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CardioTrainer 1.5 gains weight loss add-on

Our friends at WorkSmart Labs have recently updated their popular CardioTrainer application to version 1.5 and it is available on the Android Market for free. The app is great for getting in shape and WorkSmart Labs has created several add-ons (paid) to extend the features. I have tested out the Race Against Yourself add-on and I would recommend it to anyone who jogs or bikes. Their most recent addition is a new weight loss trainer which aims to help users accomplish their goals better.

Message from WorkSmart Labs:

We have just posted CardioTrainer version 1.5.0 on the Android Market.

Thank you so much for your patience. We have kept you without an update for a whole 41 days (!), but we have been working hard every one of these days and we hope you will like our latest improvements!

Weight Loss Trainer – This is a big premium feature we’ve been working on for the past 2 months and planning for a lot longer. We noticed that many of our users are exercising to lose weight and get in shape, and we wanted to extend CardioTrainer to help them accomplish these goals better. But we didn’t want to build a typical calorie counter.

So we did a lot of research, spoke to weight loss researchers, and came up with some innovations. Like everything we make, we started off with a small basic version that’s doesn’t have too many features yet, but is stable and easy to use. I won’t describe the whole thing here (I want it to speak for itself), but here are a few screenshots to give you an idea:

Now it’s your turn! Please try out the feature and give us feedback. Since you are dedicated users and you always support us, I also wanted to ask you to take the lead in buying the feature for $2.99. We noticed that when some users buy a feature, others join in, so we will appreciate if you can get the wave started.

Other improvements to version 1.5 include:

  • Added a “Next Song” button which will show up on the Record Your Workout screen if you have music playing.
  • Added a nicer GPS signal indicator that is always visible.
  • Added a full-screen-map mode to the tracking screen.
  • Fixed all known HTC Hero integration issues: changing numerical settings (such as volume and weight) and music integration.
  • Fixed a few Donut compatibility issues.
  • Improved CardioTrainer loading speed.

We’re really excited to bring you this new version and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it!

For those of you who are not exercising to lose weight, please don’t think we have forgotten about you — we are preparing some very cool features for the competitors and pros amongst you, as well as general features that will improve your exercise experience. We are trying very hard to meet all of your requests! Keep in touch!

Thank you,
Artem on behalf of the WorkSmart Labs family

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  • oceancalm

    Will prolly buy once the 1.6 market is available for the Hero, not setting up a google checkout account for one item

  • Wanda

    Love my android phone to bits and I have been using Calorie Counter every single day and am down 9 lbs in 8 weeks. I totally love it and would pay $10 a month for it…. but it’s free :-)

  • http://www.armymustang.com ArmyMustang

    I purchased it as soon as it was released. In addition to losing weight, I’m training for a marathon so it helps all around. The only drawback is that as I increase my daily running, I have to reset the weight loss program all over and start with a new goal.

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  • http://www.clickfitpro.com james

    Interesting post. Keep up the good work!

  • http://android tina

    I want to download cardio trainer

  • monica

    I need help!!! I want to cancel my Noom Trainer that I pay $4.99 a month for. I don’t want this app anymore & can’t find how to cancel it.