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T-Mobile 3G to reach 21Mbps in 2010

T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman revealed that T-Mobile will ramp up their 3G speeds to 21 Mbps in 2010. They expect to have its 7.2Mbps HSDPA service online by the end of 2009 and move to HSPA+ in 2010. It remains unclear when T-Mobile will build their 4G network, but HSPA+ should extend the life of their growing 3G network. According to Cole Brodman, T-Mobile is likely to go with LTE technology for 4G.

Sprint has chosen WiMax for their 4G network and claims peek download speeds of 10Mbps. Verizon is going to be building their 4G network in 2011 and has selected LTE technology which offers 50 to 60 Mbps.

You can see an archived copy of Cole Brodman’s talk with Om Malik on GigaOM TV.

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  • loginfliggle

    Fantastic…now if only I had better then 13Kbps down in Cincinnati, OH over edge….

  • ryan mills

    Good to see TMo working to make us go alittle faster.

    Now, for the phones with the faster processers.

  • nEx.Software

    The existing Android phones cap out at about 7.2 Mbps… So, don’t fret… you’ll have to go buy that new phone with faster processor… :)

  • Brandon

    Now if they would only finish rolling out 3G to their existing markets, why doesn’t Salt Lake get any love?

    • Ogdenite

      Here, here!!!

    • Tydiz

      No kidding…Nonetheless though, I get an amazing edge connection in Salt Lake..almost 200Kbps last time I tested it(You can blame the new Donut radio improvements for that increased speed :) )

    • Rizoh66

      10-4, Copy that!!! I was told by a T-Mobile rep in the T-Mobile store that we should have 3G by the end of the month…

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Wish they would just have 7.2 here where I live. I won’t complain about it then, I promise.

  • Tom

    So how can you tell how fast the 3G is in your area?

    I just got a new myTouch, will I be able to take advantage of the faster speed when it comes? I would hope so.

  • webby

    Tom – I have an app called Extreme Labs Speedtest I have had for some time. Using it, I can run speed tests on my G1 on 3G, Edge, or WiFi. Check the Market and see if that app is still available. If not, I’m sure there is one or more speedtest apps of some kind on the Market.

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