Oct 14 AT 12:39 AM Taylor Wimberly 111 Comments

Google Wave invites

Google Wave seems to be the rage these days and we have some invites to hand out. I currently have 8 invitations and I will be sending them out tomorrow night. If you would like an invite, head over to our forums and leave a message in the thread Google Wave invite contest. Around this same time tomorrow night, I will update the thread with the 8 winners.

We have quite a few more Wave invites (Google Voice too) we will be spreading them out over the next week so keep an eye out. We might do some stealth contests via our forums or one of our social network accounts.

For an overview of Wave, check out the video below.

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  • albert romero

    I would love an invite for google wave

    • Leo Gladkov

      Is it still possible to get a google wave invite from you?
      Thanks a lot.

      • http://randomlynothing.com Eric

        these things are allusive! geeze may I have an invite?
        Thank you
        [email protected]

  • http://www.eloqwent.com(currentlybeingbuilt) Simon Jackson

    Please please please please!!!! Get some of that invite lurve down here in Australia!

  • Barwin

    I want an invite! Please, could you get me one…?!?

  • David

    I would like Google Wave please!

  • gevin

    Please invite me, thank

  • Sidney

    Google anything is awsome but Google wave is the future!!!

  • alex kyprianou

    Yes please, me too, I would be honoured if I received an invite to ride the Google Wave.

  • oyepez

    I want to ride the Wave! Let me experience first hand the future communication. I love everything Android. Gmail, Voice & Docs kick a*s. Complete my Google experience :)

  • D

    need invite for wave pls.

  • Boris

    +1 for a gwave invite :)

  • http://beGNU.wordpress.com luiX_

    It would be great to get one of the invites! :D

    It’s been some time trying to get one and looking for seeing the APIs so… just that, would be great ;)

  • http://www.denisearvizu.com rvzoo

    Awesome cant wait to see who gets one!

  • Taha

    I got my invite from Google today…. the only thing is I don’t know anyone else who has been invited to Wave so I can’t really try it out.

  • http://www.mf-team.it MF

    I’m really curious on this new Google app, expecially on its integration with Android… Hope to win this invite..

  • Moombe

    Why not try to do something useful and a little bit experimental with Google Wave – I would suggest you use Google Wave to also publish your blog articles, and let people comment on these articles and discuss thru Wave… You’d need to setup a kind of registration system so we can receive your new Waves… But shouldn’t be much difficult to do…

  • Omri

    I would be glad to get an invitation to Google Wave.

  • dre

    I would appreciate a invite to Google Wave if possible. Thanks!!!

  • Alex

    I would love an invite for google wave

  • Andrew D

    Please please can I have an invite to Google wave! Google rocks!

  • G1MR2

    I would love an invite and if your saying its the new twitter than count me in, haha.

  • http://www.danielestevez.com Dani Estevez

    Let’s try our luck !!

    Nice idea making a contest, thank you :)

  • Dana

    Love reading your RSS feed on Greed everyday.. would love a Google Wave invite to top it all off!

  • http://ney.frota.net ney frota

    wave meeee! ♫
    … wave meeee!!!
    .. ♫ waaaaave me :)

  • http://www.cananito.com/ Rogelio Gudino

    Omg plz send me one, I’ve been searching days for an invite and still nothing :(

  • williwave

    I want to ride the wave, I desire an invite please fire it to [email protected]

  • http://vrcc.senoctar.com sebastian

    Can I haz wave account plizzz ?
    Thank you !

  • http://dev-javame.blogspot.com/ Wael Nabil

    I would love an invite for Google wave

    Thanks very much

  • Shane

    Please..For the biggest Google mark ever please

  • davidkoger

    Help a stressed out, over worked Longhorn have a decent week :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/IIIIkoolaidIIII Ben

    Would love a GWave invite!

  • Beekhouse

    Would be great!

  • MisledMidget

    I want one. That’s all i can say:P

  • benl2k

    Don’t know if I’ve missed the boat here but if not I would really like an invite.


  • Luiz

    Ok, we know, you will send the invite to me right?

  • Gabe

    Love you guys! Seeing a blinking blue light on my G1 from my Android and Me widget telling me there is a new post, really makes my day.

    Google Wave looks amazing! Please send me one of the invites!

  • http://offline2k.de poinck

    I am a daily visiter of your page; please invite me for Google Wave <3

  • Dwayne Benallie

    I love a google wave invite!! :)

  • ahmed

    yay i do have wave but its boring sinse i dont have any friends that are smart enough to know what it is

  • charrion

    All your wave invite are belong to me.
    OK, just one then?

  • http://corentin.azelart.fr/blog Corentin


    Je suis français, une pub sur mon blog si vous voulez (just for you)

  • Reuven

    As an early G1 owner and in general Google fan, I would obviously like an invite. But from what I gather Wave is more of a collaboration tool so how one uses it once you are “in” without the ability to communicate with people in your own circle? Would I than be in Androidandme group?

  • http://brunofigueiredo.com bruno figueiredo

    Send one over :)

  • loren

    Please invite me!

  • Michael

    ummm yeah i really want one … but i want a droid more

  • Loren

    Please Please Please!

  • http://blog.gynecologistcobra.net Demi

    Wow. Absolutely nobody that has commented thus far actually read the post. Don’t leave a comment here, guys. Go to that thread.

  • Courtney

    I’d really love wave to add to my google collection :)

  • Young

    Please can I have one, invite me, Thanks~

  • Michael

    I’d love to get on the wave…

  • http://smashtech.blogspot.com Fasil

    Just waiting for such invites and I m a great fan of Android too…

    I will be delighted to receive a Wave invite from site which focus on Android..

    Android + Wave = success..

  • Michael

    i would absolutley enjoy to have a google wave account, ive had google voice for 4 months now and ive had the G1, mytouch, and now i have the hero (all fully modded!) please!!!! ive filled out soo many invites hoping one day i get get one, so please guys!!! thanks

  • AndrewS

    Pick me!

  • Wayne W

    I’d like to experience the Google Wave, please and thank you.

  • Wayne

    I’d love to experience the Wave, so an invitation would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • http://www.integratedgmail.com Michael

    I am unworthy…

  • http://gulliblezone.wordpress.com eifersucht

    Invite me, please

  • nivekkev

    I like where Moombe is going, Google Wave would also be a great start to post breaking news or to give tips or leaks, then they could even be dicussed/verified before it hits the main Androidand me site or something to that effect, either way I would very much like to be a part of the WaVe.oOo.

  • Max

    Hi, what about me? :)

  • Tim

    I haven’t had an invite yet, so I’ll throw my hat in. Thanks Android and Me.

  • sully

    I use Google Voice and I would love an invite to Wave. I would also be willing to share invites with those that frequent androidandme.com once I’m in.

  • NotSoSilent


  • epere4

    I want a wave invite! Can I get one, please? epere4 atgmaildotcom

  • Richard

    Please Please I will do anything please pick me

  • Dave

    I’d like one of the invites.


  • milus

    count me in!

  • http://www.pallab.net Pallab

    I have been dying to test it ever since I saw it being demoed at the Google IO conference.
    I would really appreciate an invite.

  • Joakim Mahlberg

    Please choose me. I’ve been subscriding the rss-feed almost since this page started.

  • Calumba


  • Jeff Hill

    I would love to have one myself.

  • ppkarppi

    Hi, please invite. I have 25 years of background in IT (started in 1985 at the age of 11) and would like to test the e-mail of tomorrow.

  • labfreak

    A wave invite would really be awesome. Thanks.

  • Linda

    (When) will it work on my phone?

  • Brandon D

    Hook up that invite



  • Kevin

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  • bigux

    I would like to receive 1 invite tooo ..to use on all platforms…androi, mac,ein linux, etc etc …please…

  • alexander petlichkov

    I am a bit sceptic but I can’t wait to try it

  • daivd

    Invite please! Best android site on the web!!

  • Brak

    Wave would be an awesome app to use at my office. Would love to see if it increases productivity (or decrease it because of all the playing :D)

  • pedro.villarroel

    good idea guys!!!

  • mahooga

    I would love one. Pretty please.

  • http://androidandme.com Petros

    i don´t think I will get a chance, but who wouldn´t like an invite on both wave & voice.

  • Matt

    I’d love an invite!
    But I need to be unique:
    Hence this nice haiku.

  • Pieter

    …well not yet. but can i win please

  • sasa3791

    A wave invite would really be awesome. Thanks

  • ynos

    Interesting how many replies on this topic. Everyone beg for invitations.

    Great marketing tactics for androidandme. :thumbsup:

  • ionlef

    I can’t wait

  • Kaka

    Please invite me.Looking forward for very long time.

  • http://www.freetechzone.com Forlanda


    If you still have invites available, I would certain make good use of it. I would like to contribute my personal review of the product and how it might affect online communication as we know it.


  • http://jonasschreiber.com himselforama

    i’d take one, too ;)

  • maurizio

    I want an invite! Please!!!! I write from italy

  • Masakatsu

    An invite would be awsome.

  • Jimmy Hamamoto

    I would like a Wave invite. Thanks.

  • Leo Gladkov

    Is it still possible that you have an invite left?
    I would really love one!
    Thanks a lot.

  • Jeff

    I would really love an invitee to Wave. Please!!!

  • http://n/a Chris

    I’d love an invite, anyone generous? x]

    Lots of love from Toronto.

  • Chris
  • Samdroid

    I’ll use it on my Verizon Android Phone.

    Too late no doubt, but you can be gaurenteed to lose if you’re never in.

  • rox

    I want an invite, invite me please, thanks.

  • http://www.invitegooglewave.com free invites

    Depending on your present city, there is a chance of grabbing an invite to google wave. It is happening on 26th October. Read more http://www.invitegoogle.com thanks

  • http://www.mikesouthby.co.uk Mike Southby

    I’ll have some spare invites too, spreading the wave and all. Will be posting details on my blog.

  • deandaman

    i would killlll for an invite, got just buy up one from ebay, but thats a rip off :(

  • Brian Clanton

    can you please send me an invite to google wave? i’ve been trying to get one for weeks.

  • http://webapphut.com Tom

    Looks to be students that’ll be getting the next round of invites! Don’t forget to sign up for those invites with your .AC email addresses!

  • erin varejes

    I would be eternally gratefull for an invite!!!!!!!!!!

    [email protected]

  • Pelin

    pls give me a google wave invite,thanks!
    [email protected]

  • http://Website vienessa waddell

    I am a college student and i have alot of contacts and wave would be a great tool to use on my cellphone. Can i please get an invite !!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected] Thank you.

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    I understand this isn’t exactly relevant but I know this website and drop by often so I can check up on the replies so hope nobody minds me asking this here.

    Basically the icy winter weather has arrived and my once cosy conservatory is now freezing and someone recommended an oil filled heater and said these are cheap to run, silent and safe yet do a good job in heating the space.

    My question is has anyone got one of these that they recommend or know those that are best? Thanks x

  • Kavoor

    Let me know when Google Wave for my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3) is available. Please invite.