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T-Mobile shipping Cliq early for pre-orders

Update (9/30): T-Mobile USA confirmed to us that customers who preorder on October 19 will have the phone in their hands several days later.

T-Mobile issued a press release today which announced the official launch date and pricing of the Motorola Cliq. The phone will be available in stores nationwide and online beginning Nov. 2 for $199.99 to eligible customers with a two-year agreement.

The most interesting part of the press release was the following note:

Devices ordered during pre-sale will be shipped to customers as orders are received and will include a complimentary car charger.

As we reported earlier, the pre-sale begins October 19 and runs through November 1, 2009. This means that customers who pre-order will receive the phone weeks in advance. There is no official word what the phone will cost without a contract, but I’m guessing it will $399 for those of us ineligible for an upgrade discount.

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  • Jak Crow

    A non-contract price over 300 is getting hard to swallow for these phones.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Very true. Especially when the Cliq features the same CPU as the G1 and Android 2.0 phones are right around the corner.

  • Crypto

    Perhaps when Motorola announces the Sholes/Tao on Verizon, the Cliq price will drop.

    T-mobile didn’t want to compete against itself and it became greedy when it saw how much attention Motorola’s first Android phone was getting.

  • Derek

    This stinks if you ask me…I bought the G1 w/out researching first (making it my fault) and now I’m stuck with no more updates for G1 owners and a phone that is being passed on a daily basis by other phones running android.They should give newer G1 owners the option to get a discount on the cliq.I could’ve got a mytouch but it lacks the full querty,which I can’t be without.My hands are too big.But the price of this phone seems rather steep.

    • Joe Levi

      The G1 may not be getting much “official” updates yet, but it’s still an awesome choice! I’m running donut on mine (yes, that’s cupcake +.1).

      Go check out I’m running his ROM on my unlocked/rooted G1 with a partitioned sdcard and LOVE it! Very fast, very stable… He and Google are working through some licensing issues with their apps, but you can still find his ROMs from nice people out there on the innerwebs… ;)

  • Zuggy

    To be honest I don’t really see any reason to move from my G1 to the cliq with the exception of the motoblur UI and it has better form. I’ll keep waiting for a phone that has better hardware.

  • Miguel

    This sucks bad! Cmon these guys are a joke and that pricing is unacceptable! They will never challenge the iPhone if they’re not willing to drop those prices.

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