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Android 2.0 coming to T-Mobile

We all know Android 2.0 is coming on November 6, 2009 when Verizon launches the Motorola Droid.

Millions of T-Mobile customers are left wondering, “What about us?!” Well, you can stop your worries because we contacted T-Mobile USA and got the following response.

T-Mobile is coordinating with Google to deliver Android 2.0. We will let you know when we have more details to share.

I’m glad to hear that Android 2.0 is coming, but surely T-Mobile can’t be happy with the special treatment Verizon is getting. I tried to find out if Verizon has an exclusive time period for the release of Android 2.0, but T-Mobile would not comment on that.

What about the Cliq?

We also asked about the Motorola Cliq which has begun shipping online and will be available in stores November 3, 2009. The Cliq features a custom version of Android dubbed Motoblur, which is based on Android 1.5. T-Mobile’s other two Android phones have already been updated to Android 1.6, so we were curious about their upgrade strategy for the Cliq.

The CLIQ ships with Android 1.5 software. We have no announcements at this time regarding new Android software updates. For more information about future updates to CLIQ and MOTOBLUR, it would be best to contact Motorola PR

I have yet to get an official response from Motorola PR, but I did some digging of my own. According to an inside source from Motorola, it appears Motoblur will be receiving an update based on Android 2.0 (and skip Android 1.6).

What about the G1?

There is still no clear cut answer regarding Android 2.0 on the G1. I have explained the limited internal storage issue of the G1 and we still don’t know if it will receive the update. It is entirely possible that Google will find a way to make it work. They just have a lot of obstacles in their way.

I’ve been monitoring the Twitter accounts for several Android engineers and check out what Jean-Baptiste Queru had to say about Android 2.0 fitting on the G1 and ADP1 (technically same hardware, aka HTC Dream).

Make your own conclusions.

I'll let you guys guess what this means.


Android 2.0 will be coming to T-Mobile phones, but the time frame could vary greatly depending on which device you own.

  • myTouch 3G: Google experience phone. No space limitations. Should receive the update as soon as Google makes it available to T-Mobile.
  • G1: Google experience phone. Space Limitations. Very complex issue.
  • Cliq: Custom Motorola version of Android. Waiting on Motorola to update Motoblur to Android 2.0
  • Behold II: No official information yet. I would not be surprised if it shipped with Android 1.5 based on what we have seen with other Samsung phones.

I had recently begun to believe that the carrier was responsible for when updates were released. However, based on recent information it looks like Google holds the key for their Google experience phones. This means that if Android 2.0 is significantly delayed on the G1 and myTouch 3G, you should blame Google and not T-Mobile. When it comes to custom versions of Android like Motorola’s Motoblur or HTC’s Sense UI, the handset maker is responsible for the updates.

Hopefully we will not have to wait much longer. Android 2.0 is finished, but Google controls which phones get it first. Right now, their top priority is to make sure the Verizon Droid is a huge success. Early adopters of Android and the G1 will have to sit tight and keep their fingers crossed.

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  • Straightening You Out

    I don’t see how you jump from T-Mobile “coordinating” with Google to confirmation that Android 2.0 is “coming” to T-Mobile. Sure, it will happen, but there’s nothing in that comment to indicate whether it’s coming sooner or later.

  • bikedogrun

    We definitely appreciate your efforts! Keep that Android news coming, loving my MT3G here in the mountains of central Oregon.


  • http://www.haskinsphotography.com Nick

    Early adopters always get the shaft. :(

  • Silence

    This is the reason i decided to get a TP2 instead of another G1 when i lost my old one. With more carriers offering Android i can see tmobile getting the left overs. Thank god for xda.

  • malcolm

    I agree with u, Nick. We should be rewarded for helping them to refine their product.

  • http://facebook.com/FckingAllen FckingAllen

    ahaha what happened to Sonority??

  • Raul

    So is this for sure? The tmobile statement sounds like they are just trying to work it out with Google.

  • cowgrlcrzy

    If Android is open source how can Verizon have exclusivity on it for a time period?

  • Armitage

    I stopped by T-mobile earlier today since I am planning on getting the cliq on Monday and wanted to compare the other android options. I asked the rep if they heard anything in regards to when an update might be available for the blur phones. The rep did not know but promptly called his motoblur/cliq rep to find out. According to the rep in question, the android 2.0 update for the cliq is scheduled to be released before the end of December.

  • knowlede

    I’m not expecting to see 2.0 till after the first of the year on tmobile. Verizon has positioned themselves for the holiday season boost.

  • Dave

    Of course I can blame T-Mobile, if they had any power at all in the industry they could swing it. But they don’t. They seem to happily sit in 4th place and hope that unlimited minutes will keep them going. In my house we are going to take the new plan and as soon as our old contracts are up they can count on us heading to a carrier that does swing some power and gets exciting phones.

    • http://Website richard

      im with you dave, i had the mytouch 3g for two months now and it craped out in month and half, had to get replacement, then replacement battery, now it heats up , its working ok, like the swype, now looks like we,ll have to wait till december? crap, im moving on as soon as i can pay this piece of crap off, sheesh, battery still doesnt hold up, ive had to reset and reboot, lost my pictures, , and i hadnt downloaded many apps at all, i should have stayed with iphone, or droid, at leatst they worked if they would come across with the update it would be different, id feel like i was getting my moneys worth at least a little, id throw it in the trash right now if i could honestly, take care

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    “Early adopters of Android and the G1 will have to install Cyanogen and not worry about all this.”

    I fixed it for you.

  • bill

    I’m sure that we’ll have a cyanogen rom based on 2.0 within a week or two tops. he’s been releasing updates daily recently.

  • http://www.samsung-phones.org samgsugphones

    It is confirmed, the samsung behold II for t-mobile shipped with Android 1.5

  • http://www.samsung-phones.org samsung phones

    Samsung Behold II vs HTC MyTouch vs Motorola Cliq


    tangible sheet for these phones compare

  • sdffsd

    g1 root ftw =D

  • Laurie

    why didn’t the newest phones, (cliq, samsung II) ship with at least 1.6? I was so disappointed to not have the new market on the cliq.

  • Denver

    Played with one today. It shipped with 1.5 I sure hope it upgrades soon!

  • Rome

    I’m rooted… I’m sure I’ll have at least an experimental build of 2.0 next week.. YAY ROOT!

  • Dane

    A rooted phone is the only way to go

  • http://allaboutchris.co.uk chris lowry

    So, any more news about upgradeness of the CLiq/Dext? I don’t really want to root…

  • Luis

    Whaaaatttt…? 3 month and my 3G is obsolete….give me my money back… t-mobil and google, they knew of this problem when start of develope of this version of android….they nneed to give a solution of this problem..


  • kris

    re read the atricle ..the 3g is not obsolete…

  • http://www.destructdata.com Mike

    How could they not realize that such limited internal storage would come back to bite them/us?? I’ll tell you what, if it turns out G1 doesn’t get 2.0, T-Mo better come up with low-cost upgrade option to a handset that does, because if I have to pay full price for a phone that runs 2.0, it WON’T be with T-Mo.

    • http://Website Name (required)


  • techdude35

    Wow google better bring android 2.0 to my mtouch3g
    Paid fn 500 bucks for it at retail.
    there relying too much on the droid, i heard from alot of
    Sources the iphone is still faster,
    However, the droid does look pretty cool and its more
    Unique owning a droid than an iphone, =D

  • socalfrank

    I just sent my Motorola Cliq back. In addition to running on 1.5, they don’t seem to want to give any info on when they will fix a major problem that keeps the phone from pairing with certain vehicles. Also, the touchscreen has been having a lot of sensitivity issues. MotoBlur is cool, but not worth the problems that you have to live with. I hope for VZ users the Droid is a lot better.

  • Herman

    Okay, Here is something to look at for Android Developers. Allow Users to install apps to there SD cards. problem solved… I really feel that Dream.G1 users should be allowed the Eclair update.
    About the partition size. Coding can be fine tuned that can allow the OS to fit in the worst case scenario. Or just get the Sync program to copy apps to desktop and then format with eclair with larger partition size and copy all apps back..
    With Google account let it remember installed apps and just download new apps after format and login account…

  • http://dredsdomain.com Jared

    I just got the cliq today. I’m scared now with all this talk of them not upgrading to 2.0. Should I take it back? It’s a new plan etc so I can still get out of it within 14 days. Has there been any more talk on whether or not they will upgrade to 2.0 by the end of december?

  • ctccobra

    I think T-Mobile’s statement is a total cop out. I’d liken it to me calling NASA and releasing a subsequent press lease stating “I’m going to space”. When does it show up on the companies road map?

  • thebroch

    I’ve been trying to get this clarified to … decided to start a facebook group to let everyone who wants their Cliq upgraded to band together … http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#/group.php?v=info&gid=191559967179

  • http://www.ghconline.net superg81

    i asked a tmobile rep this week about 2.0.the reply i got was”look for it in january”

  • http://www.droids.be Mark P McGrath

    I have had a t-mobile android based telephone since 5/2008. I find it hard to believe that no one else has had the G-1 or the updates that have come along with it. All this aside, I am interested in talking with someone who is legally proficient with contracts and commercial law. As I understand my rights with the phone’s OS, I have the right to lay claim to it as I have improved its functionality through my use and trials of the phone itself over this period of time. My two year agreement with t-mobile is almost at an end, and I would like to sell the license for a reasonable price. Here are my rights… for file /system/lib/libfdlibm.a , which is one functional file of many which i may distribute. ” C 1993 by Sun Microsystems, Developed at sunSoft, a Sun MicroSystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. — Developed at SunSOoft a Sun Micorsysytems Inc. business, Permission to use , copy , modify,and distribute this software is “given to me”…provided this …. so i have permissions, and i presume other people do as well, I would like to exercise my permissions. Any ideas email me

  • http://www.yahoo.ag Mark P McGrath

    I am legally able to redistribute the latest version of the software used on they symbian based phone. I intend to do so as soon as is possible.

  • http://conectionz.blogspot.com Conectionz

    Well I have a T-mobile My Touch 3G and I can’t wait for android 2.0 to come to my device.

  • http://Website 007

    I’m testing out MT3G against my iPhone 3G. Battery is better, more customization, etc. Mainly because AT&T is a rip off on their plans. I have 3 phones on my family plan(two are iPhones) and if I can save at least 20-30 bucks and do the same thing I’m all for it. Still waiting for Android 2.0 for MT3G. If not released here soon I will take back MT3G within my 14 days.

  • http://Website matt

    I recently have been in contact with T-Mobile over two issues
    1) Why would I add a “Corporate Discount” to my phone and have my bill higher (was $94, added a 15% “discount” now its $116?
    A) From T-Mobile — “it will work out in the end”
    2) When will 2.0 be released on my android my touch phone?
    A) Its “undetermined”
    When will customer service come back to T-Mobile? Three years ago, they’d research; they’d provide me with answers. I know there is more information then “undetermined” at least I’d like to hear its coming soon hopefully by xxx day.
    As of right now I understand why businesses don’t move towards T-Mobile because of the lack of support.
    If anyone wants to email me and tell me I am wrong feel free to: [email protected]

    This post will be published everywhere…

  • http://Website x10

    if android 2.0 doesn’t come to mt3g or g1, i’d say heck with android, i WILL GET THE HD2

  • elvis

    Well its just been confirmed by Motorola….. the cliq will be getting the 2.0 update…they aren’t giving a release date though….I can now keep my cliq and await this wonderful update…yeay…its about time we got some news….

  • elvis

    Well its just been confirmed by Motorola….. the cliq will be getting the 2.0 update…they aren’t giving a release date though….I can now keep my cliq and await this wonderful update…yeay…its about time we got some news….

  • http://Website Ronnie Ruff

    So I guess you bozos were wrong. Cliq is getting 2.1 Just shows that you don’t know every damn thing :-)

  • http://Website Jonathan Rodgers

    I was just in a T-Mobile retail store this morning. The person I spoke with said there was a “Special Edition” MyTouch due in as little as a week. When I asked what made it special, he said Android 2.

    He didn’t seem knowledgeable about much else, so I hope he is right.

  • http://laaa randomperson

    my Mytouch3g firmware version is 1.6 is it supposed to be that?

    • http://Website MyTouch3Guser

      Yes, 1.6 is the standard version for all MyTouch3Gs. The update is suppose to bring it up to 2.0 or 2.1…..If it ever comes out, Im cosidering rooting my phone…..

  • http://Website David

    just to let you know i have a g1 black. and im currently running 2.1 with everything working, i dont see why tmobil cant do this if i did it

    • http://Website Erik

      So David, how did you do it, from where did you copy the opsys ??

  • http://www.androiddestek.com SaNSaRaLv0

    Hey guys.when android 2.0 support coming to Samsung Galaxy?

  • http://kbeezie.com Karl Blessing

    Not sure why Google should be blamed, the 2.x SDK has been out for some time and its up to the hardware manufactures to port the ROMs suitable to their devices.

    Also its been nearly 6 months since 2.0 came out still waiting on its implementation on something other than google’s own nexus one, or verizon’s droid.

  • http://www.clloudcomp.com Mark McGrath

    You know, its open source, anyone can use it to make a phone, Page and Horowitz said so in 07

  • http://Website Nishbot

    Any tmobile mytouch users out there get 2.0 yet?

  • http://Website geek

    Google is not the holdup for T-Mobile rolling out 2.0. T-Mobile is since they have to mod Andriod to the MyTouch before rolling it out to customers. Lets not forget testing. However they could speed things up a little. Google does not need to give Andriod to T-Mobile, T-Mobile can go on line and get it! T-Mobile is a pusher, they have given out their candy and every one likes it and will come back for more.

    They don’t care if you get 2.0 on an older device they will just come out with the 4g 2.1 and expect you to upgrade! YAY for control, FAIL on openness!

    P.S. Nishbot,

    NO!!!!! I have had MyTouch3g since Dec 09 and still don’t have 2.0. I did get an upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6. I suspect that is all I will get. Makes me want to put Andriod on an Openmoko phone!! Just not sure how I would get a carrier.

  • http://Website Wrex

    And yet, STILL no Android 2.x update on the Tmobile Cliq. FAIL. Had I known, I would have just kept the MyTouch. Frakers.

  • http://Website shifty

    actually GEEK. it is not tmobile and it is not google… it is HTC and all the other companies that are making android phones. get your facts straight before you go and talk crap about the wrong company. open your eyes and read first… im tired of hearing all this bullsh*t about people being mad that there new phones didn’t come with the newest android firmware… cry a damn river, build a damn bridge, and GET THE HELL OVER IT!