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Sprint Hero review roundup

Sprint Hero review units began shipping out this week and reviews started showing up today. The general consensus is that the device is awesome and it will be the best Android phone available for American customers when it launches October 11, 2009.

We should be getting our hands on a review unit soon, so please let us know what questions you have about the phone. I’m really interested to play around with the Sprint specific software like NFL Mobile Live, Nascar Sprint Mobile Cup, Sprint TV, Sprint Navigator, and the visual voicemail app. It should also be fun to see if we can load a custom rom on it.

Reviews have been posted at:

Videos are also up:

Noah from Phonedog has a quick overview of the phone up. posted a video review of the Hero on YouTube.

And finally, PhoneScoop has also weighed in.

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  • Michael Maitlen

    Sweet looking device! Love the flush Android keys.

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  • Joseph

    I definitely think PhoneScoop had the better of the videos. i couldnt even deal watching the MobileTech review lol.

  • Ramon

    bloodclaaaut!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!

  • Seth Stevenson

    This phone looks awesome. I’m switching from Verizon to Sprint’s Anymobile/Anytime plan with the HTC Hero next month :)

  • kermitthefrayer


  • alexthearmo

    While during your review I would like to see you cover a couple of questions:

    I want to know what those little flush hardware buttons are like. Are they like “heat sensitive” so they change when you barely touch them (cuz that would cause for a lot of miss presses)? Or do you have to push on them really hard? or what? Also, a more in depth look at battery life would be nice. As well as a look at Sprints Network Coverage.

  • JJ

    How do the touch buttons work, do they depress any, do they click, are they strictly touch sensitive? How well do the “touch” buttons work? Are they accidentally activated by brief/inadvertent touches? Does cell-ID location work on this phone (previous Sprint phones have not allowed Cell-ID locating)?

    I’d like to learn how the phone works when it’s really loaded up with many widgets. Push it hard and see what it can take before slowing down.

    Give Sprint Navigation a good review and compare it to navi apps on the market. Does it stand up to the other choices? Is it worthy of being the only Navi app that we will need?

    How is the speaker-phone quality, especially when using Sprint Navigation? Is it loud?

    How is the audio quality via the 3.5mm jack? How is the GPS receiver’s sensitivity under trees (jogging trail) and in the urban jungle?

    Those are my main questions that weren’t answered in any of the other reviews.

  • JJ

    Also… What does the “light sensor” do?

    Here is another good vid review:

  • Quasar

    Will we be able to use other keyboards from the market? Will Sense be getting official Android updates like Doughnut and others?

  • maximosis

    This phone looks like a juiced up Mytouch

  • http://Website Tyler

    I love this phone. I got it in the mail two weeks ago. All though it is awesome, it is very sluggish when you download a great amount of stuff from the andriod market,. Also it is very beutifull up close and in person. Its great but i would give it a 8.5 out of 10 stars.