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Speed Forge 3D for Android

Last month, we brought you a teaser video for a new 3D game called Project Chronos. The title came from a Polish developed named Darkimar and he has returned to share another new game called Speed Forge 3D. Like Project Chronos, this game features 3D graphics like we have never seen on Android.

MARS 2142….
It has been 60 years since the colonization and thousands of factories and mines have sprung up across miles of the inhospitable Red Planet.
In the past decade, industries prospered leading to vast settlements of over half a million inhabitants.
Crime is rampant, time is abundant and the citizens are looking for some entertainment…
“Speed Forge”: Heavy duty hover vehicles, normally used for mining are now seen in illegal races organized in abondoned factories and dark Marsian alleys. The rock crushing explosives once used in these machines now serve a different purpose…

Unfortunately, the game is not available for play yet. The developer told me he was trying to enter both games in ADC2, but I don’t know if he met the deadline. I’m working to get some more details or a playable copy of the game to bring you more footage.

Check out the video preview below while we wait for more information.

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  • rZn


  • robert

    Cool game! Cover your cameras red flickering light please, its annoying. Thanks for good job. I partioned my sd card due to your article. Good reporting, thanks.

  • Joseph

    This guy is definitely doing something right.
    I cant wait to get my hands on both.

  • Derrick Barra

    As much as I love my G1, I seriously doubt it’ll run that game smoothly without hiccuping and telling me that it needs to force close important processes. Even with it rooted and boosting its cpu I still can’t play most of the Androids less intensive games without problems.

    Still, great work dev!

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  • axalstro

    So great. I used to play “Star Wars Racer” years ago and this one is much like it so I’m waiting impatiently for this one :)

  • T


  • Gruv

    Good work!! Just don’t forget the little things; like spell checking your options menus:

    Sound on/off
    Vibtarion on/off


  • carig

    haha actually i’m pretty sure that in the future a vibtarion is what they call something that makes vibrations

    it looks good, kindof like a cross between f-zero and mario kart it a way, one thing that would be better is making the horizon rotate when you turn the phone so that it’s always level

  • spence

    This looks amazing!!! It makes the Wii’s graphics look like crap!!

  • WootRoot

    im ABSOLUTELY loving this game, was the best money ive EVER spent on a game!

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  • http://Website anny

    Looks like the story line is ripped off from an old Jordan Wiesman game called Red Planet.

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  • http://Website Guja

    I would buy it, if google enabled paid android market apps for my country. Fuck you google:D

  • marcos_fbueno


  • http://Website shaun


  • basketball

    Sorry,but this game looks really crappy…like what ive expected from an 3d game for android.Until there arent as good games as on the ipod touch i will stay with my nokia e73.No im not a fanboy just waiting for a good portable gaming console.

  • Dataguruz

    there is nothing new in this game. There are a lot better games with similar sort of motion sensing on symbian, iphone and android platform, this game won’t bring any change but its nice to have jets rather than cars !

  • krishna


  • hari


  • ashok


  • ashok

    This nice