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Top selling Android apps and games for August 2009

Welcome back to our monthly report of the top selling Android applications and games.  We like to track the most popular mobile software to see if we can identify any trends in the Android world.  The official Android Market is misleading with their most popular list, so we grab our stats from aTrackDog.  Let’s get to the lists and see what’s hot.

Top 10 Applications

Rank Previous Game Price Developer Review
1 (1) Advanced Task Manager $0.99 Arron La CNET
2 (5) Bluex $2.00 Xela AndroSoft Coming Soon
3 (3) My Backup Pro $4.99 RerWare Coming Soon
4 (2) Snap Photo Pro $0.99 Bratag Coming Soon
5 (10) Weather Widgets $1.49 Android Apps Coming Soon
6 (9) Documents to Go $29.99 DataViz Yes
7 (4) Power Manager $0.99 X-Phone Yes
8 (7) Better Keyboard $2.99 Better Android Coming Soon
9 (…) PicSay Pro $2.85 Shinycore Coming Soon
10 (8) Better Cut $1.99 Better Android Coming Soon

Advanced Task Manager remained the best selling Android title.  Priced at only $0.99, it looks like this handy app will stay at the top in the foreseeable future.  I’m a huge fan of Advanced Task Manager and I always have it installed on my phone.  I love being able to always know what’s running on my phone and how much memory it is taking up.  The developer Arron La is great with support and continues to push out regular updates.  If you have ever complained about your Android phone feeling sluggish, give Advanced Task Manager a try.

PicSay Pro was the only new app on this list this month.  It is quickly turning into one of the most advanced photo editing software and deserves to be on the list.  Check out their site for a list of features including – “Make color pop out of black-and-white pictures by applying a Grayscale effect and then use History Paint to bring back the original colors.”

Create beautiful photos with PicSay Pro.

Create beautiful photos with PicSay Pro.

On a final note, I think it is interesting that all home replacement apps have fallen out of the top 10 now.  At one time we had Open Home, aHome, and dxTop in the best selling applications, but all have lost favor.  Many people loved being able to customize the look of their phone, but it appears the performance hit that resulted in running these applications was too much.

Top 10 Games

Rank Previous Game Price Developer Review
1 (1) Robo Defense $2.99 Lupis Labs Yes
2 (5) Abduction! World Attack $2.19 Phil Symonds Coming Soon
3 (4) Labyrinth $4.85 Illusion Labs Coming Soon
4 (6) Jewellust $2.95 Smartpix Games Video
5 (2) Nesoid $2.99 yongzh Video
6 (3) Snesoid $2.99 yongzh Video
7 (8) Gameboid $3.99 yongzh Coming Soon
8 (…) Crystallight $2.95 Smartpix Games Coming Soon
9 (9) Buka $2.50 Hexage Yes
10 (10) Retro Defense $4.99 Larva Labs Yes

There is not much exciting to report when it comes to games.  Once again it is dominated by emulators and tower defense games.  I expect this will remain the story until we see Android 2.0 released.  The lack of quality games (especially 3D ones) is one of my biggest disappointments with Android so far.  Maybe the second Android Developers Challenge will reveal a few gems, but I’m not holding my breath.  The G1 and myTouch 3G are extremely powerful phones, but you would never know that when looking at the current crop of games.

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  • Joseph

    People need to STOP buying Better Keyboard, and just use the keyboard that comes with the Cyanogen mods. its SOO much better. and free.

    • nEx.Software

      Oddly enough, I have never been able to get the Touch Input to work on my Ion.

    • Tydiz

      I actually love Better Keyboard…I can’t stand using a soft keyboard without being able to swipe between modes(numbers and qwerty), plus the DarkGray skin looks soooo much better than any of the other keyboards I have used or seen(Btw, I liked Touch Input, but not nearly as much).

      Ultimately I think having the option to choose and customize has its rightful place on Android, and Better Android has delivered that in Better Keyboard.

  • jeeps

    Wuht?? If you ask me, the one in the Cyanogen mods is SOOO much worse than the original!

  • TonyZ

    The keyboard that comes with CM is much better than the original. You just need to go to settings and calibrate it and it works great.

  • Carl C

    Phandroid , How about doing top downloaded free apps aswell??

    Also , I totally agree with the lack of 3D Games. Were not taking advantage and unleashing the power our phones and android have!

    Carl C ;)

    • Carl C

      Sorry in my last post I meant to put androidandme not Phandroid :S


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  • nick

    Yeah I ran open home for months,switched to Panda, tried Dx home, and in reality they all slowed the phone down drastically. Cool looking home replacement apps are not worth the sluggish performance. I debate rooting my G1 because it seems that’s the only way to extend its life when no more updates are coming through anymore.

  • Mike

    As an Android game developer, it’s been my experience that a) people like free and b) if it ain’t free, people aren’t buying.

    So… if you want to see developers pour their time and effort into a game – especially a good 3D game, then I’m afraid you’re going to have a long wait.

  • Futureboy

    @Mike, perhaps people aren’t buying because the quality and selection isn’t there… yet. Yes, people like free, but people will also pay for a well designed, stable game or app. If people only installed free apps, apple would have pulled the plug on the itunes app store long ago. The android platform is still relatively new and is just beginning to gain steam in the form of presence and market share. It’s not riding the tidal wave of success from any predecessor (imac, ipod classic, etc). More android phones are hitting stores, and android is paving it’s own way, making a statement in the process. But it can’t break out with an uninspiringly sparse market of half-assed apps and a plethora of retro/ported games and emulators. It’s up to the app developers to fuel the next level of growth for android. I know it’s a ton of work with no immediate return but that’s where it has to start. To my knowledge, nobody went to Adobe, Intuit or the like and said, “Here… take this wad of money and make me some software.” The developers saw a need and put a lot of time, effort and resources into making a high quality usable application which the end users were happy to shell out money for. Personally, I spent the better part of this past weekend searching through both the android market and the itunes app store (I have both a android myTouch and an iPod Touch). It may be no surprise that I purchased about 5 apps for the iPod (which never leaves the house), and only one for the android which goes with me everywhere. I would have loved to buy them all for the android and have them on me at all times but I had no choice. I didn’t have the option to buy them in the android market because nobody has created them for android yet. The android market is growing and it will take time to get there. But… it WILL be huge, and it will be the talented developers whose hard work and brilliant apps will take it to that level.

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  • Richy

    @Mike – I aint buying, cuz it aint possible to buy in Ireland yet!

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  • Salman

    @Mike, the only app I’ve ever paid for is Better Keyboard (I wanted the T9 keyboard), the main reason being that there simply isn’t anything out there worth paying for. Just about every game on the Android Market is complete and utter rubbish, which most people wouldn’t want even free of charge. I’ve had my Magic around six months now and I must say I’m generally very disappointed with the apps situation. Not much I can do except wait for a year for my contract to run out so I can get an iPhone instead.

  • Dave

    The main reason people aren’t buying games (in yhe countries where it is possible) is the refusal to use credit or debit cards online – especially for what would amount to the odd £2 or £3 every few weeks. If Google would introduce their own gift cards (which cannot fail via checkout) then things would improve all round. Developers are tearing their hair out at Google’s perceived apathy towards improving payment options.

    I tried to buy a visa gift card to get around this but could only do so by giving credit card details online. I then found out I could purchase one using e-vouchers bought from a Paypoint machine. I bought the e-vouchers for £25 (no refund) and then found out that the vouchers were the wrong kind. They went in the bin.

    If not sorted then iphone will continue to dominate. How easy is it to buy games, music, apps from the Apple store? How hard is it to purchase (even with certain credit and debit cards) from the Market?

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