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T-Mobile looking to purchase Sprint?

I’m sure when you read that title you were thinking WHAT?!?, and we don’t blame you. Sprint is the third largest carrier in the U.S. But PC World is reporting that T-Mobile is going to put in a bid for The Now Network.

T-Mobile plans to acquire wireless carrier Sprint to better compete with giants AT&T and Verizon in the U.S, according to a report on Monday from the U.K.’s Telegraph.

And we say why not – let the only two Android carriers join forces and take on Big Red and AT&T. Deutsche Telekom ,T-Mobile’s owner, is looking to send in a bid for $10.6 billion for the third largest U.S. carrier.

Expected in the next few weeks, the news of T-Mobile U.S.’s bid for Sprint comes merely days after Deutsche Telekom announced that its U.K. T-Mobile business will merge with France Telecom’s Orange carrier.

In the U.K., the Orange and T-Mobile merger (third and fourth spots on the market), will create the country’s largest wireless carrier, with a combined 37 percent share of the market. O2 and Vodafone have 27 and 25 percent of the market at the moment.

We’ll keep a eye out for this. The real question is what will they use as mobile or data service? Will it be GSM, CDMA, iDen, or WiMax? You be the judge and tell us what you would like to see happen if all of this pans out.


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  • Amu

    I’ve reading about the merge between Orange and t-mobile UK, but this one is new and very surprising. I hope they keep GSM/HSPA and not CDMA/EVDO. But, the companies are complete opposites in regards to their bands used. Is it possible for t-Mobile to use Sprint’s towers and transmit HSPA data?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Death to CDMA. Verizon has already said they will dump CDMA when they move to LTE and now this.

    LTE won’t come till 2011, but at least T-Mobile has HSPA+ to hold us over.

    • Ryan Mills

      I would love to see this take place and T-Mobile use the HSPA+ to hold us over till they get a 4g/iDen network going.

      4G push to talk would be nice with an android push to talk… :)

  • Justin Robinson

    Look at what Android has done… Maybe this is why T-Mo said they aren’t getting the hero cause they were planing to aquire them … OR! the realized they messed up by not getting the Hero and are trying to keep their buisness, lol

  • Rizoh66

    Awesome, I left Sprint for T-Mobile years ago because of their horrible customer service. I knew they wouldn’t be able to last. Who knew that my carrier would be part of a “Hostel Takeover” to acquire them. Ha ha on you Sprint! You suck!

  • Quasar

    If T-Mo does end up buying Sprint, I sure hope they don’t kill Sprint’s new “Unlimited Data with Any Mobile Any Time” plan. That’s the best deal at the best price anywhere so far. The features and services Sprint offers are far better than T-Mo’s too.

  • Garron

    I know this is extremely selfish of me, but when I saw the title I immediately though; YES I CAN GET THE MOTOROLA SHOLES!

    I’m sure a lot of us had the same thinking.

  • Rob

    How incredibly shortsighted almost all comments have been so far. Does anyone really think that less competition is needed in the US mobile market?

    • Rizoh66

      Well put… However, seeing where the mobile market has been going the past few years, I believe rates and devices will be going nowhere but down. Personally, I don’t plan on leaving T-Mobile anytime soon.

  • Ryan Mills

    I don’t think the “Less competition” thing is going through anyones head. I think people are too busy thinking about the HTC Hero being available on T-Mo or 3G every where, 4G comming.

    Like the article stats it will only be a bid… not a purchace.

    • Ken L

      Even with a purchase, by the time the companies are integrated, the Hero will be outdated.

  • webby

    Less competition in the US cell phone carrier market … never a good thing. When they already act in a rather monopolistic fashion requiring long 2-year contracts with penalties, tying phones to carriers, and so on.

    I have traveled in countries where you just go buy a cell phone. And I have been to a “phone mall”, where there are hundreds of vendors selling literally thousands of phones, both new and used. Talk about competition! So you buy your phone. Then you get a phone number and buy minutes from one of the competing carriers, and you can stick the sim card in ANY, and I mean ANY phone. The carriers are just dumb pipes — they don’t sell phones.

    I was with a friend overseas, he got a call, and his battery went dead, so he quick took his brother’s phone, took his sim card out of his dead phone, and put his sim card in his brother’s phone, and when the party called back, he spoke to them on his brother’s phone. Simple. And the minutes don’t “expire” if you don’t use them soon enough, like on the pre-paid plans here.

    We need more competition, not less. I am against this proposed takeover and merger. I would rather see Sprint figure out how to survive on their own.

  • MacCrookPro

    T-mo with sprint? Let’s just hope sprint’s customer service doesn’t spread to the T side, they are the worst. I droped nextel because their merger. Nextel’s customer service when to shit when that happend.