change ringtones and/or wallpapers and the like according to a theme. They build 10s of these. Other example: I heard Apple banned an Indian app developer who authored over 800 apps, all of dubious interest. Rather than have this guy be banned (which is always unpopular), we could better let users decide for themselves and maybe let the developers know how often they’ve been filtered out permanently.

    - low ratings: I often don’t even bother with an app with less than 3 stars.

    Please improve market: this is where the value of the platform is built, yet, the app itself is not too good… :-(

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