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Acer Liquid is a 1 GHz Android phone

Update (15:30): More photo galleries are coming online. Pocket-lint has the best pics I have seen so far.

Could it be? The first Snapdragon powered Android handset? It looks like Acer has officially announced the Liquid A1 which will reportedly sport a 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and run Android 1.6. Also, it appears that this phone will be targeting multimedia fans with its 800 x 480 WVGA capacitive touchscreen and “easy access to entertainment and web bookmarks” together with “longer battery autonomy for intense users”. Check out the links below for more information and pictures.

The Acer Liquid also offers several unique software enhancements including:

  • Improved power management to help achieve longer battery autonomy for intense users;
  • A new user interface with easy access to entertainment and web bookmarks;
  • An optimized camera with geo-tagging, ISO, self-timer options and accelerated auto-focus performance;
  • Exclusive Spinletsâ„¢ application providing free streaming of worldwide music and video, that can be shared with friends and family through web-posting or e-mail;
  • Smart integration of Facebookâ„¢, Twitterâ„¢, Youtubeâ„¢, Picasaâ„¢ and Flickrâ„¢ in the address book, with realtime notification of status or content updates.
The Acer Liquid features a 5 megapixel camera.

The Acer Liquid features a 5 megapixel camera.

[via Electricpig, Acer PR]

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  • Garron

    Just praying for a Tmo release. Not happy with seeing Tmo start but not finish well with the best Android phones.

  • http://twitter.com/cheeseking cheeseking

    Agreed, I’ve been waiting for a Tmo phone with a keyboard (to replace my g1) but if this is out on Tmo I might just go for it, considering how awesome it looks, plus on that big of a screen I could probably get used to the touchscreen typing.

    • BOB

      tmo has motoblur for those of you looking for a qwerty kb. and android cupcake and good features. coming sooner than this one.

  • http://www.tanenbaumconsulting.com Ethan

    Would be interesting if they could sell it cheaply. I could buy an Acer laptop cheaper than a lot of the phones that have been coming out w/o a contract.

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    Now we’re talkin’!

    That’s the first new Android phone I’ve seen that I’m really excited about. Battery, speed, better camera, that’s my wish list right there. Bigger screen is just gravy.

    I’m a little confused by the screen size, though. The G1 is 320×480 and this is 800×480. But the Acer looks like it’s also four app icons across on the screen, even though it’s 480 pixels instead of 320 pixels across. Is it just higher resolution or a bigger physical screen or both? How does that translate into the Android measures of screen units, like dips (density-independent pixels) or home-screen cells?

  • webby

    Tempting … but need a physical keyboard to go with that snapdragon processor. I’m gonna look, but … keep on walkin’ …

  • Taha

    William, its higher resolution, but the icons will still likely be the same use to make them finger friendly.

  • http://organizedfellow.com OrganizedFellow

    I am ready, willing AND able to spring full-price for one of these when they are released.
    More thrilling, to me, than the 1GHz processor is the eventual software following this phone (and later models).
    Hopefully, without a dedicated GPU, games and video will FLY on this device.

    Anyone ESTIMATE a price for this yet? low $400′s? 500?

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  • davis

    The MyTouch retails for 499 i dont see any possible way this is less than 599, wouldnt make any sense.

  • demize!

    Well with the Experia’s price and possible release to carriers other than Tmo.I’m hoping for this one.I have an Acer Laptop that is about 5 yrs old and works great.They do have a knack for good Industrial design which is important at least to me.I also want a harware keyboard BC.VK’s always wind up infuriating me,but maybe w a gig.& some decent Ram specs it won’t be that bad.

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