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Android 2.0 screenshot tour

Boy Genius just posted almost three dozen screenshots of Android 2.0. They’ve got a complete screenshot walkthrough showing lots of new features, settings, and UI. We’ve posted a few highlights in the gallery below but if you want to see the whole set, head on over to Boy Genius Report.

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  • http://www.emagenstudios.com Jesse

    Wow. So when can we expect this and will it run on my G1.

    Looks really good. I’m excited.

  • Amu

    @Jesse: that’s running on BGR’s Moto Droid, which will be announced/launched on or before Oct 30 like it was rumored to be. At least now people can calm down about Moto Droid not running Eclair, got tired of their complaining posts lol. Not sure if it will run on the G1. I think Moto will be the only one having a 2.0/Eclair phone until others see the public code from Google. From the way I see it the only other phone that might have 2.0/Eclair is the SE Xperia X3 (Rachel), which is supposed to be released on November or early 2010.

  • Skeet

    No Multi-touch? I iz sad :(

  • Morton

    Wow! totally awesome! I am so excited to get the Motodroid. Android is absolutely going to explode next year. Seems there are more new phones coming out than Winmo and Blackberry combined (which is huge!). Verizon is supposed to launch two before end of year and one early next. Sprint will have two, T-mo with, what four or five? Dell going to AT&T. Awesome!

  • mernen

    I don’t know if that’s just a Moto-specific theme or a new guideline, but I see they’ve changed the launcher icon designs. Which is very good, because not only the current guidelines are *way* too complicated (how many custom apps actually follow them?), they actually don’t look that good on screen when tiled either. The new style is simple enough that you don’t need great design skills to create decent icons (and most apps are created by lone developers, without the aid of professional artists) and also looks a lot better on screen.

  • Amu

    @Skeet: it does have multi-touch as well as gestures. I don’t know if you saw all of the pics in BGR but there are two pics where it shows the settings where you can turn on multi-touch and haptic feedback. Also, BGR said that as of right now it uses two finger taps to do multi-touch, unlike the iPhone which has pinch for zoom. Remember that Apple has the patents for pinch and circular motion multi-toch, which Google and/or Motorola would have to pay to license it to be able to use it in their phones.

  • Skeet

    ty for the heads up Amu, pinch to zoom wasn’t my main concern anyways, I was just wanting the on screen keyboard to work well :D.

  • http://davehong.yelp.com Dave H.


  • Amu

    Watch the angels/yankees game for a new verizon commercial ;)

  • david

    will g1 get the update 2.0?

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